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Last Word on lead pipes, March 8

Lead pipes

Why would we not, as a country, expect that there would be lead in our drinking water — or, you know, in the schools, etc. —when these pipes were laid 60-70 years ago and we used lead pipes? And if we haven't replaced any of this or a lot of it, it just shouldn't be a surprise to me — or to anyone, I would think — to find the amount of lead that we're finding in our water supply, or that schools in certain towns and cities are finding in their water. I'd just like to hear what other people think about that.

Fire departments

I'm calling in reference to an article in last Saturday's Gazette, "Fire departments feel growing pains." The article states that "Hamilton Lombard, a research specialist at the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, said Williamsburg is filled with two groups who traditionally require more assistance from local fire departments: "college students and senior citizens." I can understand the senior citizens, but why are college students so needy?

Official meetings

To address those who are baiting our beloved and honorable congressman: Have you not witnessed the vile and discontent of Democrats' relationship with Republican congressmen in other states? If you were to conduct yourselves orderly and respectful in the position of congressmen, then perhaps he would meet with you. However, for as long as you treat our honorable congressman with hatred, then by all means, keep those telephone conferences going. As a Republican supporter, I am good with that.

School equity

Our W-JCC School Board recently raised their pay by $2,000 and justified their raises as being "equitable" with other salaries of local public officials. However, our W-JCC School Board doesn't apply equitable treatment in administering funds to our W-JCC schools. In that same issue of the Gazette, W-JCC schools announced that they would withhold or defer funding for Lafayette's and Jamestown's Pathways programs, despite having received state grants for those programs and despite continued funding for Warhill's Pathways program. And, the 10 year CIP shows $300,000 in the budget for Warhill's Markerspace and chemistry lab expansion for the Pathways program. When our W-JCC School Board treats implementation and funding of similar programs differently and defers spending based on an increase of $5M in the budget, shouldn't the School Board also suspend or defer their salary raises until they can treat schools equitably?

Michael Hipple

Recently in the Last Word, three people have passed on glorious praise to Supervisor Hipple. Great way to get campaigning off to an early start. However, those of us who understand county government have considerably different thoughts on Mr. Hipple. Big government progressives come from all sides of the political spectrum. Hipple is included in this group. Tax and spend, is a government addiction with only one cure, which is replacement of the elected official.

School materials

I usually don't read the paper as thoroughly as I'm learning I need to. I'm reading that, under bills that passed but have been or may be vetoed by the governor. And one of them is explicit school materials. The governor plans to veto a bill that would require parental notification before explicit material was shown in classrooms. Has the Democratic Party — their values — have they lost their mind? We want to know why. Our society has just gone down the gutter. This is incredible to me. I cannot believe that people aren't up in arms or won't be up in arms about something like this.

Looking for ...

Our family was deeply saddened to learn that our beloved family doctor, Dr. Itrish Scott-Brown, had left Riverside Family Practice in Williamsburg. Knowing that the readers of The Virginia Gazette are always well informed and up-to-date on local matters, we wonder if anyone knows where Dr. Scott-Brown is now working. Many thanks.


For the person who needs help understanding Medicare: Tell them to call Wayne at Medicare Solutions of Williamsburg. The phone number is 757-476-7030.

Kind words

A beautiful smile is man's contribution to a sunny day. Have a blessed day.

Distracting cough

I was at the Kimball Theatre for the second time since moving to Williamsburg recently for a special screening of the movie "Hidden Figures" with a discussion to be held afterward. I realize people may be going through something others may not be aware of, so I try hard to remember that. However, the gentleman that continually coughed throughout the entire night was very disruptive, disrespectful and in my opinion, with that cough, should not have been in that small, enclosed theatre. At the very least, if he has a medical condition and still wishes to go places, he should always cough into a handkerchief.

Mail delivery

We also had problems with our mail service. After not receiving two pieces of mail we know should have been delivered, I stopped by the post office by the library two times and I asked to speak to the postmaster. Both times, I was told the postmaster was on a conference call and to leave my name and number and I would receive a call. I have received no call and no service, all the way around.

Thank you

Special thanks to the gentleman and his son for the time they took to get me to the proper out-patient area at Sentara Hospital. It is confusing, but they were so gracious about helping me in my stroller to get to the proper place. Thank you again.

Health insurance

Why not wait to see what the Republicans actually propose for their replacement for ACA before going on the attack? The consensus by most Americans is that the ACA has proven to be a disaster.

I'm not sure what hurt more, the GOP plan to charge the elderly more for insurance or being referred to at 61 as elderly.

I have been asking for months for Obamacare/the Affordable Care people to speak up — the ones that really, really like it and have used it and it's very good for them. But it seems like I never get anyone to answer. The Dems keep saying it's a great thing, you know, but I don't see people attesting to that. Where are the citizens who are attesting that the Affordable Care Act is affordable? Please, please — write in, call in, whatever.


Again this year, AARP is providing a much needed and much appreciated free tax preparation service. I went yesterday to the folks at Williamsburg Regional Library to get my taxes done, both federal and state. I was greeted by Jim B., who gave me papers which I filled out and returned to him. Phil G. very competently did my tax returns, which were then checked very thoroughly by Jane A. before she filed them electronically. Thank you to everyone for your professionalism, helpfulness and courtesy.

If you would like the windows of your house to sparkle with cleanliness as spring arrives, we recommend Jamestown Window Cleaning. They cleaned all the windows and storm windows of our house for a fair, reasonable price, using the "Ionic System" and their special know-how. We couldn't be happier with the result. Call 757-753-3482 to get a free quote.

If you are looking for a great neighborhood, try Longhill Station. We are family-friendly with a wonderful pool (included in HOA fees), pet friendly, great schools nearby, too. We have been living in this neighborhood for six years and love the new Harris Teeter just 10 minutes away. You won't be disappointed.

I would like to commend a gentleman who came to my house today, March 1, and replaced my windshield. His name is Mike Magee, and he is an employee from Auto Glass City. His professionalism, his pleasant smile and just his all-around demeanor were to be commended. We should all be so lucky to be served by such a man. Thank you.

I would like to thank Dr. R. Andrew Murphie Sr. at Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital for giving our dog, Sophie, her active life back. Sophie had two surgeries to replace both knees. She is now able to run and be happy again. Dr. Murphie and his staff did a great job. They are professional and caring and I would highly recommend them for the care of your cherished family pet.


Every architectural firm should be required by law to have a sight-impaired individual discuss and approve their plans before constructing or renovating a building.

Smoke detectors

The movie "La La Land" (delightful!) has a long scene with a smoke alarm going off when an oven went unwatched. It caused me to wonder why some people do not remember to have smoke alarms in their homes. Do landlords not insist? Just as stories about car accidents may include the words, "no seat belt was used," articles that tell how fires caused by unattended cooking caused should include the words, "no smoke alarm in home" as a reminder to everyone to have them and check the batteries yearly.

Military build-up

Why does our military have to be built up? Just the Army alone: Only three out of 48 brigades are ready for war. It's an attrition issue and it's an equipment issue. It's tragic, but that's what's become of America. We are not even talking about the Navy or the Air Force or the Marines. When you do not have the equipment and when you do not have what you need, we're talking lives. Tragic what the past administration allowed to happen.

Opposing views

In response to "Differing opinions" published March 1. First, thank you for your season subscription and for your support of the Arts in the Williamsburg area. Second, the event held at the theater was not hosted or sponsored by the Williamsburg Players. An organization rented the facility for their meeting as any organization/individual is invited to do. Additional questions or perhaps an interest in renting the space? Please contact me at the following email, President@WilliamsburgPlayers.org.

What a pity the management at Williamsburg Players chose to interject their political opinions by hosting a "not my president" rally. In the past years, I donated hats and costumes and have attended their performances. Too bad they couldn't focus on their primary mission of presenting performances and leave their personal opinions to themselves. Thank you.

President Trump

I am an independent, 77-year-old man, like many millions of people who watched President Trump's speech in Congress. Nothing was said about Social Security or Medicare. We senior citizens represent a very large chunk of the population in the United States. What is the future for us as it relates to Social Security and Medicare? Thank you.

To the person who put President Trump down in the March 1 Last Word: I hope that person — obviously, that person did not hear our President's speech last night, which was marvelous. I hope that person gets a copy or a transcript of that speech. Thank you.

Trump supporters are telling his critics and the media to "shut up" and give him time to get his act together. Five weeks is more than enough time to conclude that President Trump is the same person as candidate Trump — a narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive bully with limited attention span who's simply playing the role of president. Trump's presidency is a continuation of his divisive and chaotic campaign. Outrageous or offensive statements made by Trump today are contradicted or explained away by his staff tomorrow. Nothing is settled when "alternative facts" rule. Who needs more time to acknowledge what is obvious?

In his recent speech, Trump falsely said 94 million Americans are out of work, 92 percent of people not working are retired, in school, job training or looking after an elderly family member and aren't looking for work. One lie can ruin many truths.

Just saw President Trump on one of the aircraft carriers. My dad was a steel worker up in Ohio. He made stainless steel — the best steel. But the workers that build the aircraft carriers — I love the aircraft carriers — and my hat is off to all the workers that just toil and sweat to build those carriers. They're beautiful, and even the President said he was in awe when he stepped out on that deck. It's one beautiful, beautiful machine. Hats off to all the ship builders in Newport News. Thank you.

Parting thought

When you combine the word "The" along with "IRS," the result is Theirs!

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