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Last Word on fire departments, March 11

Power lines

If you really want to put power lines over the river, take a few minutes to drive up Route 5 about two miles past Charles City Courthouse, to the Turner Lewis Jr. Park. There are two electric towers over the water there. Take a look at it because that's what you'll get, except that there will be many more of them. Folks, if we can lay a cable under the Atlantic, we can certainly lay a cable under the James.

Not real secure

As a civilian contractor, it took six months for me to get a security pass to begin work at a sensitive facility. Now we have a guy who invited Russia to spy on a U.S. citizen, benefited from Russia hacking our elections and carries a vulnerable cellphone flying directly on to the Navy's cutting edge carrier. Where's the sense in that?


So I was watching the CAA Men's tourney basketball game with my friends from Iceland and they asked me a good question. "We have lived here 20 years and have season tickets to the Tribe. Why does Williamsburg never host the CAA tourney?" Big Danny wants to know.

Fire departments

To the responses about the fire department: You would find it very useful if you attended an open house at a fire station or simply do a station tour and talk to the firefighters, as I have done in the past. I asked the question about fire trucks responding on a medical call. Certain situations require additional hands. If you or your family member had a heart attack or went into cardiac arrest, I am sure you would not complain having eight people helping instead of two. As I see it, ambulances are fire department vehicles. I know money is an issue to a lot of people; howeve, I don't mind them having the latest state-of-the-art equipment, as long as it helps keep me safe. I encourage you to stop by and give a friendly hello to those who keep us safe all day — and at 3 a.m.

A moment's reflection reveals that fire department personnel have the tools and training to tackle car accident extractions, machinery accident extractions, tree and utility pole extractions, etc., that ambulance personnel do not have. Also, carrying a patient on a stretcher who weighs 190 or more pounds up or down stairs, around or through obstacles, etc., would probably be a task beyond most ambulance personnel without assistance.

Retired in Williamsburg

I'm getting tired about complaints about "Retired in Williamsburg." Next to the Last Word, it's my favorite thing in the Gazette, and I'm disappointed when it's not in there. It appears to be the same person complaining over and over. If you don't like the cartoon, just skip over it, just like I intend to do about any more of their complaints in the newspaper, if the newspaper continues to pamper them. But please, don't deprive the rest of us who enjoy "Retired in Williamsburg" humor. Thank you.

Bike riders

Well, here we are, another weekend in Croaker with a bike race. I can't believe we spent millions of dollars to build a bike lane into Richmond and they have to come and ride through Croaker. Bikes don't pay a dime to use the road, but I do on my car, and I have to be inconvenienced because of them. And obviously, they don't have to abide by the laws of the road either, because stop signs are nonexistent for them.

Old signs

As late as 1960, the city of Williamsburg used 3-feet high, concrete obelisk-shaped posts to name their streets. At some point, they gave up using this charming, sort of old-town look for the normal, usual street signs that we have become accustomed to at present. Too bad. They were charming and set us apart — but that's progress.

There's no real mystery. The obelisk concrete posts were mounting posts for post office mail drop boxes.


Can someone give a recommendation for an experienced hair colorist/stylist for a reasonable price?

Someone requested local movers that can move one household to another within James City County should call Eric Williams at No Pain Moving, 757-719-3766. They did a terrific job for us, packing and unpacking. I highly recommend this company.

New WATA boss

The next WATA director should be required to depend on WATA for transportation. Then maybe the bus system will not turn a 12-minute car trip into an hour-and-a-half bus ride.

Post Office

The person who wrote into yesterday's Last Word to say the postal service was privatized in 1971 is incorrect. According to its own website, the postal service is "a self supporting, independent federal agency." Perhaps what the writer was referring to is that the post office does not receive tax dollars for its operating expenses.

About fascism

While I normally enjoy reflecting on what he writes, I felt Frank Shatz's column had a rather unfortunate tone in associating the specter of Nazism with President Trump. Is Mr. Shatz trying to suggest that tens of millions of fellow citizens have been unwittingly led astray to vote for a fascist sympathizer? Actually, I have seen the specter of fascism most clearly when violent protesters burned cars, smashed shop windows and attacked police at Mr. Trump's inauguration; and when I observed storm troopers of the far left destructively inhibiting the constitutionally protected rights of others to peaceable assembly and free speech on the U.C. Berkeley campus. The non-response of school administrators to this assault was truly scary.


To the person thinking that things are better when we learn to tolerate each other's differences: It's not about tolerating each other's differences. It's about respecting each other's differences. There's a big difference, and we've lost that in modern history. We've lost respect, and we need to get back to it.

Police blotter

In addition to the increased reporting of assault and battery of a family member, I've noticed an increase in contempt of court charges. These reflect a lack of respect for others and for our laws. Blend in the alcohol and drug abuse charges which show a lack of respect for self.

Well done!

Performed at PBK Hall, "Asuncion" provides an enjoyable visit with some young characters whose self-delusion and unappreciated privilege put the audience's nerves on edge. The acting and directing are superb. This show is not for the puritanical of spirit, but otherwise not to be missed.

Railroad crossing

The railroad crossing on Route 60 near Bush Gardens is atrocious. One needs to almost come to a stop to avoid damage to the car and at the same time anger drivers who are behind and who don't seem to care about avoiding damage to their vehicles. There are railroad crossings at Lee Hall, Route 143 and Route 17 that are relatively smooth . Does anyone know whom to contact to remedy this problem that has existed for many years? Thank you.

Looking for ...

For the person who's looking for help in determining their Medicare benefits: You need to call Managed Senior Services. Their phone number is 804-440-9090. These are a group of retired Social Security and Medicare employees who are working for free to help Virginia residents find all the answers to their Medicare or Social Security needs. Just give them a call and they'll put you with a helper who will guide you through everything you need to know.

To the person looking for help with Medicare: Contact Medicare Solutions of Williamsburg. The number is 757-476-7030. Wayne was a great help navigating us though the different plans. Best of all, there is no cost to you.

I lost a silver bracelet, probably at the Farm Fresh on John Tyler Highway in the parking lot on March 3. If you found it, I would love to have it returned. Please contact mkswartz@cox.net.

Our family was deeply saddened to learn that our beloved family doctor, Dr. Itrish Scott-Brown, had left Riverside Family Practice in Williamsburg. Knowing that the readers of the Virginia Gazette are always well informed and up-to-date on local matters, we wonder if anyone knows where Dr. Scott-Brown is now working. Many thanks.

On Feb. 11, at about 7:21 p.m., someone in a dark SUV broke our Settlement of Powhatan Creek entry gate cross arm. Whoever broke through the gate has still not informed proper authorities. There is video of the incident. Without stopping, the SUV proceeded on into the Settlement. Doing so, the driver left the scene of a property damage accident without informing authorities. If you broke the gate, or know who did, the right thing to do would be to step forward and admit it to our property managers, United Property Associates.

Lady's bracelet lost at Shell gas station (Monticello Road) on Sunday morning. Sentimental value. Reward for information or return. Call 757-869-1782.

For the person who needs help understanding Medicare: Tell them to call Wayne at Medicare Solutions of Williamsburg. The phone number is 757-476-7030.

Looking for an expert mechanic to service a Tru-Cut power reel mower. Please email vtrainor51@aol.com.

In response to recent inquiries for a reliable handyman, I recommend highly Jay Doyle. His cellphone number is 757-532-2793 or email jkdoyle@verizon.net. He does excellent work at a fair price. My recommendation is based on almost 20 years of using his wide skills.

To the person looking for handyman: I do jobs of all sizes. Contact me at Williamsburg Home Repair LLC at 707-4132.

I am looking for someone to repair a toy that had sound and motion, which are not working. If anyone in the area does repairs of this type for, again, toys that have sound and motion. Please respond to Last Word. Thank you.

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