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Last Word for Jan 6 - A final Christmas wish

The Virginia Gazette

Gas prices

To the person who thanked the President for cheap gas: You are mistaken. The increase in US supply is primarily due to fracking which the President is not in favor of. In addition, the Saudi government has decided not to cut back on production in an effort to hurt fracking in the U.S.

I'm sure if you try hard you might be able to find something to thank the President for, perhaps trading a traitor for five terrorists.

Christmas wish

What I'd like for Christmas next year is to be able to turn on the news Christmas night and not learn that someone has killed or injured another person because of anger or carelessness. Just one day. Is that possible?

Surprising read

On Saturday, I picked up a book that I was given as a present, called "Sold Out," by M. Malkin and J. Miano. Pretty shocking! It reveals the worst perpetrators that are ruining it for American high skilled workers and why they're doing it and what can be done to stop them. It focuses on government corruption and journalistic malpractice that enables it and exposes the lie that those who pretend to champion the middle class are supporting massive layoffs in favor of cheap foreign labor. It's about 452 pages. Excellent book. Shocking.

Christmas surprises

What a surprise it was, when opening up the Christmas cards, I found one addressed to my 97-year-old mother . At first I thought it was just some kind of advertisement . But once I opened it, I found out it was real, and was from the White House with the President and First Lady signing it. Mother said she never received a Christmas card from the president before. I never knew of presidents sending out Christmas cards to elderly people before. Some people may not like him as our president, but he was elected to be president by a majority of the people. I feel it was very nice of him to send Christmas cards out to elderly people. Does anyone remember anyone getting a Christmas card from any president?

Observed walking up and down Duke of Gloucester Street in high colonial dress: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation President and CEO Mitchell Reiss with wife Elisabeth, thanking employees for working on Christmas Day.

Looking for ...

My Nikon camera was lost at Steinmart on Dec. 28. Priceless family photos are on it. For a generous cash reward, call 703-434-9587.

I am trying to find a large color print of the Wren Building at William and Mary. I believe C.W. has one about 30 inches wide, but am looking for a larger one. Please call 229-2590 or leave your answer in Last Word. Thank you.

Come and get it

Have available printer/copier/fax machine in perfect working order. Must pick up. Call 757-258- 2701 during working hours.

Honor rolls

Why aren't we in the Guinness Book of Records? We have a confluence of Mensa-quality students right here in Williamsburg and the main-stream media seems to have missed it. Three full pages of honor students and not a single mention of it. I am more concerned with those who didn't make it on the list and how they'll be treated and perceived. Perhaps paper bags to wear over their heads in public will lessen the stigma these poor students will have to endure.


Reference the item on the gun related deaths on the I-64 corridor, guns are not the issue. It's the progressive led breakdown of families and loss of values that produced a generation of angry young men. Whether they have a gun or not, they will find a way to kill someone they have a beef with. But it's not PC to take about the basic issue is it?

The caller who suggested that after the incident in Las Vegas that Democrats will call for the banning of cars made a terribly stupid comment. First, the sole purpose of a gun is to kill and the vast majority of gun deaths are intentional, unlike a car which is designed as a means of transportation where a microscopic number of deaths are intentional. Second, the use of an automobile is regulated by the state through an examination process which tests the potential operator on the law and real world skills; anyone with cash in hand can go to a gun show and buy and use a gun without any training or government approval. Third and most importantly, in order to operate a car one must maintain a state mandated amount of liability and personal injury insurance.

I'll back off from my objections to unfettered gun ownership once the state mandates examinations of the knowledge of the laws and proof of the skills to use a gun safely, and more importantly that the person carrying the gun also has an insurance policy with state-set minimums as you must have to legally operate a car.

To the person demanding that government do something about all the gun deaths along the I-64 corridor, may I suggest they first do something about all the criminals living there. If you were to eliminate all the guns, which of course would be impossible as they were obtained illegally, the criminals would just switch to knives and other deadly weapons. Once you attack the root cause of a problem, the criminal element, then you can begin to correct it.

While I do not choose to carry a gun either concealed or open, I find it difficult to accept our Attorney General's ruling revoking the reciprocity of concealed carry permit holders from 25 states. It would be interesting to know how many concealed carry permit holders from these 25 states have committed crimes in Virginia in the last 10 years. I suspect the number is low. What this ruling effectively does is prohibit lawful Virginia CCP holders from protecting themselves in the 25 reciprocating states; that seems unfair. While I have reached an age where I am careful about where I go, I will tell you that recent trips to Baltimore and Philadelphia made me apprehensive about my safety.

Cable TV

How come Cox is charging Virginia customers $2.99 per month for each required mini box when the customers in Florida, Connecticut, Kansas, etc., only have to pay $1.99?

Not so neighborly

My wife and I retired 30 years ago to a small neighborhood in a gated community. She died this past year. I did not receive one condolence note. No one came to help when she was dying of cancer. Now it is my turn. Soon I will be with her again. Can you imagine living in a community around people who couldn't care if you lived or died? A neighbor said to me, "We aren't friendly with anyone here and that is how we like it." My wife's last wish was, "Don't bury me in Southern soil." Happy New Year!

Thank you

Last Sunday evening my friend and I had an early dinner at Panera Bread. When we left, we went to start the car. It did not start. Two young men, teenagers, came out. We had spoken to them in the restaurant a couple of times. They came out and asked what was wrong and could they help us. And of course we said yes. They were wonderful. They worked on the car, puttered around a little bit, could not figure out anything other than the battery. They called a friend. The friend came to our aid with the battery. The three of them recharged the car and everything was wonderful. You could not ask for nicer young men, and I wish I knew their names so we could thank them in person again. But truly, teenagers can be wonderful, and those two fellows were. Thank you.

Our sincere thanks to all of the staff at the Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital and Doctor Robb Murphie Jr. for his great care of our dog Jack. You all are the best. Again, many thanks

Kudos to the U.S. Postal Service. I dumped several packages on them destined for locations in California, and they arrived two days before Christmas. Thank you for making up for my procrastination.


I just want to tell everyone about Emily's donuts. They are the best in town. They have a wide variety of donuts. From cake to yeast a lot of different flavors and different icing. Not just one type dressed up in different frosting. They are always fresh. The staff is always friendly. I think they should win the best donuts in Williamsburg!

Thank you to the folks at Winfree's Firearms, especially Susan, for making our Christmas with their fine and friendly service.

Our garage door needed replacing badly and we contacted ATW Door Systems. They came out to take a look, made some suggestions we hadn't thought of—which they clearly explained the reasoning for—and gave us a couple of options. We chose the one we were comfortable with and they were spot-on as to how long it would be from them placing the order to installation. When they came to install it, we were totally impressed with their teamwork, professionalism and attention to detail in making sure the door fit the way they wanted and explaining everything so we understood what they did. We are totally happy and recommend them to everyone.

Having three visits to the Emergency Room at Sentara Williamsburg Hospital over the Holidays was the best experience possible. A very caring and professional staff did everything possible to resolve the problem while still making me comfortable. Also the 3rd Floor Cardiovascular Ward South was equally superb in their treatment. Thank heaven we have such a wonderful hospital in our area.

Playing dogs

It has been several weeks since we have seen the service K-9's having a play date across the street from us. We have enjoyed watching these two dogs who would meet up, stand at attention and then after being given the proper command, break into frolicking. These dogs were not hurting anyone and were absolutely the best behaved "children" on the playground. They were never allowed off of the leash if anyone else was present and did not relieve themselves on the site. I saw a deputy speaking with the owners the last time they were there, so I imagine someone complained. How petty are you that the joy of these animals bothered you! I hope the owners find another place for these two fine animals to meet and play. They are sorely missed!


While VDOT is condemning property to build a traffic circle at News and Centerville roads, James City County should purchase a plot large enough to build the fire station which will be needed to clean up all of the car crashes which will occur there.

Learning Islam

The Dec. 26th Last Word entitled "Islam" was ambiguous as to their position of Islam, as a major religion. Certainly, reading the Holy Books of Islam would be a first step toward understanding and debate. But more importantly, the positions of the Islamic international community in unequivocally condemning the actions of ISIS should speak to the West that ISIS is an aberration of Islam. The danger we face as a nation and the international community at large, is painting the religion of Islam with the brush strokes of hate. We only need to look at our political atmosphere of xenophobia to see the dark abyss [into] which we are currently falling.

Too much Christmas?

I respect dearly the need and the right of workers to have time off to celebrate holidays and have a respite from drudgery. However, both of Williamsburg's Food Lion groceries were closed at 3:00 p.m. Christmas Day and there are no other grocery stores in Williamsburg. The problem with that is that they carry critical items such as baby formula and legal drugs and other important inventory. I urge managers to get permission from the owners to swap years and always keep one open. Transportation is difficult for some people to visit even one store. Some low income people have to pay to take the cab. I think by 3:00 in the afternoon, people have had right much Christmas.


Really. Racially-tinged rabble-rousing against Melissa Harris-Perry? Really?

Does the person who wrote urging William and Mary to disallow a scheduled speaker because of her views realize that some of us criticize colleges and other venues for actually bowing to pressure or belief and canceling scheduled speakers? The letter is a textbook example of the growing abridgment of free speech many are worried about.

Voting options

Thanks for response to Rist "Counting the Votes," but my point was--votes should count for something worthwhile, other than what the big boys/girls in each party decree. I have the right to vote and as important, the privilege to choose--without consequence! As do we all. If someone believes that Trump and Clinton are not insulting loud mouths or inveterate liars, so be it. But--if one has to hold their nose as they vote, we/they are given the option of writing someone in, or not voting. To me that's an easy choice--that is, to continue my 15 times string of voting since Honest Ike!

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