Florida State rises to the top of these college football rankings

A team that Rankman once positioned considerably lower is 12-0, and is followed in the top 25 by the likes of Ohio State, Auburn, Alabama — and don't forget about Fresno State.

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This is the week we say "whew" for the day in August that Rankman looked at his preseason top 25 and noticed only one FSU was penciled on his working list. It was Fresno State at No. 23. The countdown in the paper was already down to No. 15 when the obvious omission was caught and the decision was made to replace the original No. 14 with Florida State. The name of the school that was going to be 14 and got knocked completely out of the top 25 will not be revealed out of respect for the citizens of Fort Worth. But it all worked out in the end, right? Welcome to No. 1, Florida State, and check out the team at No. 23. That's right, it's the other FSU.

1; Florida State 12-0; Fasten your seat belts. News outlets reporting state attorney will rule Thursday on Jameis Winston case. (2)

2; Ohio State 12-0; Urban Meyer says one-loss SEC champ can't be denied BCS shot. Wait, that was 2006. (3)

3; Auburn 11-1; AD tells secretary that running out of office coffee creamer is "a disservice to our nation." (7)

4; Alabama 11-1; Auburn fan sends Saban book proposal, "109 ways to improve your 57-yard missed field-goal coverage." (1)

5; Missouri 11-1; Atlanta had every conceivable SEC banner ready except "City Welcomes Auburn vs. Missouri." (4)

6; South Carolina 10-2; Five straight wins over Clemson earn Spurrier bragging rights on rubber-Gamecock banquet circuit. (5)

7; Oklahoma State 10-1; Outside-shot Cowboys could lose title spot to 'Bama team that didn't win its division. Again. (6)

8; Michigan State 11-1; Fired-up players storm into practice knowing they are going to the Rose Bowl. Win or lose? (8)

9; Stanford 10-2; Almost blew big lead over Arizona State in first game when coach Shaw-shanked the game management. (9)

10; Arizona State 10-2; Last time Tempe hosted a big title game Miami thought it beat Ohio State in overtime. (14)

11; Oregon 10-2; Stanford thinks it's great that quarterback Marcus Mariota is coming back for another season. (12)

12; Baylor 10-1; Texas greeted on I-35 near Waco with exit sign: "Fuel, Lodging, Bevo Burgers." (11)

13; Louisiana State 9-3; Les Miles not interested in Michigan job unless it happens to open up before Cotton Bowl. (16)

14; UCLA 9-3; Mora's extension includes provision requiring daily morning eight-clap wake-up calls from AD. (17)

15; Northern Illinois 12-0; Lynch reading that great Agatha Christie novel "And Then There Were Two (Heisman Candidates)." (18)

16; Central Florida 10-1; Still ranked behind Louisville in Harris Poll, USA Today and list of 100 best landlocked cities. (19)

17; Clemson 10-2; Frankly, Missouri was not the team named Tigers we expected to still be in BCS title chase. (10)

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