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Last Word is a thank you for VDOT, May 28

Last Word is a thank you for VDOT, May 28

Good job, VDOT

Thank you to VDOT for two jobs well done: Ramp work off 199 at the Lightfoot exit and the project at News Road and Monticello. For all the naysayers and complainers, give VDOT a pat on the back for fine work. The inconvenience was worth it.

The new alignment on 199 exit onto Route 60 looks really nice. However, I thought the change was going to be that both lanes would be able to turn left going westbound onto Route 60. That is sorely needed. Over 75% of the traffic turns left. Thank you.

Thank you, VDOT, for the wonderful intersection at Monticello/Ironbound/News Road. So tired of the whiners who have nothing better to do than complain....