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Cheers, time change and donations in the Last Word, Nov. 7

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You can make contributions to the Viky Pedigo Endowment Fund at the Williamsburg Regional Library: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/wrlf

Moving trees

The person who indicated that trees were removed along the shore of the condo neighborhood in Kingsmill is incorrect. The tree removal was done on River's Edge, the townhouse community overlooking the river. The River's Edge HOA paid for the removal that was approved by KCSA and the James City County Environmental Dept. No tax dollars were used for this project as was misstated in last week's Last Word.

In response to the author requesting an explanation directly from a named person regarding how KCSA got a permit to remove trees behind some condos: I do not think the author has their facts totally in order. Taxpayer's money goes to Dominion as well as KCSA. Conjectures of this sort, "calling out" a hard working individual whose sole purpose is to preserve the historic waterway with no personal gain, does not stick to the issues regarding the power lines. Pristine vistas are important to all who enjoy the River but the real issue is the potential loss forever of a historic area. So, what is it? Trees, towers or domes? Check out the trees, towers and domes on the other side of the James River.

Time change

Try explaining daylight savings time to your dog who is functioning on "old" time. No savings or extra sleep here on the turnover date. She was up at her "old" time which wasn't even remotely close to the "new" time. Any hints on how to acclimate your pet to the new schedule?


Welcome back to Jerry at Jerry's Barbershop at 4391 Ironbound Road, Unit F, in Williamsburg, who recently had extensive heart surgery. Call him at 804-480-0684. Glad that all went well and that you are back.

If you are an opera lover and missed Williamsburg Opera's "Don Giovanni" the 30th and 31st at the Kimball Theatre, you missed a treat. Their productions are built around superb singers, staging and a remarkable orchestra. Past performances included "Il Trovatore" and "Cosi fan Tutti." Next April they will present "La Cenerentola," and in October, "The Barber of Seville." We are fortunate to have this little jewel added to reception from three radio stations broadcasting classical music 24/7.

Dan Cristol's bird articles in the Gazette are just wonderful! Our family enjoys them so much we read them aloud at the breakfast table. We always learn something interesting, like the fact that birds generally don't sleep in their nests (who knew?!) or the best ways to set up a bird feeder. Thank you, Dr. Cristol, for a great column!

Thank to Fred Siegel for his "Retired in Williamsburg" cartoon. A recent one hit the nail on the head. We definitely should be concerned about college students voting for local candidates and issues and then graduating and leaving town.

Looking for ...

Anyone know of a professional Christmas lighting company that provides lights and hangs them on houses and shrubbery? Please call 804-829-5798.

Does anyone have information on when and where the "Book Exchange " (formerly located on Jamestown Road), will reopen?

We have heard that there is a model train club in the area. Would someone please supply contact info to the Last Word? We have a variety of model trains, tracks and accessories that we would like to have evaluated to sell. If someone would please supply a name, phone number and/or email address, this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Looking for a very reliable mechanic that specializes on Toyotas. Please respond in the Last Word. Thank you.

I have a Sansui 5000A stereo receiver that is showing its age and needs some tweaking. If you can do it, please email me at foxfour71@gmail.com

I am responding to someone who offered to give away a grill. I am very interested in the grill. Please leave your phone number in the Last Word so that I can contact you. Thank you very much.

Is there a group or an individual who would need help preparing and serving a Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate? I am looking to help in any way a group or individual who would be preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for our soldiers or the less fortunate. Thank you.

I am responding to the person who said they had vintage baseball cards they wanted information on. My number is 804-833-3087. I will help in any way you wish.

I am a 62-year-old disabled female. Due to a thyroid disease, I lost all my teeth. Looking for help on where I can get dentures on a payment plan or a charity or group that could help me. Please call (757)345-6823. Thank you.

Women's club

The Woman's Club of Williamsburg was very happy to welcome 16 prospective members to the Club's first Evening Division meeting in October. The non-profit Woman's Club of Williamsburg is a group of women with a common interest in community welfare and philanthropic projects, and we'd love to have you join us! All interested Williamsburg-area women are invited to the Club's next meetings on November 18 at 11:30 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. For more information, contact Membership Chair Joyce Darnton at info@womansclubofwilliamsburg.org or visit http://womansclubofwilliamsburg.org/ .


Our family received the best of care and professionalism recently from Bucktrout Funeral Home. Top-notch people.

If you need an MRI at Sentara Geddy Outpatient Center, just be aware that the wait is over two weeks!? Service was great when I finally got in, but they need a second machine.

Jake and Deacon Smith came by my house and cleaned up my leaves and did a very good job. Their number is 757-707-6176. They cleaned up my yard and made it look like it was brand new, it's beautiful. Thank you.

Free items

Greenhouse, 20ft by 10ft. free to anyone who cares to dismantle and take away. Please call (757) 565-4855.

Free to anyone: A stack of clean egg cartons and many, many round oatmeal cartons with lids. My number is 345-0775.

Ben Carson

In praise of Ben Carson: I applaud his effort to gather his fellow candidates to seek to create a fair and better debate system. What a shame the RNC did not take on this role months ago! With the number of declared candidates a fair system needed to be put in place then, though it may not be too late it steps are taken now.

Video games

There are a number of things that could have been done to greatly reduce the mass shooting incidents over these last years. The one thing that hasn't been given much attention is the influence of the wild shootings with military weapons seen on screen in digital games, etc. Many young people watch these crazy, violent scenes on a regular basis. If someone, who watches these things, happens to have a mental problem, is he or she more apt to take up one of the AR type weapons and kill? Of course, if we had banned these automatic, rapid fire weapons years ago maybe that would have helped. The bottom line is that really there is very little we can now do to change the situation. Unfortunately, it's too late.

Not fashionable

An upscale ladies fashion store is slowly losing all dignity -- sales representatives wearing shorter than mini skirts and rabbit ears. We have come to expect so much more of this establishment. Please bring back the dress code required so many years.

Phone scam

Friday afternoon I received two phone calls telling me the IRS was going to sue me. The phone of origin was 360-851-1347. The IRS phone line is backed up with calls, making reporting the scam almost impossible. Readers, beware and be warned.

Beware of scams. I got a call twice in one day, telling me it was Internal Revenue Service and they had a lawsuit against me and were going to put me in prison and take my money away from me, my home, my license and everything. So elderly people, please be aware of this scam.

Road construction

Not sure if it is true in Virginia, but many road construction jobs have no required completion dates. Some do, with "Liquidate Damages," in effect, a penalty for time overruns. Many state DOTs think they save money on construction contracts with no time limits; assuming contractors will use state jobs as fill ins, when they get more lucrative jobs. Consumer inconvenience is not an issue with some insensitive state agencies. Want change? Tell your delegates you think long term inconvenience is UNSAT.

I've been in construction all my life. I have never seen anything like what's going on in News Road and Monticello. That's a disgrace! This past week was the first time I saw anyone work on it. It was a couple of people working on it, but they only worked on it one day. What is going on? If we can have money spread like that around the town. It's a disgrace. Thank you.

Power lines

Electric power towers. Well, after hearing the debate about the towers, it boils down to one of two positions. Protect the regional economy or protect the view of the James. The economy must be the primary consideration — that affects everybody. The view of the river impacts a lot less residents. Look up river toward Jamestown and Governor's Land, if the view is more important than the jobs and the impact on all the rest of us. Thank you.

Stryker building

The Stryker Building makes the James City County Courthouse look like an architectural masterpiece. Congratulations.


In response to the southern drivers, I would say, don't assume that because you see Virginia license plates that they're southern drivers. There are thousands upon thousands of northerners here in Virginia, driving with Virginia tags. Not only that, but as the one who complains about southern drivers, if you really don't like southern drivers, that road that brought you south can lead you back up North, last time I looked. Have a nice day.

As responsible safe drivers, we should take a stand with our representatives in the state house demanding that a serious effort be made to change vehicular law regarding tailgating. I propose that an accident caused by this practice should result in the tailgater being charged with vehicular assault. A criminal charge that should carry a hefty penalty. There is no reason for "accidents" like this. If I walk along behind someone with a sledgehammer behind their head and they stop, is this not a crime? The people who practice tailgating forget they are piloting a 3,000 pound missile aimed at my back, when I slow down they get closer. Please write to those who can outlaw this needless and dangerous practice!

No contact

To the person having problems with the Republican Party's contact through mail and phone: I had the same problem and did three things. First, I wrote my congressman and my senator, both Republicans, and told them to get me off the list. Second, I stopped voting in Republican primaries and unfortunately some of them were the only people running, so I don't have a voice. And third, those pesky envelopes that are sent with the letter requesting money—the business envelopes, no postage [required] for return—I seal them up and send them back empty. Eventually, I got off the list. I don't know which of those things worked, but something did.

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