Feb.17: Last Word on CW's Super Bowl ad

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Readers say CW Super Bowl ad alienated more people than it won over.

Reply to a vet

In regards to the comments from the Vietnam vet on President Obama: No. 1, thank you for your service in Vietnam. No. 2, my husband also served in Vietnam, was a squad leader, and he had two black men who were under him who were excellent citizens of the United States and excellent men. No.3, we don't like President Obama's policies because they're terrible, not because he's black.

Cable service

I can't believe everyone is so concerned about a $2.99 increase by Cox. We live in the Outer Banks, and Charter has required $7.99 per box per month with no free year. So, consider yourself in Williamsburg lucky.

No handouts

I worked always 12 hours a day, sometimes 16 hours a day, to make enough money to pay for my own college education and send both kids through college, to have a nice retirement. Why is it that people today expect to have everything for free?

Listen to the majority

I'm just reading the Health Panel endorses the transgender bathroom bill that would require school systems and state agencies to adopt bathroom policies meant to keep transgender people from using the bathroom of the gender they identify with. And it says these policies wouldn't affect unisex bathrooms. I personally feel if the majority of people are uncomfortable having transgender people in the bathroom with them when they go to the bathroom, that the unisex bathrooms would take care of their problem and the majority's problem. We need to stop looking at all the minorities, like they should have the last word, and start recognizing the majority has a say in this, too. Thank you very much.

Looking for ...

Hi, I was wondering if anybody out there had a regular recliner chair or a motorized recliner chair. I'm unable to sit on my furniture and enjoy at the moment, because I'm in a motorized chair. I don't have a hospital bed. And I need a recliner so I can sit in it sometimes. So if there's anybody out there that might have one, give me a call at 566-1727. Thank you and have a blessed day. Bye.

Looking for an adult tricycle. If you have one you'd like to get rid of, please call me at 757-784-3430. Thank you.

I found a bicycle tire maintenance/repair kit in the Jamestown Settlement area. Please email to describe and claim at 19pm58@gmail.com.

Money was found near Barnes & Noble in New Town. If the person who lost it can name the date and denomination, we would like to return it to you. Contact me at ronbouno@cox.net.

Commuter bill of rights

I would like to commend what is said about the commuter bill of rights in a letter to the Gazette.. I have also been stuck on the interstate close to an exit and was kept prisoner there for three hours. When they finally allowed us to exit, the interstate emptied quickly and efficiently. I believe that once the emergency is taken — people are there to take care of it — the other troopers should be instructed to clear the interstate, using the exits, as soon as possible. Thank you.

CW Super Bowl ad

I just saw on TV where a 30-second ad in the Super Bowl tonight cost five million dollars. I would like to know if that is what Colonial Williamsburg paid for their ad.

Does anyone know how much the ad on the Super Bowl for CW will cost and where the funds are coming from? Thank you.

Colonial Williamsburg's motto is "That the future may learn from the past." For that to occur, must be open to feedback and able to acknowledge mistakes. If the recent official response to the outcry regarding the CW super bowl ad is any indication, the current CW PR/Communications staff has woefully failed that standard. The PR staff and their Texas ad agency should have anticipated the negative response to using the Twin Towers footage to promote historic tourism. But they did not. They only made matters worse by arguing and defending one-on-one with people tweeting their disappointment into the night. And if that wasn't offensive enough, the Foundation then released a statement that only continued to defend and argue as well as minimize the views of their critics. Clearly this was a huge misstep as the whole world is now talking about it in terms of "worst ad," "loser of the night" and describing the multitude of people offended by it. Significant damage has been done internationally to the CW brand and appeal. The time has come for CW leadership to apologize to those hurt, to admit that it was a mistake though that that was never the intent and to use this time to be conciliatory and learn from their mistakes.

CW's Super Bowl ad was not shown here but, as I read, it was in DC, Philadelphia, and New York. It was not well done. Tom Brokaw begins with, "We the People," voicing over raising the flag on Iwo Jima running in reverse, a shuttle lift-off in reverse, and all subsequent videos clips running backward. It all looked very odd. It ends with, "It started here!" They fortunately did not show it in Boston who would take great exception to that claim. The same for Philadelphia. "We the people" are the first words of the Constitution, which Williamsburg had little to do with. We can claim some role in declaring our independence, but so can many others. In presenting history to the public, the choices are tell the truth or sell the myth. It is very unlikely the spot will bring visitors to CW.

Fife and Drums versus big game commercial: The Super Bowl commercial was absolutely confusing to my wife and me. If there is a "face" to CW, it is the Fife and Drum corps. They are the pied pipers: where they go the people follow. We already noticed the cut-back in performances. It seems like the money spent on the Super Bowl commercial might have been better spent sending the Fife and Drum corps on more outings. I am bringing friends, who have not been to Williamsburg in years, to see drummers' call. Now I am concerned what that will look like with Lance being gone. Question: What happened to the musket range? Is still going to open? We are still pulling for CW to turn-around.

Electronic sign

If anyone has any information on the start-up time or information about the electronic sign at the beginning of 199 in the Lightfoot area — it was built probably over a year ago, and I've never, ever seen it lit up. I'm sure it cost thousands of dollars and it's just sitting there. From a concerned taxpayer.

Red-hot basketball

The hottest show in town has to be William and Mary's men's basketball. This talented team brought down the house at the recent Tribe Gold Rush Game before more than 6,000 frenzied fans during Charter Weekend, walloping Delaware by 26 points. They are great to watch, play breathless team basketball, and have some truly talented players. Watching the students support the team is something else not seen in decades. Williamsburg can be drab in the winter, but watching Tarpey, Prewitt, Dixon, Cohn, Sheldon, et al has made our group's winter a blast. Congrats to Coach Shaver and his staff for putting together this unique band of student-athletes.

New tax on oil

President Obama has proposed a $10 per barrel oil tax. At the current market price of $30 a barrel, that is a 33% tax. Are you willing to pay 33% more at the pump? If he proposed a similar increase in the federal gas tax, it would never pass. You can bet that the proposed tax would never go away either. Our elected officials need to budget and spend tax dollars responsibly within the country's means. This goes for all political parties at all levels: local, state and federal.

Re: Blaming the president

In response to "Blaming the president," first I'd like to mention that the second amendment was intended to allow citizens the right to protect ourselves and families as a personal choice, not an obligation; it's called "freedom." Weapons are dangerous and should be used responsibly if we choose to do so. Secondly, the president, no matter who is the president, must carry the blame for decisions regarding issues of national concern because he is our Commander In Chief. This president, however, has ignored Congress when passing Obamacare (which incidentally is unaffordable for the middle class and employers; if it were so good, why is Congress exempt from it? Why are we penalized if we choose not to accept it?) He has used his executive order to release five terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay (justice?) Why won't he use his power to secure our borders? Bring jobs back to the U.S? Why did the military get sequestered? Our nation has become weaker under this president.

Kiwanis Park tennis

I wonder who pays the electric bill for the tennis courts? At 33 degrees and 9:30 at night, they are on. This goes on the year around, regardless of the weather.

Varying gas prices

Gas prices in the area range from $1.85 (Lightfoot/60) to $1.51 (Bypass). The Lightfoot stations are consistently $.20 to $.30 higher than other stations throughout the local area. It's time to send a message to the owners with our dollars.


For those who haven't already heard, Honey Butter's has added a second location. It's next to the Amish Furniture Store on Richmond Road and it serves the same great food as the one in the Monticello Mall. They open at 8 in the morning so we now have another great choice for breakfast. Fresh grilled catfish, eggs and garlic potatoes. Mmm.

Skating rink

My husband and I went for a walk along Duke of Gloucester Street over the weekend as we enjoy the restored area throughout the year. We had planned to have dinner at one of the fine dining establishments at Merchants Square because, as locals, we feel it is important to patronize these businesses during the off season. As we began our walk, we were immediately assaulted by the sounds of Madonna blaring from the ice skating rink. We might as well as been walking through CityWalk at Orlando's Universal Studios. We quickly ended our walk and took our dinner business elsewhere. While I do not have a problem with the skating rink itself, its placement in the heart of the restored area of Colonial Williamsburg is completely inappropriate. If the City of Williamsburg chooses to continue the ice skating rink in future years, I suggest it be placed on one of the empty parcels of land around High Street, which boasts an urban feel and ample free parking. I urge CW not to repeat this lapse in judgment in the future.

School spending

Tell Dr. Constantino to figure out how to run the schools with the budget he has been given. Isn't that why we pay him the six figure salary?

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