Electric crossovers coming to market

ELECTRIC CROSSOVERS: Tesla, Nissan and Chevy might have kickstarted the electric vehicle market but luxury automakers such as Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW and Audi are launching a slew of electric (BEV) crossover vehicles to compete in America's hottest segment. Mitsubishi, Kia, Volvo, BMW and other automakers have plug-in hybrid(PHEV), which have a gas engine and electric motor or motors that can be charged at home, on the crossover market segment. The $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit will get cut in half by the beginning of 2019 for Tesla and GM consumers because each brand will have sold over 200,000 electric vehicles; after the second quarter it will get cut in half again before being phased out completely at the end of 2019. 

Robert Duffer
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