Last word on road work, Oct. 21

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Road work

Why has the Monticello Avenue/News Road/Ironbound Road intersection project come to a screeching halt? It appears as though the majority of work has been completed, but there the orange barrels sit, new turn lanes are incomplete, and traffic back-ups are worse than ever.

When CSX gets around to repairing the Lightfoot road grade crossing, I hope they don't screw it up the same way they screwed up the Airport Road crossing.


A couple of people have written to the Last Word lately asking about a Warhill volleyball player who lives in the Lafayette district. What's the big deal? Her family does live in Ford's Colony, so she is zoned for Lafayette, but parents should be able to send their kids wherever they want. This is America, folks. If she likes the Warhill volleyball team more, and the coach encourages her to switch schools, then who are we to stand in the way? I hope more parents ask the WJCC Superintendent if they can shop around for the best school for their child.

Ice skating

An ice skating rink on DoG St. in front of Barnes and Noble Bookstore, blocking any traffic from going down the street. Yet, we are told, Colonial Williamsburg cannot close off the historic area so that only ticket holders can go in because it will block the "public road." The City Council has got to get its act together! I know the rink is only temporary, but it is still blocking traffic when it is OK to drive on DoG St. (during certain hours). They need to make up their minds.


To the disgruntled person over consignment shops: Nearly everyone I know shops in consignment shops and we find fantastic deals in them. There are some wonderful ones in Williamsburg. My favorites are Velvet Shoestring, Revive, Aladdin's and Robbie's Resale in Toano.

Bumper stickers

To the individual wondering about Obama stickers on a car: Like me, the driver of that car probably realizes the President was elected by a majority of Americans. Twice. He, like me, knows Obama has to deal with obstructionists, political extremists, a Supreme Court trying to take us back to a 3-mile-an hour world and a lot of hate. I look at the faded McCain/ Palin stickers, the few Romney badges still visible and wonder why I am still seeing those relics of a rejected ideology? Go figure.

First of all, I wasn't aware that I am "wearing" a bumper that is on my car. Secondly, the bumper stickers on my car are in support of President Obama--my president and yours, assuming you are a citizen of the USA. The real question is why is the Romney/Allen bumper sticker, that I saw just this AM, still rolling around town?

To the person questioning why anyone can still display an Obama bumper sticker on their car: Here's a clue. Think of the horrible state our country was in after eight years of George W. Bush as our President and you will have the answer.

My answer to the Obama person who said, "How can anyone have an Obama bumper sticker on their car?": The same way people still have a George Bush/Dick Cheney bumper sticker and an Allen bumper sticker. Thank you.

Obama supporters still have his bumper stickers on our cars because we're proud of our President, unlike the Mitt Romney supporters who still have their bumper stickers on and that's because they're sore losers.

Bad consultation

Twelve years ago I moved to Williamsburg, and I consulted a dentist about a toothache. I was advised to have my molar removed immediately. The dentist called a dental surgeon here in town and made an appointment for me to go directly there. Being unfamiliar with the area, I stopped at home to pick up a street map. During this time, the dental surgeon called my home inquiring why I had not yet arrived. My suspicious husband immediately canceled the appointment. P.S. I still have my tooth without any problems, 12 years later. Thank you. [Called twice with this message.]

Easier reach

A suggestion for the HRUBS payment box, the HRUBS payment box on Tewning Road: The drive-up payment box needs to be lowered about one foot so that you can pull in and just drop your check in to do the payment. HRUBS box should be lowered about one foot. Thank you very much.

You need ID

In every developed country in the world, you need ID to vote. You need ID to get on an airline. You need ID to go to a Hillary Clinton rally. You need ID to go to a speech that's given by the attorney general. You need ID to check into a hotel. But Donna Brazile says you don't need ID to vote.

Glow worms

It's prime hunting season for glowworms, people. Does anybody else look for the little beetle guys (or maybe it's the girls) lighting up the grass after dark? Or are they only here in Toano?


About the Stryker Center: It's like Council said, "We have lots of nice buildings. Let's build an ugly one right in the middle of town."


The pharmacy at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Settler's Landing off Monticello Ave. is wonderful! Henry, the manager, and his staff are all friendly and efficient. If I am shopping in another part of the store and Henry passes by he greets me by name!! Last week Henry asked my husband and me (senior citizens) if we'd had our flu shots yet. He advised us to ask our physician about our need for shingles and the new pneumonia shots. He always looks out for us, and we appreciate it!

To the person needing to clean up their credit score: I highly recommend They give three free programs away a day and it's very simple and it will help you keep your credit clean.

My oral surgeon told me the way most people find their dentist is to ask friends and neighbors. But neither you nor I are really good judges. Instead, ask your oral surgeon who sees everyone's work. They then told me plainly, "You need to find a new dentist." Who was recommended? Dr. Fuller and Dr. Butler.

Power lines

Get ready, Williamsburg, for rotating blackouts. They are coming. The few that are against the Skiff Creek are holding the rest of us hostage by delaying the start time of the project. James City County Board of Supervisors, please don't let the tax revenues from this project leave the county because of some out-of-the-way parcel of land that's not in the Comprehensive Plan, or doesn't agree with the Comprehensive Plan. This property cannot be seen by any place but Route 143 and the Correction Center. Thank you.

Finally, a review of the power line problem that is not driven by personal dislikes and the denial of the seriousness of the lack of power for the region for aesthetic purposes. Good for the Corp of Engineers evaluating the problem without all the unnecessary hand wringing and producing a document we can understand. Thank you.

Looking for help

If there is anyone interested in earning some extra money, I have a hedge to be trimmed. Just leave your number and your name and I'll return the call to you. You can call 757-253-8070. Thank you.

Genial new plate

The new proposed license plate for William and Mary is genial. That cypher is beautiful; it's what you think of when you see William and Mary. It gives you a feeling of the history of the College. I think whoever came up with that was a genius. Solves the problem.

Magazine off-base

After reviewing what Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine said about Ben Carson, I hope that everybody in the United States boycotts that lousy rag of a magazine. Ben Carson is an honorable man and any magazine that would say something like that doesn't deserve to be in print. Thank you.

Here's the number

My message was put in the Saturday's past Last Word list for the motorized recliner and the couch, but I forgot to put a number in. I am so sorry. If you could possibly reach me at 566-1727. Thank you very much and you all have a blessed day and may God bless you. Like I said, I'm the one that was in the Saturday's Virginia Gazette Last Word, asking for the couch and the motorized recliner. Thank you again.

Christian service

I believe the best way to tell people about the good news of Jesus Christ is to first help them with their needs. Christians are saved to serve. They waste valuable time if they preach before they serve. Jesus taught by example to serve others is the way to please God. Thank you.

Flu shots

To the person inquiring about flu shots: You can go to the drug stores and have them. My insurance says that as long as you don't go to the Minute Clinic, the shots are cheaper, but the pharmacists themselves actually give the shots. So you should try that. I know a lot of doctors also say they don't have them in yet but I got mine actually in August and I got it at CVS. OK.

Reviews, please

As a member of the local theater-going public, please let me complain that we are terribly disappointed that The Virginia Gazette has given up the theatrical reviews of local productions. These reviews helped make The Virginia Gazette a personal, local paper and made it unique. We enjoyed all reviews. Please bring them back. Editor's note: the staffer who wrote reviews left the Gazette in the spring and we have not yet found someone to take her place.

Yarn to share

I have bags of yarn and crochet thread to give away. Please call 880-4323 to arrange a drop off or pick up.

Highland Park

I'm just reading the Highland Park complaining about the gazebo and the mulch left. What if you lived in a senior apartment building and they do not have a generator in case of lights going out. There are people in here that need 24/7 oxygen. We have nothing like that when the lights go out. Emergency lights stay on for two hours and after that, it's pitch black. And I mean pitch black. But we're not enough to be included in the budget.

To the person that wrote about Highland Park and the mulch not being spread: Maybe I would suggest creating a community day to where the residents and the people in the neighboring residences come together to beautify their own community and solve problems with destruction of property, instead of relying on your local government.


If you have ever sat on the Grand Jury, you would know how valuable the police are in this town and how they get all these criminals off the street. And we should value every one of them and thank them for their service to our community. Thank you.

Young students from William and Mary beat out over 250 teams from, you know, major science colleges and various colleges. They won first place here in Williamsburg. Those kids deserve a little parade or something because they all deserve something. My daughter was in biology. She made up her mind in first grade to go in biology and she just loved it. So, I'm so proud of these kids. So proud.

Yes, I would like to my thanks to Betty Bennett, who is a member of AARP who conducted an excellent driver training course at the facility at Ford's Colony. And also thank Ford's Colony for the use of their clubhouse on two Saturdays in a row for this course. Betty Bennett was absolutely excellent in presenting all the material, and I certainly thank her for that. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in driving safely to attend these courses. They are really, really good and you will learn a lot, I promise you. Have a good day.

Just want to thank a wonderful, former waitstaff member at Honey Butters, Rachael, who always wore a smile and had a beautiful laugh. She's gone on to foster a bright career in elder care and she will be sorely missed.

Thank you to the very kind folks at Cakealicious for helping me out! I was working on some cookies for a special event and needed a very hard to find tint for my frosting. Of course it was the "11th hour" and I had exhausted what I thought was every possibility. I walked into Cakealicious and explained my problem and the next thing I knew the cake artist who I think is the owner went to the back and put together the custom color I needed. Thank you, Cakealicious. I sing your praises!

This past Saturday I went to a garage sale on Longview Landing. There were two avid readers holding the sale. Beside the fact that they have fantastic taste in authors, they are very generous. I have a little library at my house. My dad mentioned it and they donated many books. Ladies, thank you for sharing great books to read with others.

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