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Law would protect elderly against financial crimes

RICHMOND — With bipartisan support, legislation headed toward approval in the General Assembly may help protect elderly residents and other vulnerable adults against financial exploitation by giving financial institutions more tools to help prevent this crime. Both the House and Senate have passed...

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  • Birds' eyes see more, better than ours do

    We know what birds look like to us, but what do we look like to them? Birds’ eyes and human eyes have evolved separately for 300 million years, so it is to be expected they differ. Birds’ eyes are much bigger than those of comparably sized mammals; for example, at five times bigger than a human...

      • Avalon's Wine Tour takes guests' taste buds around the world

        Avalon's Wine Tour takes guests' taste buds around the world

        While you may not be able to visit exotic locations such as Chile and New Zealand, you can sample wine from there. The Avalon Center will hold its fourth annual Wine Tour fundraiser on March 9. Priscilla Caldwell, a spokeswoman with Avalon, said this is the organization’s only fundraising event....

          • William and Mary Theatre presents 'Our Lady of 121st Street'

            William and Mary Theatre presents "Our Lady of 121st Street"

            After the death of Sister Rose, a group of her former students returns to their Harlem neighborhood to pay respects. However, a problem arises — her body has been stolen. This is the story of “Our Lady of 121st Street,” a play presented by the College of William and Mary’s Department of Theatre,...

              • After Dark

                Thursday Aromas: Open Mic, 7-9 p.m. Freight Shed: Cabin Fever Concert Series — the Mullins Sisters, 7-8:30 p.m. Sweet Tea and Barley: Lance Pedigo, Steve Hall and Ryan Persaud, 7-10 p.m. Triangle: Robert Hodge, 7-11 p.m. Triangle: LGBTQIA+ Dance Night, 11 p.m. Friday Center Street Grill: Diamond...


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                  • Americans' glass house is cracked; it's time to repair it

                    The first memory I have of Gov. Ralph Northam is from February 2014 when I was a nervous Virginia Senate Page and he was the freshly inaugurated Lieutenant Governor. The day my name was drawn to help out at his office, the Capitol grounds were covered in ice, dangerous territory in the faux-leather...

                      • The importance of history, language are being swept away

                        “Who controls the past controls the future; Who controls the present controls the past.” -- Winston Smith in George Orwell’s “1984” There is a battle for language that I fear goes unnoticed to most Americans, and it is being fought primarily in the culture wars. Despite Shakespeare’s admonition...

                          • There's more to immigration crisis than fear

                            I would like to see the president address the bad affects that illegal immigration has for illegal immigrants. I believe this would help make his case. No country has unlimited resources to adsorb an unlimited number of illegal immigrants. There is a reason countries have immigration policies and...

                              • Sometimes, you're mistaken about a photo

                                My wife looked at my signature, which was on a local government resolution, and said to me, “That’s not your signature.” I had given testimony in a deposition concerning a local government action. I was shown a document that had a signature line and a signature on the page. When I was asked if...

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                                  • Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                    Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                    Sales tax increase I don’t appreciate the sneaky way this tax hike is being motored through to support tourism and another-named slush fund. Please list the names and phone numbers of who we can call in Richmond for York, James City and Williamsburg to let our voices be heard. Thank you. Editor’s...

                                      • Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                        Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                        Sales tax increase Instead of a 1 percent sales tax increase to feed the tourism oligarchs, how about an increase to promote affordable housing for the people who do the work that runs the tourism industry in the area? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce, JCC Supervisors and the Williamsburg City...

                                          • Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                            Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                            Florida shootings A question for Congress: Why is the possession of assault weapons more important than school children's lives? Don't those children have a right, under the Constitution, to live full lives, in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness? I’m in high school and I’m scared to go to...

                                              • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...