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Last Word on saying a prayer, May 31

In our thoughts

Prayers are needed for the Warhill High School student critically injured in a recent car accident. Imagine if all of us stopped at the same time that the high school bells ring, 7:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. every day, and said a prayer for the recovery of this young man and for all involved in the accident.

Walking New Town

We moved to New Town to have access to grocery stores, restaurants and shopping that we could walk to. I believe that the "pedestrian has the right of way" is lost to those who speed through our streets. A reminder that this is also a residential area and there will be children riding bikes and residents walking. We obey and use crosswalks, so please obey stop signs so we can all share this wonderful area. Thank you.

Hard to hear

On a recent evening we went to a lecture at Riverside Doctors Hospital, expecting to hear some very vital information. We could not hear a single word. The room was full of senior citizens. I think it would be very helpful to have a microphone, particularly for senior citizens, because many of us have hearing problems. It could have been a very nice evening. I'm so sorry.

York tax bill

The current York County Real Estate Tax increase of 5.8 percent with the elimination of the boat personal property tax is unjust. Our supervisors may claim to have made the decision process open, and I remember a great deal of discussion about the boat tax, but never heard about the 5.8 percent real estate tax increase. I'm sorry, but these actions are a near borderline integrity issue. What do you think? These tax changes should be repealed and the budget need to be recalculated for true needs vs. wants. Now is our time to shout out. How many $6.5 million firehouses do we need?

Fresh produce

We've been buying fresh produce in the Monticello Shopping Center for a year and now there are two nice gentlemen, Bob and Gary, selling pretty, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and such, and they were told they can't set up here again. Please let them stay. It brings business to the shopping center — there's not much left here. We can certainly use the nice, fresh produce. Thank you very much.

Ukrop's bakery

Sadly, Martin's is closing and along with it, Ukrop's prepared foods and bakery. A real loss for the area. I suggest Ukrop's move into the former Prime 41 space available in the same shopping center. This could be a prime coffee shop with prepared foods for breakfast and lunch etc.,while having a wonderful bakery on site. I'm too old now, but if younger I'd do it. It could be a great meeting place for seniors and others.

At the Kroger in Richmond there is an Ukrop's bakery section. Who in Williamsburg will step up to provide that Ukrop's bakery section for us?

Can W&M help?

Living among many frail, elderly people, I wonder if the College of William and Mary kinesiology students will devise a program to see if frail people can, with an exercise program, be restored to improved strength. Any improvement would result in more independence and probably better all around health. And how about enticements to seniors to attend and participate in strengthening and flexibility activities?

Remove your hat

I attended the Air Force Memorial Day music presentation at Merchants Square. When we all stood to pay our respects to our National Anthem, most all men removed their hats. What shocked me was that almost none of the women removed theirs. Are women exempt from removal? Or was I witnessing Williamsburg snobbery at its worst?

Solar farms

Sounds like a good idea. What's the real impact to the environment of these hideous looking solar panels that are going to take up all of this land? It's like the big windmills that bring energy but cut up hawks and eagles and all that. One study said it may even help raise the temperature of the Earth. We just get so hip on all these things that are anti-oil and coal. We don't even really know what the impact is going to be. If you've ever been to the hills of California or several other places, the big panels are ugly. We'll see the impact down the road.

Out of season

I was in New Town Friday night of Memorial Day weekend. We were at Conte's Bike Shop and we looked up on the light pole and see a Season's Greetings flag on it. We know the folks in New Town do not change these flags very often, but a Christmas decoration in late May — are they getting a jump on the impending season? The place looks old and run down anyway, and the vacancies are piling up on Main Street; too many empty store fronts in James City County.

Colonial Williamsburg

The City of Williamsburg and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation need to collaborate to build a secure fence for safety as well as for economic reasons around the historic area. They also need to repave the Historic streets with something other than black asphalt and hire a crew to clean the streets of horse feces all day long.

Many abused

To the person who made the comment about elder abuse in Williamsburg: I would like to add that I think there are too many people who are not elderly, abusing each other every day. I found people of any age inconsiderate with each other. They are selfish and never have the time necessary to be kind. They make you feel you are not that important.

I was distressed by the letter in last week's Last Word claiming that elder abuse was "rampant" in Williamsburg. If this person knows of elder abuse occurring, he must report it to the police. Having this sort of knowledge and not doing anything makes him complicit in the abuse. Please speak up to someone besides the Last Word!

Road worries

To the blonde-haired female driving the blue Toyota, who had the nerve to illegally passed me on Mooretown Road Saturday at 10:15 a.m.: I turned your info into the county police to take action. You should be more careful. You are one of those impatient drivers who are above following the rules.

Patriotic principles

It's so important for Americans to remember to uphold the Constitution. In order for there to be true balance, we the people must demand our leaders abide by the guidelines set forth in that governing document. Allegiance to the principles upon which this country was founded will keep us safe and free. When we stray from those principles, when we let our own government chip away at our basic rights, of freedom of speech and religion, to gun rights, the right to privacy … we are only handing over what we say we are fighting for. I keep going back to this Howard Zinn quote: Patriotism is not obedience to government. Patriotism is obedience to the principles for which government is supposed to stand. We owe this to our children, our veterans and to those who paid the ultimate price.

Well done

Kudos to the staff member of Williamsburg's Public Works Department who took immediate ownership to address an unsightly assortment of furniture abandoned on the street adjacent to the Merchant Square parking lot. She did not pass off my complaint to someone else, but offered to investigate it during her lunch break. Following her inspection, she had the mess removed the same afternoon. That's how a responsive local government should work. Thank you.

Free to you

Free: good intentions/projects not done: I have a tub of broken ceramics I saved for mosaic projects. Also some burlap coffee sacks intended for hooked rug projects. Call 236-1848.

Grape Mahonia: An evergreen shrub that grows 4-feet tall by 5-feet wide, has dense clusters of yellow flowers in early spring changing to dark bluish-black berries April/May which the birds love. The fallen berries produce dozens of plants and grow very fast. (2) Pachysandra: An evergreen perennial belonging to the boxwood family. A good ground cover that grows very fast, and blooms with greenish-white flowers in late spring or early summer. I would welcome a garden club's interest in these plants for their plant sales. Contact clyoung@widomaker.com or 757-645-4859.


Color & Sound Inc. Remember that name. Should you ever need help for one of your electronic devices. John, the owner, is one of a kind. Will come to your house as many times as it takes to fix your device. He also carries extra parts or can obtain them. I can't say enough about the owner or company. Guarantee you will be happy with his work and prices. Call 757-874-8818 for more information.

I recommend Dr. Brendan McConnell with Hampton Roads Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Newport News. He removed a bunion for me a number of years ago and did a superb job. I highly recommend him for other foot problems. He can be reached at 757-873-1554.

Up in Washington

Because the Justice Department was already tainted with doubt as to its integrity (IRS scandal, Clinton emails), James Comey should have recused himself from any further proceedings following Loretta Lynch's "Tarmac-gate" bonehead play. Instead, he tried to appoint himself special prosecutor and government star. His firing was legal, warranted and accepted by both parties.

While the politicians in Washington are bickering back and forth over who said what to who, our noble president is going around the world, making friends and influencing people, increasing the productivity of the United States and other countries. He's walking the walk and talking the talk while all of the others are crying in their beer. God bless our president! Have a blessed day.

I read recently that Mr. Trump is considering stopping daily news conferences and instead every two weeks (in between his tweets) "he will brief" the nation. How much longer is it going to take for him to understand we didn't elect him king but as president? He needs to realize there is no "I" in "we the people."

My family and I can't help but feel so disparaged by this so-called president we now have. He has embarrassed the citizens of this country more than ever. All one has to do is just see how he pushed aside someone at the NATO Conference just so he could make sure to get to the front of the line for a photo op. You get the feeling this is all he is interested in. He has also been successful at throwing his supporters under the bus with his horrible budget and health care plan. Nothing but total lies. Very sad.

A person wrote recently that the White House is not in chaos. The writer listed Trump's achievements and stated, "There are phony stories. Do I believe Comey? No, I don't believe Comey." My response to your post is a question. Do I believe you and anything you said? No, I don't.

Weighing options

Can a scholar in political history tell us how well countries with authoritative governments do economically? Do they continue for long? Get brought down sooner than later? We are trying to learn if average-wage earning Americans would be as well off or not in a "the bully runs it all" government. Thanks, really want to know.

Thank you

A special thanks to the person(s) who turned in my tablet at the Cheese Shop. It was greatly appreciated. On May 18, while walking in Merchants Square with friends, I stopped for a while on a bench near the Cheese Shop where I erroneously left my tablet. It went missing for more than an hour before I realized that I did not have it. We back tracked our steps and, when I got back to the bench, I walked into the Cheese Shop to ask if anyone had found it. What a thankful feeling to find that someone had turned it in. A few years ago, I had lost my checkbook during the Christmas season and a good Samaritan returned it. Williamsburg is a great place to live!

Want to thank Nick at Howard Motors on 2nd Street in Williamsburg. I brought my car to another shop and they told me I needed all these things. Nick said I didn't need all this stuff and saved me almost $700. Thank you so much.

Thanks for all of the information about the skink. I do happen to have a red one and it's quite large.

I would like to thank the three EMTs who stopped to check on me when I slipped off the sidewalk and fell and hit my head at VIMS. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Kudos to firefighters E. Smith and C. Satterfield for coming to my home to perform a carbon monoxide test. These professional firefighters were thorough, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you, Chief Ashe, for having such a well trained and equipped staff.

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