There should be no 'tax business'

The March 15 Gazette headline article covers the AARP program which helps "2,500 people with their tax returns in the Williamsburg and James City County communities each year." The events calendar and "Last Word" also mention AARP tax preparation assistance. An acquaintance of mine in the James City Ruritan Club who works in JCC Finance also provides assistance. Here and across the country, some other organizations and individuals provide taxpayer assistance. Add to that the walloping costs of all tax accounting for all sizes of business.

I am basically retired but still have a small business and for years have needed paid professional assistance with my taxes, even though I have master's degrees in both engineering and business. Based on hard experience, I recently provided more than 35 pages of information to my CPA to produce my tax submission!

President Trump has said many times that Washington is in effect an uncontrolled deadly colossus. The fact that thousands of citizens right here in Williamsburg and James City need help on tax submissions is clear evidence of that colossus. How many millions of individuals and businesses across the country have a tremendous burden associated with tax accounting and submissions? What would be the results if both volunteer and paid tax preparation efforts could be eliminated or diverted and devoted to productive, useful work?

A few years ago, a few politicians talked of tax submissions being accomplished with a post card sized form. That's still a good idea if collapse of the U.S. economy from overwhelming government rules and paperwork is to be avoided.

Richard Swanenburg


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