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Peggy Bellows has worked in news organizations for more than 35 years, in what sometimes seems like more than 35 different jobs. She has been editor of The Virginia Gazette since June 2015.

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  • Let the good times — and tax money — roll

    The next time you see Brenda Pogge, say thank you. She’s the only person representing the Historic Triangle in Richmond who had the courage to question Sen. Thomas K. Norment’s SB942, a bill that increased the sales tax in Williamsburg as well as James City and York counties. The bill has passed...

  • The sales tax bill you never saw coming

    I want to write a column that supports the idea of raising the sales tax in James City and York counties and Williamsburg as a way to pay for tourism marketing. I want to applaud the plan to ensure a consistent flow of money to pay for those efforts. I want to commend the localities for working...

  • Top stories in 2017 unfold further in 2018

    A cold winter’s morning offers a perfect opportunity to reflect on events in 2017, especially those that we’ll still be talking about in 2018 — and beyond. And there is plenty to talk about. » Colonial Williamsburg’s restructuring clearly is a top story for the year. Mitchell Reiss, the board and...

  • School board is being transparent in redistricting efforts

    The Williamsburg-James City County School Board is in the midst of doing a smart, good thing. For years, we’ve known about the need to redistrict the middle schools to get students into the new James Blair Middle School when it opens in September. There have also been many meetings and conversations...

  • Autograph book makes it way home

    Two months ago, I wrote a column about an autograph book I found while cleaning out some old file drawers here at the office. It was filled with sentiments from friends and family members and dated to the late 1800s. I couldn’t tell where it came from, or what connection it might once have had...

  • Freedom of speech without all the shouting

    Freedom of speech used to seem so reasonable. Not easy, but reasonable. Freedom of speech meant everyone got their say. You didn’t have to agree with it — you didn’t even have to listen. But people got to speak. During the past 20 or so years, we’ve moved from participating in conversation and...

  • Test story

    Test story

    Bellows can be reached by phone at 345-2347, at or at @peggybellows.

  • Mason, Mullin, Ownby: Collaborative leaders for the 21st century

    Mason, Mullin, Ownby: Collaborative leaders for the 21st century

    Today we offer the last of our endorsements in this 2016 general election, the very local contests for the state General Assembly and the Williamsburg-James City County School Board. Perhaps even more than those seeking roles in the federal government, the choices and decisions today's candidates...

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