Aaron Hernandez Admitted Shooting, Suspect Told Police

Search warrant documents released Tuesday detail some of the findings made during a search of Hernandez's home. (Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Among the new details:

•Police served a warrant on the New England Patriots to search items removed from Hernandez's Patriots locker, hoping to find evidence of gun purchases or connections to Lloyd. There is no indication in the records that they found anything related to the slaying. Hernandez had been released by the team the same day he was charged with murder.

•Police seized two cellphones and three iPads from Hernandez's home. Police found a 203 area code number on Lloyd's phone that they believed to be Hernandez's number and that showed texts back and forth the night of the murder. When Hernandez came to the station, an officer called the number and Hernandez's phone rang. The officer hung up when Hernandez picked up, documents show.

•When police searched Hernandez's home they found a scale and dish used to weigh drugs in a safe. They also found dozens of bullets in that house as well as boxes of .45 bullets in a Franklin apartment he rented.

•Lloyd had $64.75 on him when his body was found as well as the keys to a Chevrolet Suburban that was rented in Hernandez's name. Police found the Suburban in Lloyd's yard on Fayston Street.

•Lloyd and Hernandez went out together Friday night and apparently got so drunk that they never made it back to Hernandez's home. Lloyd told his girlfriend they slept outside, documents show. The two men had gone to Rumors, a nightclub in Boston, where a witness told police Hernandez was seen with a gun in his waistband.

The documents also show that Hernandez was uncooperative with police when they came to question him. When detectives started asking him about when he last saw Lloyd, Hernandez became argumentative and asked, "What's with all the questions?"

He then went inside and got his lawyer's business card and told police to call him. When police said they were conducting a death investigation Hernandez "slammed the door and locked it behind him." He did not ask whose death was being investigated.

Hernandez also stopped his girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, from talking to police. Jenkins had burst into tears when investigators told her that Lloyd was dead.

Jenkins then told police that Lloyd was a marijuana dealer, records show. None of the two dozen other people police interviewed about Lloyd made that accusation. While Jenkins was talking to police Hernandez called her and told her his sports agent said she should not speak with them.

The records also show that Hernandez had a penchant for renting cars. Besides the Suburban he rented for Lloyd and a silver Altima, records also indicate Hernandez rented a gray Chrysler 300C when he returned the Altima the evening of June 17. The manager at the rental car company found a .45-caliber bullet casing and chewed blue bubble gum — which she said Hernandez offered her a stick of when he returned the car — in the Altima under a colorful child's drawing. Investigators later retrieved the casing, the chewed gum and the drawing from a dumpster.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage shows that Wallace and Ortiz dropped Hernandez off at his home in North Attleborough shortly after he rented the Chrysler. That car was later found parked outside a Bristol condominium complex.