City braces for Super Bowl celebrations

"Super Bowl Sunday is always a concern for us when it comes to drinking and driving," said Howard County Police Chief William McMahon. "That's especially true this year with the hometown team in the game. We want people to have a great time and celebrate. We just ask that you designate a driver before you drink alcohol."

And while public officials might sound like a club of Puritans trying to ruin everyone's fun, Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson reminded people to be safe, adding, "This is a happy time when we're all bound by our relationship as fans."

Super Bowl road closures

The following Baltimore street closures will be in effect Sunday night, depending on crowd size:

•3000 O'Donnell St., westbound at S. Ellwood Ave.

•1100 S. Curley St., northbound at Dillon St.

•1100 S. Linwood Ave., north and southbound

•1000 S. Linwood Ave., at Dillon St., north and southbound

•2700 O'Donnell St., eastbound at S. Kenwood Ave.

•2900 Dillon St., and 1000 S. Curley St., southbound

•1000 S. Decker Ave., at Dillon St., southbound

•1000 Potomac St., southbound at Dillon St.

•700 S. Broadway, southbound at Aliceanna St.

•1600 Lancaster St., eastbound at S. Bond St.

•1700 Lancaster St., westbound at S. Ann St.

•1600 and 1700 Thames St., east and westbound

•Pratt St., from Paca St., to President St.

•Fayette St., from Paca St., to President St.

•First block of E. Cross St.

•1000-1200 S. Charles St.