Starz Gold 14s claim Busch Gardens Classic softball tourney

The Williamsburg Starz Gold 14-and-under softball team won the 17th annual National Softball Association Busch Gardens Classic on Sunday in Newport News.

Starz Gold went undefeated on the weekend (6-0).

Peyton Herspold of Starz Gold allowed no runs in a 9-0 championship win over Orion Hunter of Chesapeake at Stoney Run Athletic Complex.

Herspold allowed five hits in four innings with three strikeouts, and forced a fly out to end the game.

Starz Gold grabbed an early lead, and scored on a single by Jamie Newman and an error in the first inning making it 2-0 before tacking on four more runs in the fourth inning.

Starz Gold catcher Jamie Newman led the team...