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Guns, grateful citizens and bad drivers: Last Word for March 5

The Virginia Gazette

W&M parking

A couple of family members and myself drove to watch the Tribe basketball game. However, there was nowhere to park. That's sad. If W&M wants fans to attend their games, you might want to provide parking spaces. Start by clearing out the construction stuff taking up a third of the parking spots! Which by the way has been there over 10 years. We had to turn around and go home. I won't make that mistake again.

Sham Rock the Burg

Is the Sham Rock the Burg event happening in Williamsburg this year? Please let me know. Thank you! Editor's note: Yes it is. It will be held Saturday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at the Williamsburg Community Building

Grateful citizens

My question is, are we truly grateful to be citizens of the United States of America? In reading the press, I'm reminded of a line from the movie made in 1939, "Goodby, Mr. Chips": When a fellow teacher who was a German citizen said to Mr. Chips, "How lucky you English are. How little you appreciate it."

Job creator

Jobs should be brought back to the United States by being corporate-friendly and lowering the corporate taxes.


In reference to the second amendment only being intended to arm the military, it also applies to individuals. It states, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." I don't believe the founders of our great United States wanted to encourage "a ragged mob of gun toters," as one writer put it; but after a background check a citizen has the right to possess a weapon. If terrorists know there may be trained guards or vigilant and armed citizens in public places, maybe they won't attack as quickly, maybe not at all; and they could be stopped more quickly. Theaters, schools and churches are "soft targets" for them, easy targets. Look what happened in Paris! Carrying weapons is outlawed there. The world is a much more dangerous place today. We cannot turn our backs on these covert attacks.

I wonder if Kansas' new law allowing people to carry guns almost everywhere allowed the victims of the recent mass shooting there to protect themselves from the shooter?

Enjoying retirement

After retiring in 2014, I have recently been able to help Schmidt's Flowers and Accessories deliver flowers. The folks at Schmidt's have been so nice and it has been wonderful seeing all the smiling faces in the Williamsburg area when I presented them with beautiful arrangements. It sure is a joy meeting so many wonderful people!

Too much noise

Parents of screaming kids, could you please refrain from prolonging everyone's suffering by taking your screaming child outside? When I was growing up, the public library was a place of silence.

Customer service

I am unemployed, trying desperately to get a job in Williamsburg. The online application process can be tedious especially since I utilize the public access computers at the library. After the submission of hundreds of applications, I was fortunate enough to get a few interviews. Preparing for interviews is a process that I truly do enjoy and I do very well in the interview. My dilemma is the prospective employers. They never take the few minutes to send an email or make a telephone call to state they have selected another candidate. If they cared about customer service, I am sure they would instruct their hiring managers to allow applicants the knowledge of getting the job or not.

Dental insurance

Complaining about an office changing their relationship with dental insurance shows a lack of understanding on dental insurance and how it works. Let me explain. When an office becomes a "preferred provider," the office has entered into a contract with a dental insurance provider to see patients at a discounted rate and provide certain procedures and not others. This discount is borne by the dentist as the insurance provider offers no benefit other than the privilege of seeing their patients. Meanwhile, the costs of running their office continue to rise. An office will find itself forced to compromise in order to make ends meet. These contracts can also compromise patient care as the dentist may not be able to provide the best care possible when this procedure may not be covered. The reality is insurance is simply a form of payment and should not be the sole factor in selecting a healthcare provider.

Free to you

King-size mattress and box spring set. You must pick up. 703-399-0620.

Global warming

No consensus on global warming, just obfuscates the arguments on global warming. Is that your intention? Is there absolute consensus on anything? When rain forests are being depleted which convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and animal species sensitive to climate change are going to extinction, it does not take an intellect to connect the dots and say something is happening. To say carbon emissions caused by the Industrial Age do not cause a reaction is denying a basic law of science, for every action there is a reaction. The buffering capacity for nature to heal the excesses of carbon emissions is becoming saturated and we continue to debate the question while countries, corporations and individuals protect their economic interests rather than constructively confront the issues of climate change.

Bad drivers

I am convinced that local governments could greatly reduce taxes by simply ticketing bad drivers for revenue. In a three-day period, I had a driver motion me to wait (I had a green light) as she drove—without pause—through a yield. Another driver turned left across our lane when she had a blinking yellow turn signal, and we had a green light. I particularly hate to be followed too closely, probably because we have been rear ended twice in three years, the last time yesterday. The intersection of Richmond Road and Bypass Road is dangerous in both directions. Westbound, a Bypass Road driver may have a green light, but don't be fooled, because I have witnessed as many as five drivers fly through the red light on Richmond Road. Going up onto Bypass Road, only a small minority stay in their lane. Of course, painting the lanes might help, but that needs to be done all over Williamsburg.

Coal ash ponds

Everybody should be very concerned that in January the Virginia State Water Control Board gave Dominion Power the green light to dump over 500 million gallons of water from two coal ash ponds into the Quantico Creek, James River, and Potomac River. The toxic limits are 30 times higher than comparable water permits in neighboring North Carolina. Let your state delegate, senator and governor know what you think about this. Let's hear from them on this subject.


If you're looking for a new Apple Mac product, look no further than Capital Mac in New Town. Great customer service, great after purchases support, diligent and responsive tech support plus some good offers to accompany the purchase of one of their full line choices of laptops and desktops.

Wow! Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant on Olde Towne Road. We recently had dinner there. The normal bill of fare is still great, but the chef and Joe Scordo and his son are doing a great job. They have now added exquisite entrees and the prices are great, too. I highly recommend it. It's great.

Just politics

Now that Mr. Granger has announced his candidacy, hopefully he will finally put a fence around his in-ground swimming pool at his house, which is required by City code.

Presidential politics

Yes, our President is the Commander-in-Chief over our military, but he also carries enormous responsibility and authority in ongoing governmental issues. He indeed is our "leader" and has the power to sign and veto bills at his discretion; and may I add, as the head of our government he could "lead" the members of Congress in negotiations rather than allowing chaotic discourse become a "blame game" which leads nowhere. This President's continual blaming of certain members of Congress is nonproductive, divisive and causes strife rather than unity and progress.

Rubio is the most intelligent candidate who actually makes sense in that circus called the Republican debate. The man knows what he is talking about. Oh, did I mention he is handsome?

About the recent article concerning super delegates, I doubt that anyone should be surprised that there are super delegates voting in the Democratic convention since Democrats have been using super delegates since 1981. This concept, which essentially gives uncommitted delegate status to persons holding certain elected positions such as governor or senator, is available for use by either party at the party's option. One of the reasons this concept was developed was to provide some advantage to the "party candidate" over other candidates. While Senator Sanders, who has some excellent policies and caucuses with the Democrats, is running in the Democratic primaries, he has not been a long-standing member of the Democratic Party. I do not see any way this continuing use of super delegates by the Democrats could be considered "another example of the Democrat deception" as stated by the writer.

More and more the Republican Party is living up to their Bobby Jindal's recent description as the "stupid party." Has anyone seen anything more appalling than the performance of their top three presidential candidates at the Houston "debate?" Instead of discussing any issues, all we got was accusations of wet pants, sweating and lying. We saw a bully, an odious hater, and a callow kid in an empty suit trying to act tough. Any junior high school student council could provide better. In my lifetime we've had dignified and respectable Republican presidents. Can you imagine Eisenhower or Reagan on participating in such nonsense?

Think what a message it would send to our young people if Donald Trump wins the Virginia Republican Primary: the way to get ahead in America is to act like a colossal jerk.

Health care

The writer is incorrect when discussing health care options for members of Congress: The Affordable Care Act says that starting in 2014, members of Congress and their staffs can no longer get their health insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, as they have in the past. Instead, these federal employees will have to get insurance through the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act. Other Americans with work-based insurance aren't subject to such a requirement. They can continue to get health insurance through their employers. Other federal workers, too, can continue to select health insurance plans through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. But not Congress. FactCheck.org, 30 Aug 2013.

Looking for ...

Will the Greensprings resident from New Jersey who I met at the Costco fish counter please call me regarding the Sentara meeting. I lost your email. Please call me at 258-3348. Thank you.

Looking for a reliable private swim instructor? I highly recommend Keara who teaches at the JCC Rec-Center. Keara has been teaching my grandson for almost two years. She is patient and skilled at redirecting him back to focusing on the lesson at hand. Keara has been a swim coach and has given lessons for six years. She is a student at WM and is studying applied mathematics. Her direct contact number is 703-489-7684 call or text.

I am looking for someone to do yard maintenance, put mulch down, trim trees, etc. Thanks.

We are trying to contact the neighbor who is selling 121 Gatehouse Boulevard in Gatehouse Farms. We are interested in your chicken coop which you said was available. Please call JC at 757-784-1634.

Can anyone that has recently taken the CDL Class B license test provide me with any suggestions on what I should study the most in order to pass it the first time? I'm reading the manual but there is so much information and I also take the test questions at the end of every chapter.

True Beginnings has acquired a home for returning citizens. We are currently in need of all household furnishings and basic essentials. Please call Garnet Moore at 757-594-6689 or 757-245-4500 to donate. We thank you for your donations.

For beginner's bridge lessons, visit the American Contract Bridge League's website at acbl.org and click the EDUCATION tab on the top ribbon. Then click LEARN on the new page. Play the video that appears, then look below the video for options. One of the best is the free bridge learning software (the green button) which leads you to a very good free download app for your PC.

I, too, liked Becky at Fantastic Sam's and want to share with your reader that she moved to "Hair Uptown & More" at 5251 John Tyler Highway, Suite 36, Williamsburg. The phone number is 757-585-2188. The shop is just around the corner from Fantastic Sam's.

I purchased (or at least I thought I did) a Time Life four-CD collection called Moments in Time in the collectors' box from a very nice couple at the Triangle Center Flea Market on Saturday, Feb. 27; however, when I got home all I had was four empty CD cases in a box. If you should read this and find that you still have the CDs at home, I would certainly appreciate getting them from you. 757-570-6204.

Does anyone know of a nail salon in Williamsburg that does filing by hand for either acrylic or gel nails? Those electric files that most salons use make me uncomfortable. Thank you.

Neighbors are looking for someone to install French drains. If you have any recommendations, please call 757-229-2920. Thank you.

Can anyone advise the best place to take scrap gold and silver in this vicinity? Thank you.

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