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Halloween cheers in the Last Word, Nov. 4

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Power lines

I concur with the writer that mentioned in recently that Dominion Power should have converted the Yorktown Power Plant from coal to gas. It would be the safest and most secure solution. Further, it would likely best address the long term power requirements of the Peninsula. I do not know all the facts as to why this solution was not discussed more, especially since the power line debate surfaced. If a conversion to gas is not feasible for the Yorktown plant, then construct the lines across the James to support the needs of the Peninsula.

Colonial Williamsburg

As a 45-year resident of Williamsburg, let me be the first to congratulate Colonial Williamsburg on a job well done with Blackbeard's Revenge. Many in the community are skeptical of drastic changes in programming at CW, but they executed this one perfectly. As Williamsburg residents, we all have to keep in mind that our city would not be here were it not for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Our city grew up with the restoration of the historic area. In recent years, it's been a difficult balancing act maintaining historical accuracy while appealing to the expectations of modern visitors. This event is a shining example of being able to strike that balance. It was spooky, it was historically accurate, and it was obvious that employees were having a great time. Kudos to everyone at Colonial Williamsburg for this amazing event. Keep them coming.

With mascot dogs on DOG Street, ice skating rinks near Merchants Square, artificially lighted buildings at night and installation of Halloween where it was never practiced before, the degradation of Colonial Williamsburg is almost complete. Have we sold our souls for a mess of porridge?

KUDOS to Colonial Williamsburg for their Halloween weekend. It was great to see the streets crowded during the evening. Adults & children laughing & enjoying the sites and sounds and spending time together in a safe environment. To all employees & volunteers involved in the decorating & the "Spirit" of the evening: You guys did a great job with your ideas, setting-up & for the genuine feeling of enjoying your night as well as enjoying your guests. So glad it was a success! We even saw CW's President decked-out as Dracula. We give him high marks for his costume & for being involved in what he oversees!


In reference to the Oct. 24comment about the Colonial Williamsburg restrooms: I totally agree with deplorable condition of the ladies' restrooms in the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg. The worst one is on Henry Street. The locks on the doors don't work, automatic faucets don't work and the worst is the smell. Terrible.

First love

For those who do not believe in love at first sight: Speak to a mother who's just had her first born and see how she feels about it. Have a blessed day.


You can tell by the news reporting on all this presidential election which TV channels are Democrats and which one are Republicans. Or, is it just that journalists are giving their opinions instead of the straight facts?

Power lines

Dominion Power has been complaining, I think, on how hard it would be to run the wires under the James. Yet what happened in 1787? The colonists, who produced 14% of the world's iron, forged the great chain to prevent a Royal Navy invasion. The chain consisted of 750 links, each 2 feet long and weighing more than 100 pounds. Soldiers stretched the iron barrier, supported by log rafts, across the river at West Point. They removed it in the winter to keep it from being broken up by river ice and replaced it in the spring throughout the entire war. You'd think Dominion could figure to do something quite simple compared to that, at a reasonable price by getting bids. Perhaps they need to call Donald Trump and see if he can't get it done.

Tony Blair

Recently on CNN former British Prime Minister Tony Blair confessed what intelligent people have known for a long time. Blair confessed that the world leaders who were involved in the invasion of Iraq are responsible for the rise of ISIS.


With all the talk about "porchers," people who steal packages off your porch or front steps, it would help so much if the delivery people would knock or ring the doorbell so the people know there is a something out there. Our FedEx, USPS, UPS never ring or knock and I feel they should, knowing the holidays are coming up and the porchers will be out in full force.

Looking for ...

What happened to the college radio station? Are they going to be back on the air this semester? I miss their jazz programming.

Could someone tell me the name of the beauty salon where Tina and Whitney work? Thanks. Please call 325-5169.

Did you know a piece of information I'd like to know or where can I find out. I heard about the Kiwanis Club in Williamsburg live lobster sale, and I'd like to know where I can find more information on that and whether it's happening again this year. Thank you.

Free to a quilter to finish: A blue cross stitch double side quilt ready for quilting. 757-898-8682.

Traffic woes

I was in a white SUV and almost hit as well turning left off Airport Road onto Mooretown Road on a Monday morning at 6:30 am. The light was green and I had the green turn signal. A truck was turning right off Airport Road and didn't yield. I blew my horn to wake you up as I was forced into the oncoming lane. Please yield when turning right from Airport Road onto Mooretown. We have the right of way when the light is green and we have the green turn signal!

VDOT needs to paint yellow stripes on the asphalt on either side of the Airport Road grade crossing to warn people about what a dangerous bump it is.


To the Oct. 14 caller who wanted to know why the President of the United States hasn't honored the three men who stopped the terrorist on the train in France: It's very simple. He only watches Fox noise so he doesn't know what really is going on in the world.

Beer sausage

Reference to the question about beer sausage: Originally called bierwurst, it is a lunchmeat type sausage with a strong garlic flavor. Available at Chicago butchers. Unfortunately, Williamsburg is lacking in ethnic food suppliers.

Too many unicycles

My wife and I like to hike the trails at Freedom Park. We walk the opposite way that the bikes ride so they have never been a problem because we can hear them coming and they pass quickly. The first time we saw a unicyclist on a trail, we were really impressed and it was neat to see something new and novel. However, now that there are swarms of them in the park, it is really becoming a problem. They are so much slower than bikes that it takes a pack of 30-40 of them forever to pass us. My wife calls them the Hell's Angel's of Freedom Park. Perhaps the park could build some special trails for them.

Spirit week

Lafayette also has a Spirit Week. It is a wonderful week for the students and teachers. However, I do believe it is educational. There are many ways to learn. This in the corporate world would have been called team building. Funny, Lafayette had a fire drill as well? I support Spirit Week.

Do not call

To the person who wants to have their name removed from the Republican Party's contact, mailing and phone list: Virginia does not register voters by party. If you otherwise succeed, please let me know how you did it so I can have my name removed from the Democratic Party's list.

School buses

There is no shortages of buses in the WJCC school division but rather a gross misuse of the ones put into operation. Parents have selfishly signed their children up for daily pick-up in the event "something" comes up and they cannot drive them to school. The reality is that the majority of students are being dropped off and picked up for school. This is occurring at every school level; elementary through high school. As a result, far too many school buses are operating with fewer than the optimal number of students on board. Apparently, riding the school bus is looked down upon by this generation of entitled children with the full support of parents who have nothing better to do in the mornings and afternoons.

African-American president

Many consider Mr. Obama the first African-American president, but wasn't his mother white? Ben Carson, if elected president, would become the first true African-American president. I ask all African-American voters to rally behind the future president, Ben Carson.

President Bush

I guess you can call my Last Word "President Bush." Former President Bush's name keeps popping up during this campaign. People like to trash him. People forget that when the terrorists brought war to the United States continent, he took it back to the Middle East and let it stay there. When Katrina went bad, President Bush took responsibility even though a Democratic mayor and a Democratic governor said "No" to help before Katrina hit. If the levies had held up, New Orleans would have been spared. I guess President Bush is responsible for the levies failing as well. One day, history will give him the credit he deserves.

On-time crossings

Yeah, why is it that the Jamestown/Surry ferry can't run on time any more? I've been doing this for 35, 36 years. I can remember when it always ran on time. Now, it just moseys around and we're always late! Get your act together. Thank you.


If you're purchasing a new telephone, talk to Sam Euer at the Verizon store. He's helpful, courteous and efficient, plus he knows what he's doing and he helps you in every way he can.

Kudos to the EEE Resource Center for the friendliest customer service and for doing a fantastic job on my large item laundry, we now have the cleanest dog bed and floor mats in town!

Baseball cards

Hi, I saw the letter about somebody inquiring about getting vintage baseball cards looked at for value. I recommend Williamsburg Stamp & Coin, Mr. DeWolf on Penniman Road. He's always been fair with me and he's very knowledgeable about such things. Thank you.


Yes, I was very concerned about the caller under the heading of "Guns" in this week's Last Word. Just to quote, "To gun owners feel they must carry a gun as an extension of their manhood." I don't carry a gun as an extension of my manhood, nor [does] my wife. We carry it for protection and protection only. Thank you.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. But people with guns kill a lot more people, quicker, and much more efficiently, than people without guns. Wouldn't it be a good thing if we got rid of the guns and saved some lives?

I can't remember the last time I turned on the evening news and didn't hear about a shooting that had taken place that day on the Peninsula and I have noticed a greater number of civilians who are now openly carrying firearms. To those who find this offensive, I suggest the following: Do not fear people carrying firearms in the open unless they are also wearing hoodies or ski masks. If you find yourself in a situation where a hood-wearing person brandishes a firearm, look for the closest person you thought you should fear and get near them. They will be the ones protecting you.

To Guns: I'm glad you are so interested in my manhood, but I wear a gun for protection. If you would pull your head out of the sand, or watch the news, you would know it's not a safe place out there. I hope all I ever do is wear it. The 2nd Amendment doesn't say it ends at my property line. It says I have the right to bear arms, period! So before you state the wrong things, study up!

Call blocker

To the person with Verizon Wireless service who wants to lock a caller, the following works on my Samsung Galaxy phone: 1. Press the telephone icon. 2. Press "Recent." 3. Press on the number you want to block. 4. Press the menu key (the one to the left of the home button). 5. In the menu that appears, press on "Add to Auto reject list."


Since Social Security cost of living adjustments were started in 1975, there have been only three years when no increase in benefits has taken place. Guess when? 2010, 2011 and 2016, all during the Obama Administration, the same President that makes claim of being the savior of the middle class. In the end, only his political cronies and his rich contributors are being helped by his policies, continuous zero growth and zero interest rates.

Stryker building

We have lived here in town for over 20 years, and I have learned a lot by reading The Gazette and the Last Word. Here is something to ponder. Why is it that folks owning property at least two miles from the historic area are subject to approvals from "the powers that be" regarding the color selection of their roof, house or front door? When right in the heart of town, approval must have been given by someone in authority to construct such an eyesore, ugly and totally out of colonial character building such as the Stryker Building. What a joke! Please inform concerned citizens that some kind of action will be taken to put some "perfume on the pig" to make it less offensive.

Road savings

Since most of the local drivers have no concept of what traffic signs mean, VDOT could save an awful lot of money by simply taking down all of the yield, stop and speed limit signs on the highways and byways of Williamsburg, James City and York counties.

Pickled eggs

I am 76 and here is my father's pickled egg recipe that I still use today: 1 dozen eggs boiled and peeled; 2 cups distilled white vinegar; ½ of a 4 ounce jar of sweet cherry peppers (optional); 3 cloves of garlic cut in half; 2 bay leaves; 1 tsp chopped chives; ½ tsp crushed red peppers; ½ tsp whole peppercorns; ½ tsp allspice (optional); 1/2 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp mustard seed; ¼ tsp turmeric (optional -- it will turn the eggs yellow). Mix all ingredients in a large glass jar with a lid. Place the eggs in the jar, add the cover. Refrigerate for at least a week. Enjoy.

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