Don't like the U.S.? Try Soviet Russia

Americans don't realize how good they have it under Trump

Your coverage of Donald Trump's inauguration as president was grossly unfair. The paper carried just a tiny picture of our new president on a corner of the page ("President Trump: 'From this day forward it's only going to be America first,'" Jan. 20).

When I was a child in Soviet Russia, living in Siberia, the U.S. was the celestial destination. All those people protesting Mr. Trump's election know nothing of hunger, of cold or of the fear that you will be arrested and sent to a prison near Kamchatka because your child says something she may have overheard at home.

Instead, you could have praised Mr. Trump's wife for how lovely she looked in the rain and for how well the grandchildren behaved through all the formalities of a very long day. We are so lucky to be living in a country with so much opportunity.

Lillian Williams

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