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Last Word takes another look at presidential hopefuls on Feb. 2

Another suggested route for finding the phone number for the Tea Room.

Dealing politics

You know, this round of politics in 2016 sort of gives me the feeling we’re playing cards. And, my goodness, I hope we aren’t trumped!

The GOP presidential candidates claim they “want to take the country back.” Have they so quickly forgotten that they did just that back in 2010 and where did it get us? General turmoil, obstruction, stalemates, and nothing accomplished for the past six years. Yet the angry public continues to blame our president, when the obvious problem lies with the House of Representatives. In the upcoming elections, we should vote to correct this imbalance, thereby forcing both parties to work together in a more genial, respectful and nonpartisan manner. It would also help if they could put in a five-day work week like the rest of us.

Yes, one question on Secretary Clinton’s emails.  I have never heard anyone mention of a single email that was classified. Did she think that zero, none of her emails were classified? Could someone please get me up to speed on this?  Thank you.

Kudos for the president

Another kudo for President Obama—not approving the XL Pipeline.  Don’t hear many Republicans, if any, taking about that these days. Obama was right; Republicans were wrong, again.

Looking for ...

This is in regard to the Tea Room. I’m really sorry that you don’t get phone books. I get at least three a year, and I’m just always stunned that an area this small could send out so many phone books. The other thing I would suggest is just call the information—just dial 411 and ask for the phone number, and you could possibly get it that way. Thanks.

The phone number for Williamsburg Antique Mall on Lightfoot Road is 565-3422.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a day bed with a mattress to it that they can donate to me?  You can call me at 757-206-0078. Everybody stay out the snow and keep warm. Have a blessed night.

On 'roots of violence'

In response to “Roots of violence:”  Well, because we’re human beings, there’s always some violence that’s going to be with us because we are who we are, human beings. But part of the root of violence today isn’t because of the toys. When I grew up, we always played army, cowboys and Indians, detective/police type games. We stopped teaching morals. We stopped teaching right and wrong. About 30 years ago, we became a society where everything was relevant. You know, just depending on what you believe, depends on what I believe. Your wrong isn’t necessarily my wrong. So it’s going back to clear. We do not teach morals any more because it may offend someone, because my morality is not your morality.

Buy snow equipment, please

VDOT should take the million dollars that they want to spend on the roundabout and the money they would pay the poor people whose property that they’re stealing and invest it in snow removal equipment, as we sitting for day no. 3—Friday, Saturday and Sunday, day no. 3—without seeing a single plow come down our road. Shame, shame, shame on VDOT!

Glad you're staying

Walmart will close 269 of its stores globally, including 154 in the United States. It will close 12 supercenters, 23 neighborhood markets and four Sam’s Clubs. We’re grateful that they are not closing the neighborhood store here in Williamsburg, nor are they closing the larger Walmart store.

Thank you

Last week my husband and I shopped at the Walmart Supercenter. All went well until my wife said her purse was missing. Tears were running down her face. We felt sure that it was gone. She said she would check the service desk. The attendant said that nothing recently had been turned it, but my wife asked him if he would double check. Surprise!  Some kind soul had turned it in. To the honest mystery person that turned it in, thank you, thank you. Our faith in humanity was restored.

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