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COLA, Civics 101 and Safety: The Last Word, Nov. 11

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Civics 101

To those who want to blame President Obama for everything including not doing something, be aware that it is Congress that passes bills and allocates monies for projects to meet a need. The Executive branch's main role is to administer what Congress mandates. Basically, a president can only implement what Congress legislates and funds. When Congress mandates little or nothing, a president is limited in what s(he) can do.

Medicare Part D

Did you know there are thirty 2016 Medicare Part D plans available in this area. There can be a 400% difference in total annual cost. Please take the time to use the comparison program at to pick the best plan for next year. Just because you liked your plan last year doesn't mean it will work for you next year. Premiums, co-pays, tiers, and deductibles can and will change.


I was in Walgreen's recently and a young girl entered the store on her Segway (2 wheel scooter). She was going up and down the aisles. I feel this is dangerous. Are there any restrictions on where Segways can be driven?

Power lines

I did not attend the public opinion meeting but read all the happenings in the Gazette on Saturday. There were many opinions by the lectors and other people who raised their voices and opinions to string the power lines across the river. Very little was said about why the power lines cannot be placed under the river. Has anyone ever checked what the cost would be for either installation? There was one statement made by a supporter and he said, "Make no mistake about it, we live in a modern society; we honor the past, but we live in the present." Mr. Rob Coleman, Vice Mayor of Newport New, you are right by saying this. We should act accordingly. We used to string the wires across the lands and rivers but now the modern society (the 21th century) we place the power lines under ground and under the water. Thanks for thinking in that way, as we all are thinking.


To the person with a man wear a gun for his protection and says, "Get your head out of the sand and you hope that you never have to use it": I pray that you don't run up on somebody else that think their manhood wearing' a gun for their protection is the same as yours. Because you know there are others out there with guns, just like you have guns, and too many of you all running' around with guns on your side, thinking that makes you a man, you might get killed.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. Get over it. Gun control is not going to happen.

For the anti-gun person who thinks hollow-point ammo is prima-facie evidence of intent to kill: Hollow-point ammo is legal to own and buy in Virginia and is used by most police departments and the FBI. It is illegal to be used in commission of a crime but certainly not for self-defense. Besides, there isn't a jury in the U.S. that would convict a person using it of murder to protect themselves, their families or their property with the possible exception of San Francisco. Prosecutors know better than to even attempt such a fool-hardy endeavor. This same mentality thinks gun-free zones help eliminate gun violence. Fortunately, common sense prevails over misguided thought here in Virginia.

President Bush

To the person who wrote, "I guess you can call my Last Word President Bush" -- What planet are you living on? All of the information you give about Bush and Katrina is completely wrong. Do your research. And I wonder if President Bush can sleep at night, knowing that he caused the death of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, invaded the wrong country and when he invaded the right one, he pulled resources from there to invade Iraq, putting more American lives at risk. More Americans died because of President Bush than were killed in 9/11.


To COLAs. To the person who says, "Obama has given us zero growth." Do you pay attention to anything? Would you like to go back to 2008, 2009, when we were on the brink of depression? Keep up with your education.

To the caller to the Last Word complaining about not getting a cost-of-living adjustment on his Social Security this year: You need to understand several things. First, it's an adjustment based on inflation and because of the depressed price of gas in this country, inflation is practically non- existent, so it has nothing to do with lining the pockets of the President's friends. Second, what goes into the inflation rate was manipulated during the Reagan years to make the economy look better and hasn't been changed since. So while you're paying more at the grocery store and other places, that's not included in the cost-of-living allowance figure.

Take down those signs

OK, elections are over. Let's get the signs down.

Santa needs help

Sidecar Santa has started to prepare his ride for the upcoming Christmas season. For the past 3 years I have passed out thousands of small toys to children all around Williamsburg. I have been able to do this only because of the kindness of people around town. Each year, I ask people to pass along to me their "Beanie Baby" type of small stuffed animals that have been taking up space in their attics and garages since the 80's. Each year I have continually been amazed by the outpouring of responses I receive. If you would like to help me this year, please contact me at so we can make arrangements.

Confused message

While I understand the need for change at Colonial Williamsburg (I'm looking forward to the skating rink), I am perplexed by the advertisement that is in the main window in Merchants Square at Everything Williamsburg. Pictured are boxwood bushes with a pillow and blanket absurdly thrown on top. Additionally, two children are playing tug of war while a dog stares inquisitively. It says "Let our spirit pull you." What do the children have to do with the bedding, and why would anyone's spirit "pull" me anywhere? I hope this isn't a new advertising direction for Colonial Williamsburg, as it makes no sense. Furthermore, I find it offensive that someone would think it's ok to deface the beautiful landscape of CW by throwing bedding on bushes.

Later and later

Here we are again, on Scotland Wharf in Surry on the Pocahontas — better known as the Pokeyhontas. We're supposed to be leaving at 6 o'clock. We're just now getting' ready to pull out at 6:20. It gets worse every day. The other ferry left Williamsburg, Jamestown side, at 6 o'clock like it was supposed to, and it's sitting right of the dock here, waiting to dock until the Pocahontas gets out of the way. We all, who take this ferry every day, know it can run on time. A lot of people on this boat rely on getting to work on time. I think that's the least they can do, run the ferry on time.

Laundry service

I do think the recent kudos to Triple E Resource Center for a good job cleaning a dog bag and floor mats was tongue in cheek. I would not want to send my laundry to a place that is cleaning dog bags and floor mats.

Scary people

ISIS has claimed responsibility for downing the Russian plane and killing over 200 people. They have a pretty good track record of saying that they've done something and it comes true. They're not a group to arbitrarily say they've done something that they haven't done. They're scary people.


Mike Frank does excellent work. I just had him re-carpet my living room. He's out of Newport News. It's called Mike Frank's Flooring. He does an awesome job. He takes his time. He's very professional.

I just had my first experience at The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg, and what an eloquent facility they have. I felt like royalty and no detail was overlooked. It really was a beautiful experience and a wonderful birthday gift!

I was so happy to find out that Dr. Mayes who treats my headaches is still practicing in the area. She is now up in West Point if anyone else is looking for her.

I recently had my old, ineffective irrigation system replaced by Precipitation Unlimited. Owner Glenn Gross and his employees did an outstanding job at a very reasonable price. They always showed up on time, worked hard and cleaned up the areas they were working on each day. Also, since I had already had my lawn aerated and seeded by Grass Roots of Virginia, they came back and re-seeded the areas where the work had been done. I highly recommend both these companies.

Regarding the item looking for a Sansui 5000A receiver repairman, I suggest Action Electronics on Richmond Road. Although I have not needed to use his services for quite some time, I found him knowledgeable, fairly priced, and reliable in fixing 1970-80's era electronics. If you still have the schematics that came with the receiver, I suggest you take those along for his reference.

We recently had several trees, in danger of falling, removed by Dan's Tree Service at 757-206-9073. A stunning display of professional ability, concern for my property and my neighbors. Prices were good, maybe not "rock bottom" but worth every penny for the care and quality of the service. His team maneuvered stump grinders and bobcats with skill between our plants and bushes, minimizing even the slightest damage. Highly recommend.

What's next?

It is a fun thing to see ice skating coming to Merchants Square! Once that is in and going, we encourage CW to think about a horse racing area since races of some kinds must have been a popular activity in colonial times! Wouldn't have to be CW horses, could be collaboration with local or area race horse trainers/owners as to what kind/ length/ shape of track would work with today's horses, and what times of year would such horses be able to participate? A small scale operation that could fit into Williamsburg events, activities. Virginia is still very horsey, isn't it?

It's a workout

I notice that most persons going to the JCC Rec Center push the button for handicapped persons to open the doors rather than open the door themselves. I can understand it if you're carrying a lot of packages, but that's not typically the case. You're there to workout, so use those muscles!

Looking for ...

I have a large number of documents that need to be shredded. Is there any place in Williamsburg where I could take them to be shredded? If so, you could give me a call at 229-4594. Thank you.

To the person looking for a recipe: Hard boil fresh eggs, allow to cool, peel and place in a jar with malt vinegar into which you have placed freshly chopped garlic. After one week in the refrigerator, they will be ready to enjoy. They will good for up to three months.

New to the area. Can anyone recommend a hairstylist who is really good at cutting short, fine hair? Need a miracle worker! Thanks.

Living Proof Baptist Church (behind Outback) gives clothes away to those who need. FISH, Inc. on Waller Mill Road , provides clothes to women at the shelter, as well as those who seek help from social services.

Does anyone know where I could find a Sunfish or laser sailboat in good condition, preferably with a trailer? Please call 757-645-5225. Thank you!

Bad drivers

A woman driving a large silver SUV on 199 Saturday night almost forced my family and me off the road. When you are driving, please try to be mindful that there are other people on the road. Drive safely.

Not useless

Met a lady coming out of a store. An older lady. She looked at me and I could see she recognized me. I said, "How are you today?" She said, "They did away with my job. I feel useless, totally useless." And I looked at her and I said, "I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to pray for you today and you're going to pray for me today and neither one of us will feel useless." A big smile came across her face. She turned to walk away. She turned back and said, "I'll be praying for you. I'll be praying for you. Have a blessed day."

Focus on issues

Russia's President Putin today is answering what made the ISIS blow up an airplane, killing 200 people, and President Obama is addressing the transgender issue. That's really something that the courts ought to decide. Our president has no business commenting on any of the stuff and all other than for but political reasons, is the only reason. We have a lot more important issues: people with no jobs, 50 million people on welfare.

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