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  • The long road from Malta to Virginia Beach

    By all indications, Maria Zammit, past president of the Greater Hampton Roads World Affairs Council, and Vice Chairman, as well as Secretary of the national organization, turned into a foreign policy expert by osmosis. "Both my parents are from Malta, so I started out with an international perspective,"...

      • Birding column takes political turn

        Mr. Cristol's column needs to move to the editorial page. Increasingly, his columns are more political than just birding. The most recent one deals with "climate change" and uses birds to disguise his rant. He starts out by blaming the Republican Party for the dim future of many birds. If Mr. Cristol...

          • Deer lead full, sometime violent, lives

            In reference to the recent Last word comment about the peaceful beauty of deer: Deer do fight. Territorial mother does will run off bucks. Territorial bucks fight with other bucks during the mating season. Although infrequent, a buck may attack a person during the mating season. Sometimes Bucks...

              • Last word on a 'simply grand' Illumination, Dec. 7

                Last word on a 'simply grand' Illumination, Dec. 7

                'Simply grand' This years Grand Illumination fireworks were "Simply grand" After 2015's debacle many of our longtime annual visitors expressed a less than enthusiastic attitude about going to CW, the taverns or Merchants Square this year. They did and were thrilled to see such a dynamic fireworks...

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