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  • Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center holds first Textile Extravaganza Shows

    Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center holds first Textile Extravaganza Shows

    The Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center is presenting its first exhibition exclusively dedicated to the fiber arts: the “Textile Extravaganza Show.” Jean Kouhestani, a spokeswoman for the Art Center, said textile arts are defined as anything made with thread. She said the caliber of the work in...

      • The Muscarelle explores legacy of Nazi Germany's art theft

        The Muscarelle explores legacy of Nazi Germany's art theft

        During the party’s reign, Nazi Germany committed massive art theft across Europe. While more than 70 years ago, the effects of those crimes are still felt today. “Muscarelle Explorations: Art Repatriation” will address the cultural impact art theft by the Nazi's has had through a series of lectures...

          • Dogs have tail wagging time at Fido Fest

            Dogs have tail wagging time at Fido Fest

            The pudgiest pugs, friendliest golden retrievers and poofiest pomeranians came out to James City County Parks and Recreations’ second annual Fido Fest Saturday afternoon. Joy Johnson, special events coordinator for the county, said she started Fido Fest to fill a hole that had been created with...

              • Saint Patrick's Day in the 'Burg

                Saint Patrick's Day in the 'Burg

                Saint Patrick’s Day doesn’t just mean green beer and more corned beef hash than you can stomach if you live in Williamsburg; it also means a weekend full of fun things to do. Here’s this year’s roundup of Saint Patrick’s Day events around the area: Activities Rose and Sword Academy of Irish Dance:...


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                  • 'Death by gun' needs to stop

                    I will not be in town today, Saturday, March 23, and so will not be able to participate in the End Gun Violence March this afternoon on DOG Street. Of course, the march is to end gun violence in our schools and towns, as stated in a recent article in The Virginia Gazette. I am a proud member of...

                      • This is the world of our own making

                        Ambassador Thomas Shannon, a 1980 graduate of the College of William and Mary who majored in government and philosophy, was back on campus last week to give a talk titled, “A World of Your Making: How to think about the 21st Century and our role in it.” The event was sponsored by the Global Research...

                          • Ceremony will honor veterans' service

                            To thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War for their service and sacrifice, the Williamsburg Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America (#957) will conduct a ceremony on National Vietnam War Veterans Day at 11 a.m. March 29 to commemorate and recognize all Vietnam War Veterans from the area....

                              • City should reconsider how to supports CW

                                As Williamsburg City Council considers the request of Colonial Williamsburg for $1.5 million in next year’s budget, it may be time to reconsider the city’s annual contribution to the foundation. This reconsideration should not be that the city stop its allocation to Colonial Williamsburg, which...

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                                  • Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                    Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                    Sales tax increase I don’t appreciate the sneaky way this tax hike is being motored through to support tourism and another-named slush fund. Please list the names and phone numbers of who we can call in Richmond for York, James City and Williamsburg to let our voices be heard. Thank you. Editor’s...

                                      • Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                        Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                        Sales tax increase Instead of a 1 percent sales tax increase to feed the tourism oligarchs, how about an increase to promote affordable housing for the people who do the work that runs the tourism industry in the area? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce, JCC Supervisors and the Williamsburg City...

                                          • Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                            Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                            Florida shootings A question for Congress: Why is the possession of assault weapons more important than school children's lives? Don't those children have a right, under the Constitution, to live full lives, in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness? I’m in high school and I’m scared to go to...

                                              • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...