Last Word on real threats, Feb. 15

Information, please

I have been getting mixed messages about the disposal of televisions. Some people say they won't take them at the landfill; others say they do, and I really don't know what to do with my old television. I'd be willing to have somebody come by and pick it up and dispose of it for me and pay them to do that. Thank you.

Retired in Williamsburg

Why does "Retired in Williamsburg" not applaud Mitchell Reiss' honor? Colonial Williamburg is an asset to our community and deserves support. It is so easy to be critical.

Real threats

After reading the police blotter that The Virginia Gazette publishes each week listing crimes, it would seem that the real threats to people who live in James City County come not from five-year-old Syrian orphans or scientists from the Middle East or former prime ministers of Norway who have visited Iran, but rather from family members who seem to be arrested in troubling numbers for assault and battery of relatives. What can our community do to "combat" such very real threats to American lives?


The last day of restaurant week my wife and I had the opportunity to dine at the "2nd Street Grill." Most fortunate for us was the outstanding service of our waitress, Mannie. Her pleasant, friendly service was over the top. She made a few very appreciated menu recommendations, asked for our service preference, brought our selections warm and timely, checked on us a few times and in general made our dining experience most pleasant. Our table #51 was quiet and private. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Candice&Co. recently completed a custom bedding set for me and did a wonderful job! Candice priced her work well, completed the project on time, and was a pleasure to work with throughout the effort. I highly recommend her work which includes window treatments, table linens, and pillows as well as bedding. Her phone is 804-363-1735, email:

I had just an amazing experience with Christie Cramer and her company, Arborista Tree Care, 757-345-8688. I want to share this tree service with those out there looking for someone professional, who follows up and has fair prices for tree services. I have been blown away at a number of others in our community that don't have the consideration to even give a phone call back. Thank you.

When I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch on TV the other day, I started looking at the upper channels. I came across Cox Channel 239, the Africa channel. What a pleasant surprise. Think PBS South Africa. Really fun and educational family programming. Interesting to see life from other than a US perspective. Give it a try.

Blayton building?

I know where Blayton Elementary on Jolly Pond Road is, and I know where the Blayton Building Senior Apartments are on Scotland Street. I have also found reference to Dr. Blayton building a 2-bed hospital on the Triangle block, but I do not know were another "Blayton Building" was or any plans to rebuild on the site.

Looking for ...

Does anyone know of a York High School grad from the Class of '55? Please have them contact for a quick conversation. Thanks!

Is there an organization that can use leftover knitting yarn? Please call 757-220-1894 and leave message.

Does anyone know of any Italian restaurant in or around Williamsburg that has Italian wedding soup? I have been to five or six; no one has it. What's up with that?

Lost: Large, black boat cover between Neck-O-Land Road and the James City County Marina (Jamestown Road area). If you happened to pick it up, please call 220-9397. Reward offered. Thank you.

Help! Can anyone who has had experience with bedbugs give suggestions on how to get rid of them? I have never had to deal with them and don't know how to proceed. Thank you.

Can anyone recommend good Williamsburg-area restaurants with large round tables that can seat 10 people for lunch? Thanks!

Work crews

To those of you who see work crews along the road and criticize their work ethic: Have you ever been on a manual labor crew? Have you ever had to go out and dig a hole in muddy soil in the rain? Have you ever had to respond to a citizen complaint in 100-degree weather in the full sun? You ought to be glad that there are people willing to do these jobs rather than complaining about them based on what you see momentarily when you drive by.

Michael Hipple

The James City County Republican Committee's decision not to renew Michael Hipples' membership is bad news for them and great news for him. There is a gentleman who doesn't forget the reason he is elected. He doesn't just serve some of the citizens, he gives his all to do right by all of the citizens. He has reached across party lines to motivate others to do the right thing. Michael Hipple cares about this county and all of its citizens. We could use more politicians and leaders like him.

It was a privilege to listen to then-chair of the James City County supervisors, Michael Hipple, at a luncheon group. He was so obviously informed about the county and concerned and involved in seeing that everything went well for the residents and businesses. Having worked in government and with elected representatives in another state for many years, it was refreshing to see his level of interest and enthusiasm. It was also heartening to see that his concern is for James City County, not a particular political party. It was wonderful to hear that his concern was working with the other supervisors for the betterment of everyone, not hassling members because of politics as had been the case for several years. It is a relief that he will be running next election as an independent. Supervisor Hipple, you have many fans because you are willing to stop with the political posturing and do your best for all of us! Thank you!


Kudos to Williamsburg Pottery for the recent Asian Fest. The dancing, music, martial arts demonstrations and food samples were enjoyed by all. The hostess also passed out oranges to the crowd — the little sweet snack was appreciated. We are looking forward for Asian Fest 2018. Again, great job.

Hidden disabilities

If you see me parking in a handicapped space and doubt my "hidden" handicap, let me know and I'll gladly show you my scars. We need to not judge. I use a handicap spot about half the time; it depends on how I feel on any given day.

Used needles

This is in response to the person asking about how to dispose of used needles. Like many other people, I do not want them in our landfill. I called the county waste people and was told that the needles would have to be in a puncture -container. A milk jug is not puncture proof. For your information, there are boxes you can buy at drug stores or on line that you can return the needles to a certain company. Yes, there is a fee for this container, but that includes the postage to ship it.

Health insurance

Someone wrote to ask why anyone should help pay (through taxes) for someone else's health insurance. Two reasons come to mind immediately: It is to everyone's benefit to have a healthy populace; the financial costs of having citizens with no preventive medical care will eventually be paid by others, in any case. And isn't it a virtue to help thy neighbor?

Back to school

To the comment, obtain a college education or trade school: I'd love to if I could figure out how to afford the high costs of tuition of going back to college while working a lower paying job to still pay rent and utilities. Did you know a college education doesn't guarantee a job? (Look up the stats.) Must be nice to be so oblivious to the obvious. "Us" lower income persons would love the opportunity to afford and find time for higher education while still working to survive.

CW layoffs

For those complaining about the CW layoffs: Maybe you don't understand how business works. CW isn't a government agency; it's in business to make a profit. If layoffs are necessary for the company to survive and not let all employees go, that's what needs to be done. Welcome to the real hard world of business.

I held a director's position at Colonial Williamsburg during the Campbell reign. One day I came to work and along with other directors was told our positions had been eliminated and I was to go home that day. Many of what I considered key positions, such as interpreters, costumed folks, etc., were also eliminated. However, there were 10 to 12 senior vice president positions at the time that were not eliminated. It sounds like the new president at CW is following in the Campbell model: Get rid of the important people but don't touch the senior staff. I have not been to CW since I was fired. Some people say that that is my loss, but it is not. I won't contribute a dime to what was once a very interesting, educational and well-run venue. Is anyone going to stand up to the president and board of directors? Probably not in my lifetime, so CW will continue to go down the tubes.

First Amendment

Lou Hrkman's letter to the editor about the First Amendment was well thought out and I appreciated the sentiment. The validity of the comments, though, was lost on me when I got to the sentence, "It gets very tiresome to hear the repeated narrative the liberal establishment repeats to itself." If the word "liberal" had been left out, I'd take the letter a bit more seriously, but once again, it appears that a divide was present before the author even began to write. Read, listen, hear several news sources and come to your own conclusions. No agenda needed.

Workers' benefits

A recent Last Word comment mentioned labor unions. Labor unions worked to make sure that workers received an equitable share of manufacturing profits in the form of wages, insurance and pensions. Today, profits go to shareholders, owners, and CEOs while workers receive lower wages and fewer benefits. Americans should stop begrudging fellow workers who have good benefits and pensions and work to make sure all workers have access to fair compensation for hard work. We should try to unite behind the idea that we want the same things for ourselves and our families: steady work, health care and retirement compensation for our old age. When American business steps up to take care of its workers, there is less need for government welfare and workers have personal satisfaction in knowing that their efforts have earned them security.

Legalizing pot

I hope everyone contacts their Virginia delegates and tells them not to make marijuana legal. I have worked with people who did their job very well and quickly and then come in high on marijuana and it was like working with a zombie. They could hardly do anything correctly. I also know someone who was given it to combat PTSD. It took over his whole life and he lost everything. It has taken him years to get back on his feet. I don't think it should be legalized.

President Trump

I am a Republican and no fan of President Trump. I chose to write in another Republican for the office of the presidency. President Trump was elected and that makes him my President. I have found no fault with any of his executive orders to date, but I believe the new administration has been moving too fast in their effort to keep campaign promises. With a little more time, a detailed review could have been completed to avoid several of the problems incurred during implementation of his executive orders. I am confident they will do better in the future.

Jerry L. Coalgate's letter to the editor Jan. 28 about the women's marches in D.C. deserves praise for at least two reasons. First, he had the courage to put his name with his ideas. Second, his ideas are reasonable and well thought out. They also represent a majority of Americans, who did not vote for Trump, and who are too afraid to do anything about the result of the election. Perhaps they have given up hope that we deserve a much better person as president than the demagogue who continues to divide us and threatens the security of our country.

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