Tiger Woods is standing up for what he believes in — the presidency

Your recent editorial about Tiger Woods meeting with President Donald Trump says that athletes should stand up for what they believe in (“Plenty of athletes are refusing to stand with Trump - not Tiger Woods,” May 6). Yet you don’t seem to value what Tiger believes in, the U.S. presidency — regardless of who holds the office.

I don’t usually support Mr. Trump, but I thought this was unfair just because Mr. Woods doesn’t go along with other athletes. Also, why don’t you stand up against other racist or bigoted groups on the side of Democrats, like their embracing of Louis Farrakhan? He is one of the most vicious anti-Semities on our soil,l yet he is very cozy with some in Congress and other Democrats.

President Trump called the Poway shooting a “hate crime” and met with the rabbi of the congregation. The rabbi praised the president for his words. I don’t recall seeing that story in your paper. I understand that editors lean toward more progressive positions, but be fair when the news warrants it.

Joe D’Avella, Nottingham

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