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Last Word on New Town fountain, Aug. 24

Commenters cite the law in discussion over which lane is for driving, which for passing.

Fountain woes

For the past several months, I have taken my out-of-town visitors for dinner and a stroll in New Town. I have been disappointed to see that the fountain in front of the theater does not function. It takes away the ambience of a beautiful area. We used to love to buy yogurt and sit near the fountain to eat it. Why would the managers of New Town not remedy this, especially during the time when Williamsburg has many vacationers frequenting this area?


We frequent many restaurants in Williamsburg. One of the best restaurants in town is locally owned Center Street Grill. The food is consistently excellent, the service outstanding and the prices are affordable. This restaurant goes above and beyond most places here in Williamsburg. The hours are convenient too. A lot of restaurants come and go in this town—let's hope that Center Street is around for a long, long time!

I recently had a wonderful moving experience with folks from Youth Challenge. It was a small job, and all of the other moving companies I called required a three-hour minimum. YC moved my three rooms into a pod in an hour. Youth Challenge is a rehabilitation program. They also do landscaping, carpentry, and plumbing. Call Sharon at 244-1234, and she will set you up.

Jim at Jim De's hair Salon in absolutely the best at cutting and styling thin, fine hair. He works miracles. He has cut my hair for the past 17 years, changing colors and styles through those years and I have never been disappointed. I am ashamed that I have not written in before now. His number is 220-1994.

Driving question

When you leave the redeveloped mall on Centerville Road (Harris Teeter), there are No Turn on Red signs up on the traffic light poles. Why is it a No Turn on Red intersection? The signs have print that is so small it is hard to read from across the street. Is the sign made to VDOT standards in the sizing of the letters? Can we make the sign larger, or make the intersection a right turn on red?

In response to the people commenting on driving etiquette, there are signs on all major highways (interstates) just after getting on the highway stating "slower traffic stay right." They do not specify speeds. If a person desires to go 5-10 miles over the limit, the through (left) lane should not be blocked by a self-appointed police officer. I do not condone anyone breaking the law but unfortunately we live in a fast-paced society. My rule of thumb is to keep with the flow and if the flow is uncomfortable, I make sure I am in the far right lane until the speeding traffic goes by. Don't make it unsafe by being stubborn. You will be the one causing the accidents.

I've seen so many comments about driving in the left lane that irritated me, I have to comment. Yes, the speed limit is a limit but has actually become the speed you should go as a societal norm. The left most lane is the passing lane and that is the law. If you want to drive at or below the speed limit, you should be in the right lane(s). Nothing is more irritating than cars out for a "Sunday drive" occupying both lanes and causing backups. That is what presents a real hazard!

New church

I'm calling in regard to the lady who was looking for a church that would be without screaming children. I recommend—as a matter of fact, I invite this lady to Christ Community Church at 9001 Richmond Road, Toano. The church is very small but people really care. You're invited.

For the person looking for a new church might want to try First Simple Church at the foot of the bridge in Charles City. My wife and I joined a year ago and it's a wonderful church and you can go online at firstsimplechurch.org and see Dr. Fry and one of his sermons. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.

Scam alert

Yes, if you get a phone call from 626-840-7896 and they say it's from the IRS, it's a scam. All they want to do is to collect money from senior citizens, and they have nothing to do with the IRS because I called and asked them. Thank you.

Parking problem

I just would like to thank the older couple in the brand new black Jeep Cherokee who were parked in the parking garage on Aug. 6. I appreciate your swinging open your door and not giving me a door ding, but a huge dent in my brand new Honda. Really, I have your license plate number and plan to give it to the police, unless you would like to respond to this and do the right thing!

Teacher pay

We should be ashamed as a community for the pay/compensation we give to teachers. Our superintendent was paid $188,000, not including his extra pay for engagements. If you are FT employee, you can work and get paid while supposedly at work for speaking engagements outside of JCC. Could you please tell me where in JCC you can live and raise a family for $40K per year? It is nearly impossible! And the superintendent visited my school two times last year; he wouldn't know me if I walked up to him!

To the person who thinks teachers have "over-generous benefits": I suggest you do some research as you are clearly ignorant to the facts in WJCC.

Support group

Cancer Support Group! Please Join Us! Bikini Bottoms! GYN/ONC Cancers. Learn, love and grow with us! We meet the second Tuesday of the month, 6 p.m. at Starbucks at Kingsmill. Questions? Call Barb McKenna at 757-784-8165.

Health insurance

The very reason "that folks without health care insurance can get free care at hospital emergency rooms" is why health care costs are out of control. Any way you look at it, it's a subsidy that others have to pay for. Hard-working people have to pay for their health care. Why should others get it for free? The very attitude that one deserves anything for free is one of the basic problems of our nation.

Looking for ...

To the person looking to sell gold coins: Dan Rogers, a licensed appraiser who owns Williamsburg Appraisers (757 585-3145), is a great contact. He not only appraises and helps sell coins but also valuables such as artwork and antiques. Dan really knows his stuff.

Someone called in about moisture problems and used United Pest Control and were very pleased with them. I'm having problems, and I looked for the phone number but I can't find it. When people leave messages about someone they've been pleased with (a company), please leave the phone number. Thanks. Editor's note: United Pest Control is at 11834 Canon Blvd., Suite K-4, Newport News 23606-2581, call 757-833-0118.

In response to the person needing to sell some gold coins: We use Williamsburg Gold & Silver on Capitol Landing Road, and we're very pleased with them.

Anyone using T-Mobile? I'm thinking about switching, but would like some feedback on their data and voice coverage in the area. Thanks in advance.

I am looking for a 3 to 4 foot white wooden porch bench in good condition or someone local who can make one. I can be reached at 804-363-6641. Thanks.

To the person looking for a coin dealer; Try: http://www.davidlawrence.com/ They are in Virginia Beach and I have used them twice to sell a coin collection and bulk silver coins.

I missed any responses to a question as to where to donate a used bedside commode so it can be sanitized and reused. If anyone knows of a place that does that, please let me know. Also I have a very heavy pad that goes on top of a hospital bed to make the bed a bit more comfy. If you can use it, come and get it. Call me at 757-645-2423.

Student achievement

If every student group—regardless of race, creed, or color—needs a basic education as a foundation for future success in life, how can one group be more "needy" than another? Every child is afforded an opportunity to attend and achieve success in our publicly funded schools. "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." (Jim Rohn)

Bicycle traffic

Recently Richmond Road has been crowded with young people riding bicycles in the middle of driving lanes and even going down the middle of the road facing traffic. It is dangerous for cars and well as the cyclists. Some don't know how to ride, weaving around in a hazardous way. Now college starts. Students will again be walking across Richmond and Jamestown Road with no regard to traffic, assuming everyone will look out for them. They don't look up as they slowly cross where ever they like, heads buried in cell phones. So, drivers, be on the lookout, for everyone's safety.


A great big thank you to the James City County sheriff's deputy directing the St. Bede traffic on Ironbound Road Sunday morning, August 14th. You are magnificent! Thank you.

I would like to thank the person who donated four Gourmet magazines, circa 1992, to the resale section of the library. I collect them and have some going back to the early 1960s. I also had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Earl McAusland, when I hand delivered, to his office in the pent house at the Plaza Hotel, an invitation for dinner with my then boss. They don't publish magazines like Gourmet anymore.

Clear sign

To whomever left all of the garbage on the City of Williamsburg sign: It is clear you are unhappy. It is also clear you are infantile and selfish.

Liberty Lounge

I'm calling about a clarification on the Liberty Lounge in Colonial Williamsburg. Just that people need to know that it is for ticketed veterans, active duty and reserve military families, and people with Good Neighbor passes also need to show their military ID and have their badges verified in order to gain entrance to the Liberty Lounge. It's just not a place for strolling. Just thought that would be a good thing for people to know. Thank you.


There are a few empty lots with for sale signs along Bypass Road between the Holiday Inn and Christmas House that have grass that has grown much too high. Who is responsible to make sure these lots are kept up to city or county regulations?

Restoring rights

I think there are provisions in the law for convicted felons to petition to have their voting rights restored, provided they've completely fulfilled their sentence (time served, probation, restitution and fines). If that's so, why should the governor do anything to automatically restore these rights?

When Governor McAuliffe announced he was going to restore voting rights to more than 200,000 felons, he forgot to mention there were 132 sex offenders still in custody and several convicted murderers on probation in other states. Did some of these sex offenders live in your areas? Check out the website: sex-offender.vsp.virginia.gov.

Greek housing

Who is paying for the sorority and fraternity construction at Christopher Newport University? CNU reported that four new buildings are being built on CNU's campus for $19.3 million. CNU also said six more houses are planned to be built. We hope that taxpayers' money is not being used for this. While this may provide a safer environment for students, using taxpayers' money for this does not make sense. If money from taxpayers is being used, who in the General Assembly sponsored this effort?

Scam alert

I got a scam phone call message on my answering machine from 215-666-6352. "Mark Ferrin" at the same phone number was on my caller ID. The message was that a lawsuit was being filed against me and to call that number back for more information. I didn't call them back. I called my phone company to call them but the phone company got "all circuits are busy" message. I then did a reverse number look up on the Internet and got a "high alert scam" message reported for that number. Just information for anyone to not call that number back. It's a scam.

Presidential politics

How fast people forget! I remember Tim Kaine taxing toilet paper, closing the rest stops and raising our taxes in general. The Founding Fathers never envisioned career politicians. Both parties need a shake up; that's why I'm voting for Trump.

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