Possible Mega Millions lottery winner says she lost ticket

Mirlande Wilson, who this week said she may have hit the record Mega Millions jackpot, told a Washington news station Thursday that she has lost the ticket.

WRC-TV is reporting that Wilson said, "I misplaced it. I cannot tell you where the ticket is for my safety and my kids' safety, but I wish I could find it and get this thing over [with]."

She could not immediately be reached for comment.

That's one valuable slip of paper. The record-breaking jackpot in the drawing March 30 reached $656 million, worth $105 million in a cash payout to whomever purchased the winning ticket at a Baltimore County 7-Eleven.

Wilson also told the TV station that a report that she hid the ticket at the McDonald's in Milford Mills was bogus.

"I don't know where they get the story from. How am I going to have the ticket and hide it behind the McFlurry machine?" Wilson said.

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