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Ben Gurion International Airport

Living it up in the Dead Sea

Living it up in the Dead Sea

NEVE ZOHAR, Israel — Try not to splash. That's not the usual recommendation for a seaside vacation, but Israel's Dead Sea is like no other beach resort. Unique it is, with a salt and mineral content upward of 30 percent, which is why you need to pay attention to Rule No. 1. A splash of Dead Sea water in your eyes or mouth can send you running to shore.

The Dead Sea isn't really a sea at all. It's a lake in the Negev desert, about 50 miles east of Tel Aviv and 15 miles from Jerusalem, with Israel on one side and Jordan on the other. Bedouins still roam the sands and the Judean hills, and you're likely to see a few camels as you drive to the lowest spot on Earth. It's about 1,300 feet...