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Christmas, cable and climate change - Last Word for Dec. 23

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Cheers to the Lafayette High School Choir and Orchestra! The Christmas concert was exceptional -- from the music selections to the courteous ushers at the doors. The directors and students must be commended for a beautiful contribution to this special season. I don't have a student in either program, but request more events like this, please!

What a wonderful surprise to see a bunch of happy faces alongside some of JCC's finest. Target was the target for the shop with the police day. It was great to see Officer Dill and his fellows teamed up with very eager youngsters, shopping, laughing and helping make the season brighter. Many thanks to the JCC Police and Sheriffs for all they do.

I just want to compliment the Williamsburg Community Chapel on their beautiful presentation of "Christ is Born." It was perfect from beginning to end. I and my family enjoy it every year and it just seems to get better each year if that's possible. Obviously, a lot of meaningful preparation and planning and practices go into it every year and it just gets better and better. Thank you so much for your wonderful efforts and for generously sharing it with our community.

A big jolly thanks to Santa and his helper on the unique motorcycle, who gave my kids a toy this weekend. Keep on spreading the joy!

A huge thank you to the motorcycle Santa for bringing a smile to my kids' faces for the second year. You definitely spread the Christmas cheer to all.

Thank you to the Virginia Gazette for detailed, knowledgeable, supportive, and timely reporting on local performing arts! Reaching our audience is a critical goal for all performing arts organizations; and having extensive, timely, and detailed knowledgeable reporting on the arts is crucial. Both the extent of such reporting and its level at the Virginia Gazette are to be admired, and cannot be taken for granted even in far larger metropolitan areas. Kudos to Heather Bridges, Peggy Bellows, and John Shulson!

Kudos to the people at UPS, Quarterpath, for their help in this very busy, hectic season. They were professional, of a pleasant demeanor and deserve all the praise they get. Thank you, UPS!

Found it!

The Book Exchange is planning to reopen at a new location sometime after the new year. They have not announced yet where the new store will be, but check on their Facebook page (Book Exchange of Williamsburg) for updates. Their Facebook page also says that they'll take out ads in the Gazette and the Williamsburg Magazine when there is info about a grand re-opening.

Looking for ...

Lost on Monday, Dec. 14: Tailgate from utility trailer somewhere on Neck-o-Land or Jamestown Road. It's a black metal rectangular frame with diamond mesh insert approximately 66.5 in long and 20 in high. If you found it, call 253-8774 and leave a message. Thanks.

Looking for someone who does small woodworking projects, like fixing a birdhouse? Thanks.

I am a semi-retired, partially disabled senior citizen that's inquiring about a part-time job. If somebody has something out there that could help me to pass my days away, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. And I would greatly appreciate a responsive in the Last Word. Thank you. And the number.

Does anyone know of a photographer who will take pictures of a home for sale, to post on Internet??

Anyone finding a University of Dayton class ring, particularly in the vicinity of Nam's Cleaners off Monticello, please call 220-8583. Reward offered. Thanks.

Would the person who was looking for egg cartons for their oversupply of eggs please put their contact information in the Gazette one more time. Thank you.

Skating rink

If those who complained about the length of the skating rink, its sign and plantings would like to make a contribution to bring those shortcomings up to their desired standards, I am sure they will be accommodated. Stop the whining and be grateful for CWF and Dominion Resources having made their efforts to provide us with a delightful facility that is enjoyed by visitors and local residents.

Grand Illumination

I am surprised to see the negative comments on the Grand Illumination. This was the most artistic fireworks display I have ever seen. I understand there were some problems at the Capital, but those of us at the Courthouse saw an incredible display of fireworks art and sound. Sure, the finale didn't blast the sky with bombs. It truly was beautiful though and the oos and ahhs were inspiring from the thousands around me. It is about time CW starts to make things happen; for too long the upper management was content with keeping and insisting that things stay the same. It takes less work if you do nothing.

Philanthropy begins at home! Grucci Fireworks could have donated cash to Colonial Williamsburg but chose instead to contribute their merchandise. This generous contribution allowed CW to allocate the fireworks budget to other needs. Before criticizing the giver and the gift, complainers should dig deep to fund future events.

Climate change

There was a small ice age between 1300 and 1850 where the Earth cooled. For those of you who think global warming is man made, what made it cool? Was in industry in 1300? Prior to that, you know, they just stopped producing, steel plants? [laughs] And suddenly it cooled? In the 1850s, it was warmer than the small ice age. A lot of this had to do with the North Atlantic oscillation—that's what scientists think. The temperature of the Earth fluctuates. Not because of man.

Cable TV

I just received a notice from Cox that they are going HD, and it sounds like we have to pay $2.99 a month per TV to get this HD with Cox. Is this something that we're going to have to get, or if you don't want HD, just keep what you have? I can't believe as much as we pay Cox now and as few stations we get, that they're going to make us pay more per month. And I was wondering if anyone knew of any other kind of TV that we can get where you get some stations other than Cox, because I pay $85 a month now for the little bit that I get. Thanks.

I am totally disappointed with Cox which will be requiring us to have their mini box on all our TVs or else the TVs will be inoperable. The cost for each TV will be $2.99 a month. I have TVs that I only use when company is in town, which is not often. I will still have to pay yearly for these. Anyone have any suggestions of what switch I can make. This is ridiculous.

Before we were notified we would need a "box" to watch TV, but would now be able to have digital. We noticed our reception had gone down. The pictures weren't as clear and some channels we couldn't get at all and with a newer TV. Amazing, Cox then comes out with a box so you can get better and more reception. Just put it back to where it was and you can keep your box.

New rivalry

If William and Mary basketball is going to schedule a Division 3 team each December, why not have an annual game with CNU? This would be far more attractive for our community and both schools than playing someone like Mary Washington University or any other Division 3 school.

Power lines

Has anyone considered what the power lines themselves are going to look like? Will those big huge balls be suspended from the lines to warn aircraft? Will there be lights on top of the towers blinking at night? I think it's not just the daytime views that are at issue. How wide will the base of the towers be? What effect will they have on ships on the river? What effect will a hurricane have on the towers? Before a decision is made, all aspects need to be considered.

Christmas thoughts

Merry Christmas! Twas the weeks before December 25th and all through the outlet, local and chain stores I have heard hesitantly - have a great holiday. I'd like to suggest it's OK to celebrate each religion's holidays, be it Hanukkah or the end of Ramadan. Let's get this cultural paradigm shift started today in Williamsburg, VA, a key home of freedom. Let's be a little non-politically correct and empower everyone who wishes, to say Merry Christmas!

There are angels among us. Have you seen them? They might be standing behind you in the grocery store, post office or theatre. They can be a woman, man, or even sometimes a child. They can be black or white, rich or poor. Have you seen them? They are people sent to uplift us. Their deeds are simple. They find the lonely and make conversation; they give hugs. They find the less fortunate and give what they can. They are kind, they show compassion, they are thoughtful. Have you seen them? If not, look closer, listen better, take the time and seek them out. Making their company will be one of the best gifts you will receive this holiday season. And should you be so fortunate, so blessed as to not have the need, then join them and be an angel yourself. Merry Christmas!


Here is a plan for the Middle Eastern refugees. All males between the ages of 18 to 50 will immediately be inducted into the United States or Canadian army and sent to basic training. After basic, they will be loaded into aircraft and flown back to their home country and on arrival given their weapons and ammo and told to go reclaim their country and when they have accomplished that we will send their wives and children and any other countrymen and women back to them at no cost. They will be paid the same as our soldiers while fighting for their country and their dependents will receive the same benefits as our soldiers' dependents. If they are not willing to do this then they and their families can find another country to take them. We should not have to send our military to fight for their country if they are not willing to fight for their own.

Scam alert

There is a scam going around Williamsburg involving a person (in this case a female) who walks into a store with their phone to their ear pretending to be speaking with someone else on the other end. She loudly speaks into the phone and complains to anyone within ear shot that all she needs is $4.00 for bus fare, and that nobody will help her. There's been sightings of her in New Town and the Marquis shopping center, and it happened to me today (Saturday) in the post office. When I confronted her about this being a scam, she got very belligerent and began calling me names and invoking race (my skin color). Unfortunately, a woman who was in line with her child in a stroller at the post office fell for the scam and gave her money. While it may seem like the charitable thing to do this time of year, give your money to your place of worship or the Salvation Army. Don't be duped...


It amazes me that there would be a concern about a roundabout at News Road. In a town where people don't use turn signals and don't know how to stop at a bright red sign, this is one of the only ways to control traffic and be safe. I am all for safety and this simply makes sense.

So at the JCC board meeting, VDOT said it was cheaper to build the roundabout than a traffic light. They now say the roundabout is $2.4 million, but I know they can get a traffic light for around $300,000 so which is cheaper? Or are they basing the great savings of a roundabout on the roundabout being built using a federal grant? Oh guess federal money isn't counted as tax dollars in VDOT's mind. Well, guess what? It is still taxpayer money! VDOT should be abolished and save a lot of tax money. And yet another example of their mismanaging a project, Monticello/ News/Ironbound roads mess.

A roundabout at News and Centerville? Has VDOT lost their mind? Virginia drivers can barely cope with a stop sign, let alone something as complicated as a roundabout. That's going to become accident central in James City County.

Yes, I read an article in the Last Word for Saturday, the 19th of December, entitled "Circling Around." I just have two words to offer for that particular article: "Bah, humbug."


The NRA is the lobbyist for the firearms and ammunition industry. For the last 8 years they have convinced their members and non-member gun owners that President Obama was going to seize their guns and ammo when in fact the only law the president signed expanded gun rights by allowing people to carry guns in national parks. However, as a result of the blatant lies and fear tactics, the price of some semiautomatic weapons and almost all ammunition doubled. This made the NRA's clients billions at the expense of gun owners and hunters. Now that's what I call armed robbery.

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