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GOP trying to smear Northam

The Kochs, Vice President Pence, and Ed Gillespie are desperate to destroy Dr. Ralph Northam before he can become Virginia's next governor on Nov. 7. They need only a few more Republican governors onboard to achieve their goal of calling a Constitutional Convention. If they succeed, they could permanently destroy our Constitution. Thus Virginia is a crucial target. Their convention in Richmond on Aug.19, with Pence and Gillespie as featured speakers, is to "educate state legislators" (their words). In truth, they are out to destroy democracy for their own greed!

Their desperation appeared four times last week in my mailbox, with ads — telling whoppers about Northam — sent by the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity. Whose prosperity? Only the gazillionaires', not yours and mine, as brilliantly exposed by authors Jane Mayer in "Dark Money" and Nancy MacLean in "Democracy in Chains."

When will Democrats and Independents strike back? Why only Bernie Sanders?

Wake up, people! Don't believe those Koch lies. Do vote for Northam for governor on Nov. 7. Otherwise, as MacLean's last chapter says: Get ready. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Charlotte Schrader


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