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Kelly's dedication will work well for school board

Jim Kelly has served our community for more than 25 years. He served as a member of the HOA board, helping our community become organized. He helped to start many wonderful programs for our residents in those earlier years, such as the pool and swimming programs in Powhatan secondary.

Jim has multiple perspectives of Williamsburg James City County Schools since 1991, in that all of his children have gone through the system and his wife, Kelly, is a very successful teacher there as well. As the needs of the schools became apparent and his own children began to mature, Jim Kelly joined in the desire to make our public schools the best in the entire area by running and becoming a member of the W-JCC School Board.

Since 2010, he has brought a calm, logical approach to problem solving as a member of the School Board. Jim then stepped up to the task of serving as chairman of the School Board from 2015 to 2016.

Jim is committed to making our schools the best ever, and he always keeps in mind what is best for students and families. He listens to all sides of a discussion and weighs all possibilities before making his decision. He serves on the New Horizons Regional Education Center Board of Trustees.

I encourage everyone in the Jamestown District to vote for Jim Kelly for another term as our representative on the Williamsburg James City County School Board.

Louise Pearson

James City County

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