Enough with the bicycles! Last Word, Sept. 28

Need magazines - I am a 2nd grade elementary school teacher looking for children’s magazines for our classroom library.  If you have copies of children’s magazines you are no longer using, we would love to have them.  Please call 564-0868 and leave a message.  I will gladly pick them up.  Thank you.

Examples, please

There are frequent comments in the Last Word that President Obama has violated the Constitution, but no specific examples are given.  It would be helpful to have examples with the clause of the Constitution that has been violated cited.  Responses, please.

Thank you

I recently had to go to a surgeon on an emergency basis. Dr.Moniz and Wendi were awesome!  They both were very caring, sympathetic to my problem and eager to help me. Thanks for being there to help me. 

Bicycle blight

How sad ... the beautiful lawn at the Arts Museum  (De Witt) now has many medal bikes, tents, a pop-up bar and a very large screen to watch the races. What has happened to our lovely CW?  This does not belong here. I cannot believe that the City of Williamsburg sponsored this to be in our area. What will the city do next?  More sculptures? More bikes?

Guns in Australia

According to Military.com and other websites, since 1996 (the Australian buy-back of  guns) and the federal consolidation gun bans,  as of August 2012:  Accidental deaths by gun were up 300%;  assaults were up 200%; armed robbery and robbery were up 20%;  In the state of Victoria, homicides by firearms were ups 171%.  After the gun ban, murders by firearms did decrease by 10%, but murders by knife increased by 10%. Finally, Australia does not have the 2nd Amendment or anything close to a constitutional right to bear arms, as does the U.S.

Distasteful article

While walking to one of my Christopher Wren classes in the Little Theater located in the William and Mary Student Center, I picked up a copy of the student newspaper, The Flat Hat (Sept. 8) from the hallway newsstand  to learn about upcoming cultural events. To my dismay, the paper included an article on page 7 written by the “Behind Closed Door Columnist” titled “An oral fixation: Vaginas deserve attention too,” which is to most minds entirely pornographic. I wonder if a school official reviewed the article before publishing. I’m embarrassed to write this, but it is a public paper and I may add the article is also present on their website. One wonders also what a parent may think  and whether school officials considers this merely an exercise of “free speech”!!

Airport Road problems

I saw the sign that Airport Road was to be closed one day last week.  I was happily awaiting an improvement to be made.  Something was done to the tracks.  Now when you go over the tracks, you think you are climbing a mountain, on top your vehicle scrapes, wiggles, and groans.  Finally you fall down the mountain.  Airport Road and Mooretown are very important for tourists from the outlets and local residents to reach I-64.  It is also a very important  route for Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and other businesses there.  I travel it almost daily and it is a traffic nightmare. Besides doing something about the railroad tracks, please spend some money on five right turn lanes to ease the congestion on Mooretown, Airport, and Richmond roads.  It would be greatly appreciated and I am sure tourists will thank you also.

Return the money

I try to be as balanced as possible, hearing what both the local Republicans and Democrats have to say. Yesterday I got an email from the JCC Democrats about Republican candidates taking money from a racist organization. I thought it was probably just politics as usual, but I checked it out anyway - turns out they were right. The Colonial Area Republican Men’s Association put some terrible stuff about African Americans on their website, and our Republican candidates took their money! I just wanted to say that I’m appalled and hope the candidates do the right thing and return the money - or better yet, donate it to an African American organization!

Safety in Toano

With Croaker 7-11 getting held up, theft at Farm Fresh, McLeans and our small business in Toano, what will be done concerning this rising crime rate?  The apartments behind the Mason Lodge and the neighborhood on Chickahominy Road need to be bulldozed! We don't feel safe!!!

Campaign corner 

In answer to someone’s question, “Who is Sue Sadler and what does she stand for?”  She is someone who listens to the people and actually cares about the citizens. She stands for smaller government. She will get my vote.

I am very disappointed that Senator Tommy Norment has ducked the opportunity to appear with candidate Hugo Reyes at the League of Women Voters' forum.  Mr. Norment has been in office so long that he is cocky and too full of himself.  But we know what he stands for: he is anti-women, anti-labor and anti-health care for Virginians.  These are important issues that a need to be discussed in public.  Mr. Norment has forgotten the rest of us in his quest for power and it is time for voters to retire him.

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