The country is not full and needs immigrants, contrary to what Trump says

President Donald J.Trump is again considering a policy of separating children from their parents as a strategy to reduce the number of immigrant families attempting to seek asylum in the U.S. (“Immigration: Hard line policies to get harder,” Apr. 9). He declared that the United States is already full and cannot accommodate additional people.

What foolishness and what heartlessness! First, to separate children from their families is cruel and contrary to our tradition and decency. Second, we have a nation with an aging population and low birthrate. We desperately need an influx of young resourceful immigrants to grow our population and assure enough working people to support a growing number of retirees and to fill critical manual jobs that are being rejected by many native born Americans who are loathe to accept backbreaking and labor intensive jobs.

We should be welcoming many of those trying to cross our borders but under an orderly process to make sure that only productive people enter. The situation at the border now is clearly a mess, largely due to the Trump administration’s inhumanity and incompetence. What is clearly needed are more holding facilities and judges to assure an orderly processing of families, not a wall that will achieve little and stoke the prejudices of Mr. Trump’s base.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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