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Letter: Congressman Wittman town hall in Lively, Va.

To the Editor:

Since the invitation to hold a candidate debate, hosted by the King William TEA Party had been declined by Congressman Rob Wittman I decided to attend the 99th District Tea Party Town Hall last night in Lively, Va., with Congressman Wittman the featured speaker. I had a few questions and wanted to hear what was on other voters minds as the fall election nears.

Much to his credit the congressman has become a much more polished speaker, capable of covering a variety of topics with ease. Experience and polish however doesn't add up to voters hearing much of anything new. The current plea from Republicans to "give us a majority in the Senate" led me to question him on just why voters should in fact be inclined to do that. After all in 2010 Republicans promised an energized base that they would cut FY 2011 spending by $30 billion. We held up our end, between the disdain over the Affordable Care Act's recent passage and patriot's anxious to capitalize on the fast spreading TEA Party movement, Republicans picked up some 80-82 new seats. What happened to that $30 billion in promised spending cuts? Nothing, spending went on unabated as if the promise had never even been made.

 The congressman covered a host of other topics, touching on the current international and expanding conflict with ISIS, the U.S. response to date, the corporate tax code and the need to reduce it and simplify it. It was yet another example of the duplicity that is today, unfortunately, so common in American politics. Wittman lamented over the loopholes and exemptions that has created such a morass of a tax code that no one can understand, a code that hinders business formation and expansion here domestically. The subject of "inversion," where U.S. companies either re-domicile in another country or do so by acquiring a foreign firm and then listing their headquarters there, and the subsequent tax revenue loss associated with this "maneuver." What is obvious to any discerning voter is just who created all of these loopholes and exemptions? Who created a provision in the tax code allowing for inversions? Congress did, and the question on all of our minds as the election nears should be a very simple one, at least for conservatives. Why, one broken promise after another , why after the very people who claim to have the solutions to the problems they themselves created would we support them? 

We can continue to be stupid, (at least every election cycle) or send the professional political class a clear message. We now have viable alternatives to the same two-headed snake. Much like 2007-08 when the financial crisis hit, Congress both created the conditions with a stupid housing policy and the allowing of five large financial institutions to leverage up , in some instances 30-40 times their capital base, the crisis was one of the professional political classes own makings. They then used your money to bail out these same reckless institutions for no other reason than these same institutions make up the "donor class" Dr. Laura Ingraham has spoken of. Just when will you tell them you have had enough? 

For me that time was some 10 years ago. Their is something intellectually insulting about being lied to every election cycle, and then expecting citizens to fall in line. I often ask my fellow citizens, "are you a American first, or a democrat or republican?" It isn't a trick question.

Bob Shannon

Central Garage

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