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Koch brothers prospering just fine

Has anybody ever wondered who "Americans for Prosperity" represents? Yes, I'm referring to the sponsor paying for all those anti-Northam for governor ads and mail fliers, and all of the TV commercials for Ed Gillespie.

Well, here is some background from Wikipedia. Americans for Prosperity, founded in 2004, is funded by the oil industry billionaires the Koch brothers. AFP has funded initiatives against global warming regulation, the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid and has advocated for limits on collective bargaining rights and against raising the federal minimum wage. You can bet Americans for Prosperity (the Koch brothers) are spending their millions because they care about you and want to be even more prosperous by getting you to vote for their candidates, e.g., Ed Gillespie former Washington lobbyist. Sleep well, the Koch brothers are looking out for you.


Glenn Shean


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