Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 6: Scam alert; Ebola virus; Highland Park

Scam alert

"Yesterday a rather pleasant man with an accent called to offer a free evaluation of my computer system. According to him, due to a malicious virus, many computers in my area had been shut down. He, of course, wanted to help me by having me go to my computer. Be on guard and don't be entrapped by this. I told him my son takes care of my computer and hung up."

"Monday morning my phone rang. I looked at the TV screen to find out who was calling. There was no information there, so I looked at the phone. It had my home phone number and my name. How can that be? Has somebody hacked into my home phone number?"

That's known as 'Caller ID spoofing,' and, yes, it's likely the caller was trying to carry out a scam. The Federal Trade Commission explains that the practice is used to disguise the number used by the caller.

Ebola virus

"Who authorized moving Ebola patients to the United States? Would like to know who to complain to when first citizen contracts it."

"Government agencies tell us that we do not have to worry about the spread of Ebola here in the U.S., but a leaked report from the Customs and Border Protection agency reports that between January and July of this year, 71 individuals from the three countries affected by the current outbreak have either turned themselves in, or have been caught while attempting to illegally enter the country."

Turtles vs. humans

"To 'Turtles vs. Humans:' This is still America, and if I make a donation to ease the suffering of a dog, a cat, a mole rat, or even a turtle, it is my right to do so."

"To the caller concerned about the turtle that got better health care than Virginians: it's very simple. Encourage all of your friends to call Brenda Pogge and Tommy Norment and tell them to support the Affordable Health Care Act unconditionally."

Highland Park

"I am so disturbed by how our neighborhood is inundated with trash. The community is always battling a sketchy reputation, and we don't have to add to it by looking like a slum. The corridor leading in and out of the neighborhood, North Henry Street, is covered in litter. It tells the City of Williamsburg and all the guests that we think very little of where we live. Could the city install trash cans at the North Henry and Dunning streets entrance/exit? Maybe if there is a receptacle in those places people would not throw their trash all over the place. Come on Highland Park, let's have a bit of pride in this community, rich in history and full of amazing people."

Tongue in cheek

"To the person complaining about the turtle getting an MRI, please be aware that the turtle had medical insurance provided under a little known provision of Obamacare."

Kitchen makeover

"In response to the request for a kitchen designer, I recommend Lori Bjorkman with Jackson Thomas Interiors (220-3256). She did the design plan for my kitchen and I had it remodeled this spring. She will work with your ideas and will put together a kitchen design which you will love."

Lost and found

"Found at the baseball fields next to WISC: a signed baseball. Signatures look to be that of college players, as one signature is from Johnnie H... #12 NSU, Joe E... #30 and Mark D... #21. If you know of anyone who might be missing this memento, please contact Mark at"

"Found a trained pigeon in neighborhood close to the outlet malls. It has clearly been raised by someone and is lost. Has anyone lost a hand raised pigeon? I'm afraid that an animal or children who are being mean to it will hurt it. Please call 345-5611."

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