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Williamsburg honors the fallen on Memorial Day

It’s a simple act, but a meaningful one — placing a flag upon the grave of a fallen service member. Thanks to the tireless work of several local veterans groups, organizations and families, there are now American flags above 1,635 military graves in Williamsburg ahead of the Memorial Day weekend....

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  • Walsingham girls win 5th straight state title in track and field

    Walsingham girls win 5th straight state title in track and field

    After four straight state titles, you might expect the Walsingham Academy girls track and field team to take a moment to catch its breath and rest on its laurels. Instead, despite some obstacles this year, the team showed no signs of slowing down en route to capturing the Trojans’ fifth straight...

      • Saturday's college baseball roundup: Elon ends W&M's season in CAA semifinal; UNC, Ga. Tech reach ACC final

        William & Mary’s baseball season ended Saturday with a 9-2 semifinal loss to top-seeded Elon at the Colonial Athletic Association tournament in Harrisonburg. The Phoenix took a 32-23 record against UNC Wilmington for the championship. The Seahawks have two tries to earn the title and its accompanying...

          • Jamestown soccer ends regular season undefeated; Meese earns team records

            Jamestown soccer ends regular season undefeated; Meese earns team records

            In the last game of the regular season, Jamestown faced Tabb on Monday night. The game turned into an intense defensive match, scoreless for the first 70 minutes of regulation. Then, Jamestown’s Michael Meese scored the only goal, which was enough to give the Eagles their final win of the regular...

              • NFL Network to show 10 Conference USA football games

                Old Dominion football on NFL Network? It’s too soon to say, but Conference USA announced Monday that it has reached an agreement to carry 10 games on the network, with one game per week on Saturday afternoons. The four-year agreement adds to C-USA’s stable of media partners, which also includes...


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                  • Head outside with a furry friend for Tails on the Trail

                    Head outside with a furry friend for Tails on the Trail

                    Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at Heritage Humane Society and James City County Parks and Recreation’s Tails on the Trail event. Jennifer LaFountain, an event organizer, said the event honors National Trails Day, which is the first Saturday in June. “We welcome the public dogs to come out...

                      • After Dark calendar for May 23-25

                        After Dark calendar for May 23-25

                        Thursday Aromas: Open Mic, 7-9 p.m. Sweet Tea and Barley: Good Shot Judy, 7 p.m. Friday Aromas: Audio Portrait, 7-9 p.m. Cogan’s: Fade to Blue, 8-11 p.m. Sweet Tea and Barley: Timeline Jazz Quartet, 7-10 p.m. Saturday Aromas: Waytt Baldwin, 7-9 p.m. Cogan’s: Michael Clark Band, 8-11 p.m. Sweet...

                          • Top 10 for May 22-28

                            Top 10 for May 22-28

                            10 River Seining: Seine nets have been used for ages to catch fish and other creatures in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers. Rangers will lead you in discovering the variety of aquatic life in the York River with seine and dip nets.1-3 p.m. Sunday, York River State Park, 9801 York River...

                              • After 15 years with the WSO Janna Hymes says goodbye to Williamsburg

                                After 15 years with the WSO Janna Hymes says goodbye to Williamsburg

                                Soon the Kimball Theatre stage will fill with musicians tuning their instruments for a final moment in the spotlight with the woman who has given them direction for the past 15 years. After a few moments of chaos and clatter, conductor Janna Hymes will lead the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra in...


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                                  • Captivating performance by Dali Quartet and Olga Kern

                                    The Virginia Arts Festival’s popular coffee concert series held May 16 in the Williamsburg Winery closed with the Dali Quartet and pianist Olga Kern, the Festival’s newly named chamber music series director, also considered an international super star (and glamorous one at that). The Dali, currently...

                                      • Bill Bryant understood the human condition

                                        Bill Bryant has taken his leave and has departed physically from Mother Earth. She and all of her creations, those of the land and trees where they assemble, or those within the bodies of water where they thrive, have felt his presence and shall continue to do so. He touched the sensibilities and...

                                          • You Don’t Say: What’s so funny 'bout peace, love and being frugal?

                                            About 100 years before the birth of Jesus, the Roman poet/philosopher Lucretius was born in Pompeii. He went on to write his only known poem, “On the Nature of Things,” in which he put forth the tenets of Epicureanism, which is a system of philosophy based upon the teachings of the ancient Greek...

                                              • Northam investigation result no surprise

                                                I am not surprised at the results of the so-called investigation into the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook picture. I am not qualified to sit in judgement of anyone on this planet. Gov. Northam knows the truth, no matter what we see in the news. I hope he is prepared for the day he has...

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                                                  • Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                    Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                    Sales tax increase I don’t appreciate the sneaky way this tax hike is being motored through to support tourism and another-named slush fund. Please list the names and phone numbers of who we can call in Richmond for York, James City and Williamsburg to let our voices be heard. Thank you. Editor’s...

                                                      • Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                        Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                        Sales tax increase Instead of a 1 percent sales tax increase to feed the tourism oligarchs, how about an increase to promote affordable housing for the people who do the work that runs the tourism industry in the area? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce, JCC Supervisors and the Williamsburg City...

                                                          • Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                            Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                            Florida shootings A question for Congress: Why is the possession of assault weapons more important than school children's lives? Don't those children have a right, under the Constitution, to live full lives, in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness? I’m in high school and I’m scared to go to...

                                                              • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                                Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                                Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...