Local Democrats share their goals

The Democratic Committee of Williamsburg represents the Democratic Party. Our vision is clear, our mission is understood and our actions are progressive and united. Our goals are realistic and outcomes-focused: strengthen and grow the party; develop and maintain inclusive grassroots momentum; and establish a local presence.

As we move forward to accomplish these goals, our hopes are these:

We will identify, select, train and elect good Democrats who are committed to the party platform. We can use our influence to persuade qualified individuals to seek public service. We can work tirelessly to support their campaigns and their work.

We will create opportunities for our party to be visible in the community. We can use electronic, print and postal media to support our face-to-face outreach efforts. We can engage with like-minded progressive groups seeking to make a difference.

We will be an inviting, welcoming and inclusive party. All folk can have a place at the table to help make decisions and engage in actions. We can commit to be visible and vocal for the rights, dignity, worth and power of all people.

We will be mindful of and committed to the quality of life issues facing our community. We can become involved in helping with homelessness, aging, poverty, education, healthcare, environment, energy, income inequality and any other issues affecting our citizens.

We will hold elected, appointed or employed leaders accountable for their decisions and actions. From the White House, Congress, State House, General Assembly to local leaders, we can monitor, assess, advocate and protest the impact of their decision-making and policy-rendering on the citizens of our city, commonwealth and nation.

Democrats and other residents of the City of Williamsburg are essential to accomplish our goals and to turn hopes into realities. Together, great things will happen!

John Whitley

Williamsburg Democratic Committee

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