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Voters can't converse with a political mailing

Today I received a postcard extolling the virtues of Del. Brenda Pogge, paid for by a political action committee. This is a poor substitute for the live League of Women Voters forum, which Pogge refused to attend.

I can’t ask a postcard for her views on gerrymandering voting districts. I can’t ask a postcard why she supports right-to-work laws. I can’t ask a postcard for her views on the value of publicly funded education. Nor can I ask a piece of paper if she supports the Graham-Cassidy legislation, which will cost Virginians thousands of dollars in increased health insurance premiums and ultimately loss of support for Medicaid.

People running for office, especially those who are incumbents, should not fear facing their constituents and engaging in public debate of important issues facing the Commonwealth. A strong democracy demands it.

Wayne Moyer


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