Mail reflects divide of public opinion

A dip into the mailbag today: This arrived a few months back attached to a Last Word comment: "Dear Tribune censor please try to print this without your usual partisan editing.I understand you must support conservative points of view, but at least try to be a little bit fair." It followed this...

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  • Last Word is thank you, July 9

    Last Word is thank you, July 9

    Thank you I want to thank the person that returned my blue coupon pouch on Friday, July 1, at Harris Teeter to the customer service counter. My coupon pouch had lots of coupons in it, and I'm on a very tight budget so I use these coupons faithfully. It is so awesome to know that there are honest...

  • Last Word on recent shootings, July 13

    Last Word on recent shootings, July 13

    Shootings Two young black men shot and killed needlessly. The young lady having the presence of mind to show the world with her cell phone camera telling the story of how her loved one was shot. Then her little, just precious daughter tried to comfort her when she finally starting crying, saying,...

  • Last Word, July 6

    Last Word, July 6

    Great clean-up Thousands of people attended the festivities in Colonial Williamsburg over the July 4th weekend culminating in the fireworks (with extra viewers from the Yorktown area - those fireworks canceled). I saw not one speck of trash in CW on Tuesday morning, the 5th at 9:00 am. The streets...

      • Last Word, July 2

        Last Word, July 2

        Looking up I'm responding to the editorial/letter to the Editor, "Put down your cellphone and look up," by Tom Haikin. Oh, he is so absolutely right, and isn't it amazing that someone can't multiply 2 times 4—8 square feet! But I have been in line or in a doctor's office that there are numerous...

          • Last Word on dripping water glass, June 29

            Last Word on dripping water glass, June 29

            New restaurant It would be great if someone could open up a salad restaurant in the Williamsburg area. There are some in Newport News and Richmond but nothing here in Williamsburg. With all the empty store fronts, I am sure there's plenty of room and a customer base for one! Lumber Liquidators ...


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