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The best beach in Florida is on Siesta Key

The best beach in Florida is on Siesta Key

Moms with baby strollers race over smooth sand as if it were asphalt.

Dads disappear under sugar-white sand, heaped on them by kids.

And children jump in and out of the shallow water, shouting "Watch me, Mommy. Watch me!"

Kids ... and moms ... and dads — everywhere you look.

You don't need an expert to tout Siesta Key, an eight-mile-long slip of land on Florida's Gulf Coast in Sarasota County, as a perfect playground for families.

Even so, it can't help but gather accolades, the latest from Stephen Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach. His annual Top 10 Beaches in America listed Siesta Key in 2009 as No. 2. (Hanalei Bay in Hawaii ranked first.). The...