What has Jay Cutler been up to? Making acorn squash boats

In her last book, reality-star-turned-jewelry-designer Kristin Cavallari dished on her marriage to former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and went so far as to detail their bath routine (Cavallari likes to add a few drops of rose essential oil to the water).

In her new cookbook “True Roots,” published Tuesday, Cavallari only gives a glimpse into her life with Cutler since they made Nashville their home base last year.

Here’s what we learned:

» When the couple has friends or family spend the night, Cutler usually makes the guests acorn squash boats for breakfast. “We’ve never had one person not comment on how good and different they are. They're the perfect balance between salty (sausage), sweet (squash) and deliciousness,” Cavallari writes.

» No surprise here, but “Smokin’ Jay Cutler” loves “smoky flavor,” while Cavallari loves “flavorful chicken salad for lunch” so they both enjoy the smoked chicken salad recipe in “True Roots.”

» Cutler, who played for the Miami Dolphins last season, likes to hunt so Cavallari tends to sub elk tenderloin in her beef tenderloin with red wine demi sauce recipe.

» “Whiskey is pretty much all” Cutler drinks. The recipe for “Jay’s whiskey” serves one and requires 2 ounces aged whiskey, three ginger-infused ice cubes and a thyme garnish.

» If Cutler returns to the gridiron, a note to his future adversaries: Cutler’s weakness is “anything with chocolate peanut butter.”

» Cavallari also throws a bit of shade at Chicago again. She shares a recipe for golden milk, which is made with turmeric and other spices. “The first time I had golden milk was at a juice shop in LA. Since I was living in Chicago at the time, I knew I had to re-create it to be able to get my fix,” Cavallari writes. Golden milk can be found in Chicago.

Cavallari, 31, is set to return to the Chicago area to sign books at Anderson’s Bookshop in La Grange on April 24.


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