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Mullin supports women and their families

I believe that fostering the economic security of all members of the commonwealth should be a top priority for our elected leaders. That is why I was pleased to see Del. Mike Mullin, D-93rd District, recently highlight his commitment to equal pay for equal work.

Women make up nearly half the American workforce, yet women’s median annual earnings significantly trail those of men. The earnings disparity compounds during women’s lives, putting them in much more precarious economic situations as they age.

Because this pay gap directly impacts the financial stability of women and their families, it should be a cause for concern for all of us, not just women.

The pay gap is not a one-dimensional problem with a simple answer. I support Del. Mullin because he realizes this issue requires a multifaceted approach to root out conditions that foster inequity.

His commitment to ensuring that pregnant women do not face discrimination in employment, and his support for paid sick leave for working men and women are examples of policies that will help create a more equitable economy that works for all workers. Politicians sometimes deny the reality of the pay gap. Or they may claim it is not their problem to address. I disagree.

Del. Mullin has been an extremely effective freshman delegate and has demonstrated success at working with other leaders to benefit his constituents. I trust his judgment and appreciate his commitment to finding meaningful solutions to support working women and their families.

Stacy Kern-Scheerer


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