Trump makes no secret about being a racist

Oh my! I nearly fell out of my seat laughing at the letter in your newspaper today claiming that President Donald Trump, our world-renowned racist president, is not a racist (“Trump is not a racist,” May 7). Oh my goodness. I'm laughing again just typing this! That's the funniest thing I've read in a long, long time.

These letters from Trump "supporters" are obviously fake. Any idiot can see that. Not only is Donald Trump a huge racist, he's never made a secret of it either. From the racist "birther" campaign he waged against President Barack Obama to his racist caging of brown-skinned children at the border, Mr. Trump has worn his racism on his sleeve. Indeed, he's gone out of his way to display his racism in every possible situation and in every possible way. Remember when he told us that Nazis are "good people?” He's done everything but wear a swastika and a big sign saying "I'm a racist." Pathetic.

What's the next big joke from these phony Trump "supporters?” The Pope isn't Catholic? Wait, I know - Tiger Woods isn't really a black man (“Plenty of athletes are refusing to stand with Trump - not Tiger Woods,” May 6). Yeah, that's the ticket.....

William Smith, Baltimore

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