Last Word on lacrosse, April 8

Popular lacrosse

I attended the Warhill vs. Jamestown girls' high school lacrosse game recently; the crowd was impressive and the game was great. Surprisingly, I found out that lacrosse is not officially recognized as a varsity sport in W-JCC. Just recently, I read that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. My wife and I go to a lot of high school sporting events and we've noticed that filling the rosters is challenging for some of the more traditional sports. On this night, there were two full teams on the field, a bench full of girls waiting to play and a huge crowd made up of a mix of young kids and adults. Why isn't lacrosse recognized as a sport by James City County schools?

Colonial Williamsburg

One way CW could increase their income would be to charge more than $10 a year for Good Neighbor passes. Some people think nothing about paying more than $5 for a coffee. Also, $10 really is a paltry sum for being able to go into all the buildings and get a discount on dining all year long. Yes, some people will object, but if they really want to be a "good neighbor," they will see the value in helping CW out a little.

I'm for the idea of CW putting up a wall under the condition that they don't collect any more taxes, grants, or other forms of unearned revenue from the citizens in this area. They are an incredibly poorly run organization, with too many execs getting rich off the backs of underpaid workers. They should be walled in and forced to actually work for their paychecks. There are too many millionaire grifters in this country today. Not much we can do about the ones in Washington, but our local welfare millionaires can and should be dealt with.

Many folks want free access to the streets in Colonial Williamsburg to enjoy the ambiance created there by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. That ambiance comes at a cost to maintain the buildings, landscape and staff. Folks who want to enjoy it should take part in supporting the foundation. If you are supporting the foundation, great. If not, you are taking advantage of those of us who do support it through our annual memberships, donations, dining and shopping. There is no free lunch in this world.

Is CW's proposed fence around the colonial exhibition area going to block the Parkway as well as DoG Street? Curious minds want to know.

Colonial Williamsburg wall. The Dogs of D.O.G. Street, object, courteously.

The city should approve the fence CW wants to build with the following restrictions. First, 100 percent of it has to be built on property wholly owned by CW, none of it should be on public property or property owned by others. Second, since it is intended to keep "illegals" (i.e., those not holding CW tickets) out of the restoration area, the fence needs to be built to the standard published by the Department of Homeland Security to their U.S./Mexico wall specifications. Third, the wall cannot block access to public property or to property owned by others within the restoration. Finally, the wall must pass a public architectural review, pass a voter reformation, pass all environmental reviews and present a comprehensive archeological study to prove that there will be no damage to historical sites along the route of the wall. What you will have is a red tape nightmare which should take about 15 years or more to get to the stage where CW will be able to apply for a building permit. By that time, the bean counter who thought this insane idea up will have moved on to another job and no one at CW will remember why they wanted to build it in the first place.

The commentary that was in the April 1 Gazette, written by David Short, was excellent. I think it hits the nail right on the head how many, many people feel. I hope Mr. Reiss reads it and has some second thoughts about some of his progress. Thank you.

There used to be a statue of an agricultural deity in the oval garden behind the former spa at CW. Does anyone know what happened to it?

Wax museum

Congratulations to Matoaka Elementary fourth-grade teachers, Hess, Miller, Perkins, Pesola and Sydow, for transforming their school's gymnasium into a lively "Wax Museum," with each of their fourth-grade students becoming the wax figure of a famous person. The student came to life when a magical button was pressed, and proceeded to give a brief description of who they were. I was one of the lucky invited guests, and commend the teachers for organizing 131 young students into presenting such a fun and educational program.

Liquor store

Has anyone else noticed that the new liquor store is right across the street from Thomas Nelson Community College? Why would the Commonwealth put a liquor store so close to a school?

Inclusive wording

A person wrote that they did not understand why the organizers of the Spring Arts Festival were striving to be LGBT friendly. The answer is quite simple and it has nothing to do with sex. LGBT people are still subjected to bigotry hidden behind the guise of people claiming to be "exercising their religious freedom." I find it interesting that the only time some people wish to exercise this "freedom" is in denying service to LGBT Americans. They do not do it to heathen pork or shellfish eaters nor to men who cut their hair, nor to women who wear clothing made from mixed fibers. This brand of thinly veiled abuse is reserved strictly for same-sex couples. Williamsburg attempts to be a welcoming and safe place for all people. And yes, there are a lot of us in this area. I welcome the organizers attempts to be all-inclusive and to allow us all to enjoy the program.

The article on the Spring Art Festival effectively communicated that the art exhibited in Williamsburg this spring will be as diverse as the audiences who might be interested to visit. The Last Word writer alarmed by the mention of LGBT persons was correct in his/her conclusion, "none of this is about sex." The article also references "older people." I do hope you were equally as assertive that the article was not about age, and therefore it shouldn't be mentioned.

Author's visit

So proud of our W-JCC school system and the library to have the fortitude to bring author Dana Alison Levy to speak to elementary school students about the writing process. All the hullabaloo about her indoctrinating innocent minds with her liberal agenda was a bunch of ignorant malarkey. Her children's books are about families, which incidentally have two dads and children from myriad ethnicities, much like real life in 2017 America. Her talk was specifically focused about writing and publishing, not her books or the characters or whether they are straight, gay, black or white. So glad that the intolerant and homophobic element of our city did not dissuade our schools from supporting her visit. Our children would be poorer for not having exemplary visiting authors in our schools.

Careful weeding

While you are working to beautify your outdoors this spring, please remember that the pollinators, butterflies, bees and humming birds are dependent on the dandelions, clover, honeysuckle, milkweed, golden rod, etc., that you are working so hard to eradicate. Without food sources, the pollinators cannot survive.

Thank you

I would like to thank the York County Fire Station No.3 for changing my smoke alarms. They are fantastic.

Street brightener

While exploring the farmer's market this weekend in Colonial Williamsburg, I spotted the new Quirks of Art location on Prince George Street. Their window display is fun and the building is newly painted burgundy. I'm happy to see someone bring some fun and energy to our downtown. Kudos to this small business for their constant efforts to make Williamsburg a quirkier and more artistic place.

Word to the wise

Recently, I went to purchase a gas stove from a local merchant here in town and I was told I needed to pay $300 for a permit. I called the James City County Code and Compliance and found out this permit is free. All I had to do is go up to the Code and Compliance office and pick it up. So, just thought I'd let you know. Let the buyer beware to check on things before they take people's word on what they need to pay.

Looking for ...

Can someone please tell me how I can recycle household batteries? Is there a place in James City County to drop batteries off and to recycle them? Thank you.

I would like a recommendation of someone to replace a driveway. Thank you.

I am calling about the lady who is looking for lambs ear. I have a lot of it and would be glad for you to come and get some of it. Call me at 757-253-2405. Thank you.

To the lady looking for lambs ear plants: You might try Homestead nurseries or Cooke's nurseries, and I know that either of those can do special orders for you. So, good luck.

Need massage therapist skilled in treating fibromyalgia. Leave message in Last Word or call 345-2706. Thank you so much.

Green, yellow and purple irises must be dug up. Call 804-966-9784 for directions.

Has anyone been finding that their Knock Out roses have been dying?

Regarding a recent Last Word inquiry: I use Maggie for massage therapy to manage my pain. She's a retired nurse and an excellent massage therapist. She recently relocated to Illusions By Marcus, 253-7790. The setting is private, quiet and comfortable. I highly recommend her — you'll love her.

I highly recommend Tom Batir of Williamsburg Therapeutic Massage. Tom is a licensed massage therapist, offering deep tissue, trigger point release, sports and Swedish massage. Located at 1761 Jamestown Road, the telephone number is 757-707-4619.

Fewer steps, please

I see parking places reserved for handicapped, parents with young children, and veterans. All well and good. How about a couple places for women over 65 who are tired?

Squirrel feeders

To the person with the squirrel problem: If you feed the birds thistle feed or nyjer and flax flower seed, squirrels won't eat them and you'll have no problem whatsoever. Also meal worms. If you put out meal worms, the squirrels will not come. Have a great day!

To the person asking what to do about their squirrels: Make sure that your feeder is not near a tree, where they can actually fly off of a branch. I was having that problem and I put my feeders out away from my trees, still within my borders, and some of the branches I even trimmed. I haven't had that problem, and it's been three or four years. Even the raccoons can't get to my feeders now, and they're pretty smart.

For squirrel problems, add a couple of teaspoons of cayenne pepper to maybe 5, 10 pounds of bird seed — you have to figure out the proportion. The squirrels hate it; birds don't care. Works for me.

Regarding the squirrel problems — I also had some problems with squirrels raiding the bird feeders and messing up my backyard. I went to the hardware store in our neighborhood and they showed me some alternatives for bird feeders that will deter squirrels — not kill them, just discourage them. They have some squirrel-proof feeders that actually work. I have one and I haven't had any problems with any squirrels since.

Too many vetoes

According to the article that recently ran in the Gazette, Gov. Terry McAuliffe has now vetoed 108 bills in his four-year term as governor. This record-breaking effort clearly makes him a "Governor in the No." When he took the position as chief executive officer, was he aware that his job was to execute laws and not kill so many of them? After all, he's the governor, not the king.

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