Sounding: Samson and Delilah blend desire, constraint

Love, lust, sex and assorted variations are a marketers dream material, sure to attract and sell. Thus has the Virginia Opera chosen to attempt to cash in on the action in its new season that proclaims “love that is not madness is not love.” So be it.

With that in mind, VOA’s first showing of this love inspired year was “Samson and Delilah” of Saint-Saens. Based on the Biblical story, it’s the seductive Delilah leaving Samson de-tressed and distressed, thus signaling a Philistine victory over the Hebrews. That is, before Samson alters the results by destroying the Philistine temple and all in it.

For this first VOA production of “Samson,” director-choreographer Paul Curran...