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Last Word on upcoming Town Hall meeting

Veteran who said he'd go AWOL rather than serve under Trump questioned about comment.

Town Hall meeting

Find out who your congressional rep is by googling "who's my congressman."  I live in the city limits and mine is Scott Taylor (VA 2nd). He is supposed to have a town hall meeting for constituents at Yorktown High School Feb. 21, at 6:300 8 pm. His D.C. office phone number is 202-225-4215. If you care about what is happening to our country, call all your elected representatives and tell them, politely, what you think. We must hold our government accountable!  Don't assume you have no influence—a call to their office counts more than you think.


Cheers to Coach Luke Taylor of Bruton High School for putting together a fun and challenging tournament February 4. Despite the freezing weather, the competition was fierce and everyone had fun. Good job, Coach!

Looking for ...

I am looking for a small inexpensive location to hold a private gay wedding followed by an informal reception, for June 18th of this year. We would like a place somewhere in Williamsburg or James City County where we can celebrate this union with a small group of family and friends. We will be supplying the food and beverages ourselves so we just need a location to hold it in. Please email us at the following address:  Aeedwardsjr@gmail.com.

I am a grandmother of a set of twins, and my grandchildren’s clothes were recently stolen from the laundromat. Anyone having any clothes for twin girls, eight years old—their sizes are 7 to 8 —any clothing would be greatly appreciated. My number is 757-746-6398. Thank you and God bless.

Road work

Does anyone know how many huge VDOT signs need to be run over before corner lights are installed on Rt. 5/Greensprings/Centerville roads? The large sign facing Centerville Road on Rt. 5 is smashed to bits, as is the same huge sign at the end of Greensprings Road on Rt. 5. For those not familiar with the area, when it’s pitch dark out, many may have no idea [that] the road ends!

Going AWOL

I read with interest the remarks of the man who claimed to be a Vietnam veteran who stated if he were in the military when Donald Trump became president, he would go AWOL.  I question his credentials because everyone who joins the Armed Forces raises their right hand and swears under oath to obey the orders of the president and the orders of the officers appointed over them.  We cannot pick and choose what orders we will obey or which superior we will obey. We swore under oath to obey ALL the orders of the president and of our superiors as long as they were in concert with the UCMJ, The Uniform Code of Military Justice, and ended the oath with “So help me God”.  Every veteran knows this.

Memorable words

Here's part of a letter by our third president in 1810 after leaving the White House, reflecting on the compromise of his principles that made the Louisiana Purchase possible.  I believe it still speaks great truth today. "A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest.  The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of a higher necessity.  To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law, would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property, and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus absurdly sacrificing the end to the means."

Don't like the ads

While watching this year's Super Bowl, I found it hard to believe that an American company would spend millions of dollars to condone and encourage illegal immigration and even put it in Spanish. That’s part of the reason now, when we make a phone call to a business, we have to push 1 for English. I, for one, know one person who will never/ever visit 84 Lumber or purchase anything from them. Thank you.

Women's march

Now, what good did it do for all those women to march on Washington, D.C.? What they should be doing is cooking dinner at home, vacuuming the floor and dusting the shelves. That’s what they should be doing. That way, they can do something that’s positive.

New Town stores

I went to New Town recently to return an item that is defective, the store, Justice for Girls, is gone. Everything, down to the canopies, gone. I then took a walk down Main Street, Courthouse and Center streets, over 19 retail spots are vacant, many within the last year. I looked at the area, Christmas decorations still on light poles and the place just looks tired and worn. I noticed that some of the stores that moved out months ago had left trash and food in the windows; it still sits there waiting for someone to clean it up. There was no music like before on Main Street, an eerie quiet on the nearly empty streets, and people working the stores had very few kind words about the lack of business.

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