Last Word for Jan. 27: Please drive better in the snow

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Reader would like new District 2 congressman to be from this area.


Williamsburg's building a new $50,000 building on Armistead Avenue and now is going to buy Super 8 Motel for 2.45 million and can't even put a fence up around Harriet Tubman Drive. I think it's in poor taste.

Tough arrangements

When I talk with my friend, who lives in an assisted living facility, she tells me some of the employees are hard to tolerate. She says management is not concerned with feedback as long as the facility is making money. The good employees cannot tolerate working with the bad employees so they leave for another job. Management will not eliminate the bad employees, so she has to suffer.

Mere mortals here

It's snowing and the roads are slick! You may feel as invincible as Superman in that bloated SUV of yours, but how about slowing down so us mere mortals can get home safely.

Try a smile

I've heard it said that what we feel in our heart shows up on our face. So if I put a big smile on my face today, perhaps I can help someone else have a smile on their face. Have a blessed day.

On their merits

Because of Will Smith's wife's complaints about her husband not being selected by the Academy for an award, the next black actor or actress, whomever it might be, that is selected by the Academy really won't know if it's because of their ability and performance or they're just a token. How sad, how sad, how sad.

New districts

Since the Second District has been redrawn, why don't we see a map of the new district boundaries? Up until now, we've been represented by a man from Westmoreland. I don't even know where that is, and it's certainly isn't near us in Williamsburg. And now it looks like we'll be represented by someone from Virginia Beach. That's even further away. When are we ever going to be represented by somebody from the Peninsula with the same concerns as Williamsburg? Virginia Beach isn't concerned at all about us.

City purchase

So now we see the city is buying another motel, its fifth, for more than three times its assessed value. Does that make any sense? Why can't we use some of these hotels to house our homeless street people? Tearing down motels will only give us more eyesore properties like the one hotel torn down at the corner of Page and Penniman, only one block from the restored area. Take a look. It's a disgrace.

Sports tourism

We just spent our MLK Holiday weekend at the Richmond Convention Center watching our granddaughter play in the Monument City Volleyball Classic. There were 31 courts setup with over 300 teams with 10-15 players each playing from roughly 8 am - 9 p.m each day. Imagine the money the city received from restaurants, hotels, parking lots, Center Food Courts and more. Are the Williamsburg Tourist Alliance and local city and county officials doing enough to ensure we are getting club sports teams to our area? Who is in charge to coordinate this and welcome the teams?

Free to you

Golden Technologies large MaxiComfort electrical lift chair/recliner. Plush, seamed backrest with a comfortable seat, exceptional lumbar support and "grip rite" arm design. Zero-gravity positioning. Automatic extra tall foot extender. Battery backup. Color is "Palomino." Reply to jjsrecliner@gmail,com to get photos and co-ordinate pick up.

Natural dentistry

To the person looking for a "more natural" dentist who doesn't require X-rays: No dentist can require you to accept dental treatment. However, without X-rays, no dentist can tell you if you have cavities developing between your teeth, an extremely common malady. If such a cavity grows so deep that it causes you an infection and severe toothache, an X-ray will be required to know which tooth to extract.


Williamsburg is very fortunate to have two great new classy restaurants. The Corner Cafe in New Town has an excellent menu with a French flair, a very friendly informative waiter, and a quiet atmosphere with soft music, conducive to conversation. Cochon on 2nd, on Second Street, has a bright modern atmosphere, attentive service and an awesome poached pear in red wine with chef-made chocolate sauce and Chantilly whipped cream. Plus, and most important, they are locally owned. Remember, support your local businesses.

Looking for an excellent restaurant? Try the Fat Tuna for good service and excellent food, even with a large group.

Your favorite coffee shop. If your favorite coffee shop has all the tables occupied by computer users and people doing their paperwork, try an alternative, Au Bon Pain Café and Bakery. It's neat, clean and has plenty of seating. Thank you.

In response to the drywall work and the trim work in the Last Word, I am an expert in both. My phone number is 814-648-2208. I'm based in Williamsburg and have plenty of references. Thank you.

Sweet talk

Where and when were candy canes invented? It was in Cologne, Germany, in 1670. There was a candy maker that got tired of children fussing in Christmas Day Mass, and so he made a striped candy cane and then bent it so it would look like a shepherd's staff to give the children so they would be quiet in church.

German reparations

After World War I, at the Treaty of Versailles, one of the agreements was that Germany would pay reparations for the damage that they had done in the war, and they made payments on the amount that they agreed to, all the way to 1930, when they had—well, they had their depression in 1931—until they had their depression. They didn't pay during World War II, and West Germany started paying after that, and the last payment was made on Oct. 20,1990. The question I have, is why didn't we have them pay reparations for World War II? Why wasn't that one of the agreements?

President Obama

In his final year as our president, Barack Obama will lash out in his continued effort to undermine our Constitution. His latest executive order to require background clearances will not reduce the rampant and illegal use of firearms in our country. The explosion of applications for concealed weapons carry permits resulted from a fear of Obama's presidency. The people who are committing these crimes will not be affected in the least. Criminals steal weapons or purchase them on the black market, not through gun shops, gun shows or from friends and neighbors. There has never been a study of where a person who committed a robbery or shot/murdered someone obtained their weapon. Our President simply wants to invalidate our 2nd Amendment.

Some endorsement

Getting a political endorsement from Sarah Palin is a little like getting a political endorsement from Moe Howard of the Three Stooges.

Thank you

I take The Virginia Gazette and was sorry to see a letter from Richard and Angel that they will no longer be able to do the route in the Queens Lake area. They've always had our paper on time. She always left a contact number if we needed to reach them in regards to a missed paper not received or whatever, and I wish them all the best. I'm sure it's very hard to get newspaper deliverers. Most of the time, years ago, it was young kids, but young kids don't do much these days. So it was really very nice to have them, and I wish them well.

Gasoline prices

Yes, this is for the response that said the President lowered gas prices. He had nothing to do with this. We just got a lot of gas for right now. Pretty soon it will go back up because this is an election year. People need to put their brains to work and start thinking and get this country back on the right track. Again, I guess we should thank him for using our tax dollars when he went on to Hawaii and all that. Thank you.


Roundabout at Centerville and News Road. Rather than destroying the yard and possibly the home of the Thompsons, why couldn't they put a flashing caution light on News Road as it approaches Centerville Road? And shaving the sides of News Road would and should help. I'm sure the accidents are a result of drivers pulling up as far as possible to see in both directions before pulling out in traffic. Start small, then the roundabout as a last resort. Thank you.

Looking for ...

I'm looking for anybody that might have a recliner and a couch, please, or a recliner and a love seat. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a call at 757-206-0078. Thank you and have a blessed day.

If anyone has a Celtic dance dress pattern that you no longer want, please call 565-0075. Thank you.

If anyone has any moving boxes that they want to get rid of, please call 564-8001. Could use any amount. Thank you.

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