Ravens inspire a new anthem

"We just use a tripod with my crappy little handicam," said Matt Robins, who put together "Call Me Brady" and expects to release a Super Bowl-themed sequel as early as this weekend. "We just kind of put it out there and we had no idea this would happen. Next thing I know, ESPN's calling me and we're on the Ravens website."

"We are superfans and now you have folks just trying to jump on the bandwagon," he said with a wink. "Where were these guys when the Ravens lost to Cleveland? We were there. We had a song."

Often with these songs, talent takes a back seat to passion. No one minds an off note or a strained lyric when team pride is at stake. But when Los approached him about producing his Ravens song, J. Oliver said he was less than thrilled at first.

"I know that this whole Ravens anthem thing is corny. I'll be the first to tell you that," he says, adding that Los' enthusiasm swayed him — that and his own unabashed purple pride. "This is Ray Lewis' last year, and he goes all the way to Super Bowl? I just want people to know this is Baltimore's time to shine. This is epic."

The dream for a lot of these fans is to have their labor of love played during a Ravens game. Last year, when the playoff song of the moment was "Ravens Nation," the song earned radio play and copious online shares, but the makers dreamed of hearing it reverberate through the stadium. Alas, it was not to be. Ravens management has a policy against playing unlicensed fan music.

Even so, Los has his eyes on the prize. He's holding off buying a Super Bowl ticket, hoping he might get a last-minute invitation to perform "Purple Reign" on the stage that's already boasting the likes of Beyonce.

"I don't know," he says with a laugh. "I might end up having to perform there somehow, some way. Maybe on the 50-yard line."


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