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A thank you to the West Point School Board

Editor's note: This is a student-written letter to the West Point School Board for School Board Appreciation Month, which is this month.

Dear Dudley Olsson, Paul Diggs, Phyllis Dorsey, Elliot Jenkins and Lynn Vogel:

Tonight, I am given the great honor of standing before you to share the thanks of my fellow students for all that you do. Everyone sees the changes and programs that take place in our school system, and they are amazed, but few people really know about all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to effect these changes and programs. All of you work tirelessly to ensure that all of us, students and faculty, are provided with the resources and skills we need to excel.

At West Point, we are provided with the best teachers, administration, and other faculty, ensuring that we receive no less than the best instruction, as well as unending support. Through your close work with Rappahannock Community College, West Point students have gained the opportunity to earn an associate degree while still in high school through the Pointer Pathway program, from which I, along with many others, will graduate in May. For those who desire technical training rather than an associate degree, you have given them the means to earn those certifications while in high school through the Bridging Communities program. While we are students of West Point Public Schools, you not only expect and evoke excellence from us within the school itself, but you provide us with countless opportunities to gain real-world experience and prepare for our lives beyond West Point Public Schools. You have provided numerous opportunities to West Point residents and tuition students alike.

Another aspect of our school system that you strive to constantly improve is safety. Every year, you hold the safety audit, during which you include community members as well as student leaders, to point out issues in security and safety which may have been overlooked in previous years. This is just one of ways that you involve the community in the school system in which it takes so much pride. Aside from the safety audit, you involve the community in its school system through your open meetings such as tonight, in which you hear the concerns and suggestions of parents, students and community members. Thank you so much for all that you do for our school system. Without you, we would not be the environment of excellence that West Point Public Schools has become.

Will Norton, West Point High School Student Council Association president

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