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Last Word on Hicks verdict, May 6

Hicks verdict

How about we advertise Williamsburg as a retirement destination for homicidal maniacs found not guilty by reason of insanity? We already have a would-be presidential assassin here, free as a bird. Also, we have a deaf-mute illegal alien rapist and murderer who the taxpayers will be taking care of for the rest of his life. And now we have the Farm Fresh murderer, who was judged not guilty by reason of insanity after about a half hour of deliberation by the learned judge. This is not justice, this is insanity. What about the victims? Don't they count?

The Constitution

Those people who are "strict constructionists" and think the original Constitution is the Holy Grail might want to ponder what they are really saying. To start, do away with the right to bear arms, freedom of the press and religion. You also would have white males ruling America with few rights for minorities and no votes for women. A barely known cabinet secretary would have succeeded Nixon on his resignation and there would be no direct election of senators. You might also consider that presidents Clinton and Obama could have run for a third term. Madison and his cohorts were really smart, but there is no way they could have foreseen what America would be like today any more than you can correctly envision what will happen in the next 200 years.

Well done!

Kudos to the JCC Police for their excellently planned and executed collection of unneeded medications Saturday at the Opportunity Drive location. The staff/volunteers were very pleasant and helpful, and the drive-through drop-off was fast and convenient. We also participated in their Shred-It at the JCC Courthouse recently, and we experienced the same good process. Thank you, officers!

Kimball Theater

I'm wondering why the Kimball Theatre doesn't provide captioning services and equipment for its movies. The larger theatres have the equipment on hand and it is very helpful. Is the Kimball exempt from Title 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires captions as of January 2018? Editor's note: We spoke with Todd Cooke at the theatre who said they offer headphones for audio. He's in the process of writing a proposal that will bring the theatre up to the standards required by the ADA. They are hoping to add new devices that offer both audio and descriptive audio and brick-like devices that attach to seats and provide captions. He said he hopes to have the new system in place by the fall.

We have been so pleased with the movies and increased movie times at the Kimball. It is such a pleasure to work our schedule around films there in the two theaters, films not available at the multiplexes, and then enjoy lunch, dinner, walk and errands before and or after. It is a treat and a luxury to have a theatre with both live events as well as a good variety of films to enjoy and learn from.

Health insurance

Congressmen Taylor and Wittman showed utter contempt for their constituents Thursday by voting to repeal and replace the ACA. The bill they voted for threatens to strip coverage from 20 million Americans and removes coverage for pre-existing conditions. Insurers have categorized acne as a pre-existing condition in the past. The bill is so bad, that congress exempted themselves from its constraints.

It's hard to discern what the GOP's vision for American is. Based on their recent votes, they want us to be ignorant, illiterate and sickly. I suppose that makes us easier prey for the predators that populate this administration. Really disappointed in our congress representatives, Wittman and Taylor. They seem to care little about the day-to-day existence of most of their constituents.

Colonial Williamsburg

I wish Colonial Williamsburg would charge a minimal fee (maybe $10/ adult and $5/ ages 6-17) for out-of-town visitors to walk around CW's historic area, shop and eat in CW's Revolutionary City, since many visitors are here only for a couple of hours and don't have the finances, time and/or desire to go into the ticketed CW historic buildings.

I'm getting so tired of all the complaints about the new fountain at the Williamsburg Inn. One recent Last Word contributor claimed that everyone he or she knew was disturbed about it. Really? Those of us with real lives — jobs, families, church, school, soccer games, etc. — are too busy dealing with important issues to get spun up about how CW wants to spruce up the front of its hotel. Who cares?

Looking for ...

Looking for a bronze plaque donated by Williamsburg Post No. 39 to the American Legion, March 15, 1969. Plaque was donated to Richard Coakley, JCC supervisor, and Vincent McManus, City of Williamsburg mayor. The purpose of the plaque was "to honor the men and women of the community who, by their patriotism and loyalty, served God and country in the wars of our nation."

To the person looking for a place to donate some canes and walkers: Please contact F.R.E.E., the Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment & Endowment. Their number is 757-707-4741.

If you or anyone you know attended the Institute of European Studies in Paris, France, in the early '60s, please contact me at pogo5865@aol.com. Thank you.

I am looking for a new lawn care provider in the Williamsburg/James City County area. We're looking for someone reliable who can mow and do weed whacking every other week for a reasonable price. Please respond on the next Last Word. Thank you!

Looking for recommendations for exterior painting and repairs.

Does anyone know of a personal trainer here in Williamsburg that isn't too pricey? Please text 757-206-6339.

In recent weeks, my antenna (box) TV is unable to keep a signal for the program/show, but the commercials come in clear as a bell — what gives? Is there an advocate to contact?

Gov. McDonnell

So, according to Gov. McDonnell, there is no problem with a trickle of gifts he received from whatever source (some from his wife, who he had no reason to suspect of anything). He was merely acting in good faith to a guy who was pushing a great Virginia job creating venture that would provide jobs for thousands of Virginians.

Cats and birds

I am very weary about the ongoing rhetoric regarding cats and birds. I think it is time for the real culprits in the decline of the bird populations to own up — humans. We are the ones destroying their habitats with our constant need to build and expand what we have for our convenience and our selfish desire for bigger and better. Just look at the number of trees that have been destroyed for the expansion of I-64. Yes, some cats will catch birds, as is their natural instinct, but do not blame them for killing off the bird population. Look to your own backyard and ask yourself how many animal habitats have you destroyed for the sake of your own selfishness. And hanging a bird feeder will not erase your guilt.

I recall the Gazette published a Dan Cristol article last year that stated domestic cats kill somewhere between 1.8 and 3.6 billion birds annually. How can anyone validate such a claim? Large numbers of birds are also killed by other predatory birds, vehicles and wind turbines. On April 22, the Gazette published a Last Word submission that claimed a local Williamsburg bird sanctuary community permits cats to roam freely outdoors in spite of published rules to the contrary. Another dubious assertion since no local homeowner's association covenants or local county animal control ordinances prohibit domestic cats from being allowed outdoors. Editor's note: A study published in 2013 conducted by the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that cats kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds in the continental U.S. a year.

Christopher Wren

The commenter last week about the Tangible Things class at Christopher Wren was right. The class is excellent. The instructor, Mr. Boswell, is both knowledgeable and entertaining. My husband and I wanted to make a suggestion. We are both elderly and have trouble getting to these classes and sitting for long periods. Couldn't these classes be recorded and made available to those who can't attend? We are not going to be able to continue attending much longer, but we would certainly be happy to pay to be able to watch classes on video or on the internet. Are there others in the community who might be interested in participating in this way? Thank you.

Rifle range

What the Williamsburg area really needs is a rifle range. Not some indoor pistol range, but someplace we can practice with our rifles. A really great spot would be by the I-199 interchange on Fenton Mill Road. With all the noise from Camp Perry, would anyone even notice the difference? It is so hard to get time on a range around here. It would be a great recreation site for the local community. If it was done really right, it could be a great place for gun safety learning.

Fatal crash

To all Ford's Colony residents: Enough is enough!

Church sign

In front of the Unitarian Universalist Church, a beautiful new church and all, and in their lawn they have a sign or banner that says "Black lives matter." I would be a whole lot more accepting if it said, "All lives matter." Why is it just black lives — it's not white or yellow or other lives don't matter? I really don't understand that. Could someone from the church explain that to me or us, the reading audience? Thank you.


I have been a local resident for 17 years. I have been a devoted fan of WMBG for a couple of weeks. I happened to land on their new FM station (97.7) and was happy to find that there is some more progressive programming going on — music that I want to hear and yet it is not all the same old top 40 everyone else turns out. I like that guy in the afternoon, Ty, because he usually has live bands on the radio, but I am also really happy that WMBG got Robert Hodge to do a bit of hosting too. I have seen him perform many times and think he will be a great radio host. My thanks and applause to the people in charge for recognizing the needs of their listeners and giving it to us.

Thank you to the readers that recommended Medicare Solutions of Williamsburg, 757-476-7030. I met with Wayne last week. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He patiently explained all the parts of Medicare, my options and how they worked. There was no pressure to purchase or make a quick decision.

Postal supplies

It's a little disappointing that every time I need to go to the city post office in Williamsburg, I cannot use the priority supplies because there is never any.

President Trump

If you're going to talk the talk, you'd better walk the walk. So how's Trump doing in his first 100 days? Repeal and replace Obamacare? Nope. Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? Never happening. Get tough with China? No, China's now our friend. Drain the Washington swamp? Just the opposite, he's packed his administration with millionaire lobbyists taking care of themselves. Be too busy to take a vacation or play golf? In the first 100 days he's visited Mar-a-Lago seven times and played golf at least 14 times. Make America great again? I wish.

I waited for Bush to address MS-13. Nothing. I waited for Obama to address MS-13. Nothing. Ask anyone in Immigration and in Border Patrol if they understand MS-13. They are a criminal, terrorist group coming up from Mexico. They are killers. They have killed children, they have infiltrated, they are horrible. It's been a problem. Immigration has been begging every president. Finally, Trump in Pennsylvania, addressed MS-13 — that's waiting 16 years as they grew. Finally, we're dealing with MS-13.

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