'General welfare' levels playing field

It is depressing to read the heartless comments about fellow citizens recently shared in Last Word. Providing for the general welfare means leveling the playing field rather than giving everyone — regardless of ability, education and health — everything they need. Those who are blessed with good health and intelligence can earn their way. Others need us to assist them.

Surely these seemingly heartless "survival of the fittest" people know of those who require ongoing medical care due to congenital situations such as cerebral palsy, illnesses such as cancer or MS, injuries such as automobile accidents? Medical insurance can be canceled or priced beyond affordability (years ago, my husband was offered a Medicare supplement for $5,000 a month with a $50,000 deductible due to his MS, even though he had not been hospitalized in decades and took no medication). It is noteworthy that the government seems disinterested in controlling medical and prescription costs.

Surely they know people who are not capable of gainful employment? Surely they know people who have dealt with tragedy? I heard someone say their relatives raised a large family without help. But what about the family where one parent dies or becomes disabled?

"General welfare" is human decency. We all pay taxes and pray we and ours do not need assistance to eat, have medical care when needed and a room or two in which to live.


Karen Rogers

York County

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